Benefits and Parts Needed for a Gaming PC

Today we talk about the benefits and parts needed for a gaming PC.

To some people building a PC is stressful and time-consuming.

They would rather buy a pre-built computer than constructing one.

However, many gamers believe building a gaming PC is interesting.

Building a PC is not as hard as you may think.

Actually, if you can follow instructions and use a screwdriver, you can build a powerful gaming PC.

Whether you are skilled or unskilled, you can manage to build one.

But before you think of building one, what is a gaming PC?

What is a gaming PC?

A gaming PC is a computer that is built to process a huge amount of information.

When playing video games such as first-person shooters or massive role-playing games, you need a powerful system.

Therefore, you need a gaming PC that can process and play the games effectively.

A gaming system is also built to handle several peripheral gadgets that are used during gaming.

You need to have ports for steering wheels, joysticks, and other devices.

A gaming computer is also built to be more stylish and be more portable than an ordinary computer.

Benefits and Parts Needed for a Gaming PC

Here the main components to a Gaming PC:

  • Case or Tower
  • Motherboard
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Memory
  • Power Supply
  • Video Card or Graphics Card
  • Storage or Hard Drive
  • Optical Drive
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Monitor

Nowadays, building a gaming PC has become a trend.

Some years back, most people could only think of buying a pre-built system.

Most gamers are aware of the benefits of building a gaming PC.

Below are some benefits of building a gaming PC.

1. Motherboard specifications – it is simple to pick the best motherboard when you decide to build a gaming PC.

By selecting your own motherboard, it becomes easy to upgrade other computer parts.

This means that selecting your own motherboard gives you total control of your PC.

2. Advanced cooling – When you add more components to your PC, the system may generate more heat.

Happily, with your own built PC you can add more cooling features.

4. Have quality parts – another benefit of building a gaming PC is that you have a choice of using quality parts.

You have a chance to choose high-quality parts to make your gaming system more powerful.

5. Easy for an upgrade – building a machine makes it easy for an upgrade.

You can easily replace old parts with new ones.

Upgrading a Gaming PC saves you Money

For instance, if you want to install a solid state drive, you can replace the old one without worrying about the warranty.

6. Part warranties – when someone buys a pre-built PC, the warranty for the entire PC is for one or two years.

But this may not work if one part of the system is damaged due to negligence.

But when you build your own PC, every part comes with its own warranty.

7. Save money – building a gaming PC might not be guaranteed to save you money but you can be assured to save some coins in the long term.

By using high-quality parts, you can be certain to have an affordable but powerful system.

8. Appropriate power supply – most gamers overlook the power supply.

However, it is important to note that the durability of your system is determined by it.

Therefore, it is important to pick a high-quality power supply that can support all your activities.

9. You will be proud – another benefit of building your own gaming PC is that you will acquire some bragging rights.

You can brag to your friends and gamers on how you built your gaming system.

In addition, you will have some skills to upgrade the PC in the future.

10. No pre-installed programs – when you buy a pre-built computer, you will probably find several pre-installed programs.

Some software programs you may need while others might not be useful.

But when you build your own machine, you choose the programs you want.

This means users save space and makes their system perform better.

Should I buy a pre-built gaming PC?

If you think building a gaming PC is time-consuming or a stressful activity, you can buy a pre-built computer.

Buying a pre-built PC is easy as you only need to know the specifications you want.

There are many stores and brands that do sell pre-built computers.

In addition, pre-built PCs come with warranties and technical support.

If you need help concerning the machine, you can easily get help.

Whether you are experiencing hardware or software problems, the technical team is always willing to assist.

Who uses gaming PCs?

Almost every gamer wants to use a gaming PC for various reasons.

Even though the rise of gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones are on the rise, most people choose to have PCs.

Gaming computers are powerful devices that are designed to handle several duties.

You can decide to build your own PC or buy a pre-built one.

The cheapest gaming systems are those that are built by gamers.

In addition, gaming PCs are loved by many people because they can handle several games, they are fast and you can upgrade them the way you want.

However, if you would like to have a computer for your gaming activities, you need to invest well.

Below are some benefits of using a gaming PC.

Benefits of using a gaming PC

1. PC graphics – one main benefit of using a gaming PC is the ability to customize the graphics.

You can upgrade the PC graphics through graphic cards.

2. Cost – PC gaming is affordable compared to other options.

The games are cheaper and upgrading your PC is also inexpensive.

3. System upgrades – from graphic cards to the CPU, you can upgrade anything in your PC.

However, this is not possible with gaming consoles.

4. Availability of many games – with PC gaming, you will find a wider selection of games compared to gaming consoles.

5. You find cheap games – PC games are cheaper than console games.


Even though console gaming together with mobile applications seems to have taken over the gaming industry, PC gaming is still the true leader.

Computer games are cheaper and the gaming experience on a PC is amazing.

If you would like to start building your very own gaming PC, read this article: How to Build a Gaming Computer.

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