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Mass Effect 2 Gameplay – New Planets to Discover


If you ever dreamed of discovering new planets, flying around in your space ship and waging war against extraterrestrials, Mass Effect 2 is for you. However don’t expect a multiplayer mode or Xbox controller support for PC’s, you will have to play with a keyboard and mouse. Pros Awesome introductionGreat …

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How do Video Games Improve Learning Today?


Though most people view playing games as a waste of time, most studies prove that video games improve learning. Gaming, especially the action video games can boost health, social and learning skills. Though research suggests there are adverse effects of playing video games, there are so many benefits that many …

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Top Selling Video Games: Power Play


  If you are a gaming enthusiast and would like to settle for the best video games, read this article to get familiar with the many features of top selling video games. The video gaming market is enormous and the internet has indeed given a new dimension to it. If …

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