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Best USB Flash Drive for a Laptop of 2019

Laptop flash drives should be smaller in size than regular computer USB drives. If you use a long flash drive in your laptop, the chances of damaging your drive are much higher. Shorter in size doesn’t mean that its performance should suffer, choosing the right USB flash drive will help …

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Free Online Board Games for Kids (Digital Boards)


From kids to adults, we all love to play board games. Board games are interesting and very challenging. Apart from being fun, board games are great brain sharpeners. Happily, you no longer need to gather around the tables to play a board game. It is now possible to play online …

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PNY Attache 128GB USB 2 Flash Drive (Review)


The PNY Attache 128gb USB 2 Flash Drive is an excellent device to have. The drive is well-designed to attract anyone who is searching for a quality device on the market. PNY is a great company known for quality products, and therefore PNY Attache USB 2.0 16GB 5Pack is a …

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