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Understanding the Video Game Design Industry

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The video game industry has become one of the most interactive forms of entertainment. It provides fun and entertainment and also educates millions of people around the world. Apart from that, it creates employment for millions of people. The video game design industry From normal word digital games to playing …

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Video Game Facts for Kids: Game Treats

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  Gaming has become one of the most loved activities for both children and adults. It has become a permanent part of every home entertainment. And with more developments expected, it is possible that video games will become a permanent part of our lives. Although some people blame digital games …

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Why do People Play Video Games? (Several Reasons)


  Today, video game players spend many hours dodging bullets, fighting monsters and saving the world. But what drives them back to these gaming experiences? Researchers all over the world have spent several years analyzing the effects video games have on gamers. Do games discourage or encourage violence, promote laziness …

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