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How can Video Games Help you Learn?


  Whenever you see a group of teenagers playing video games, they are learning something. However, most parents assume that gaming or watching movies are time-wasting activities and can influence children negatively. But recent studies have confirmed that there is no link between video games and real violence. Playing games, …

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Video Games are Helpful in many Ways


Parents worry a lot about video games, but their concern is unnecessary. They believe that gaming can be interesting but influential. According to mothers, gaming can make children neglect important activities such as sleep, school homework, exercise and other chores. Some teachers and lecturers also believe that gaming, especially the …

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Gender Stereotypes about Video Games


  Playing a video game is a fun pastime that everyone should participate. However, some elements to a game highlight negative stereotypes about women. There is also a misconception that gaming is traditionally a male thing. When a woman is seen playing a digital game, reactions are punishing. Some are …

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