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Earn Money Playing Video Games: Start a Blog


Playing around with a video game blog is not a waste of time. In reality, it will be more than just a hobby. Are you one of those people who thought that sitting at home playing your favorite games is a waste of time? Well, you can start a video …

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Do Video Games Help Creativity? Smart Ideas


If you have noticed that your kids love to play video games during their free time, they might be gaining many benefits. According to several studies, playing digital games can make people creative. Boys and girls who are engaged in gaming tend to be more creative than non-gamers. The fact …

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Can Video Games Cause Seizures?


  Video games have a bad reputation when it comes to health and behavior of young adults. Based on various studies, gaming has many positive and negative effects. Gaming helps people to be creative, acquire problem-solving skills and many other benefits. There are also numerous health issues that occur due …

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