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Do Video Games Improve Social Skills?


Video games have turned out to be the best pastime for kids, teenagers, and adults. However, there are many claims that gaming can make someone anti-social. Most parents, especially mothers believe that when their children spend a lot of time playing games, they may act violently or aggressively. But according …

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Guild Wars 2 Gameplay: An Artistic World


I couldn’t go on creating gameplay impressions without doing one for my all time favorite game Guild Wars 2. Released by NC Soft, Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG addition to the Guild Wars series played by thousands of gamers all over the world. Find out what this game is …

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Discovering the First Handheld Video Games


Today, video gaming is the most common form of entertainment. You can learn, be entertained or acquire skills through gaming. However, there are several ways you can enjoy playing games. From PCs to consoles and handheld video games, there are many ways to enjoy your favorite video game. At first, …

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