Online Language Games for Kids: New Opportunities

One of the best ways to learn a new language is through online language games for kids.

Today, it is possible to do it by incorporating video games.

There are many games that have taught and entertained.

Some of these games have been developed by professionals and teachers to appeal kids at all grade levels.

What are Online Language Games for Kids?

Parents and teachers have understood that learning a language does not have to be boring and tedious.

Mastering a language should challenge, but it should also be interesting.

Today, learning a new language is exciting and fun because of introducing language games.

It is now possible for kids and teenagers to learn their preferred languages by playing digital games.

Language games are interesting, interactive, and kids can play them anywhere.

They can play most of the games through smartphones, tablets, and a PC among other devices.

One benefit of language games is that they are not overly educational.

Apart from learning different languages, kids can also gain important skills.

Some of these skills include hand-to-eye coordination, social skills, problem-solving skills and many more.

Learning games also foster the kid’s attention span, ability to focus and improve decision-making skills.

Benefits of language games

They are social

Apart from learning a new language, these video games help kids to socialize, interact and have fun.

As they learn, they compete and look for strategies to win.

For instance, there are some language games that players need to learn and construct sentences.

Language games break down barriers

Learning a new language is not an easy task. There are many new words and sentences to create.

But through video games, it is easy to overcome these barriers.

People who feel uncomfortable learning a new language may feel more relaxed learning through a video game.

Learning in a different environment

Language games are fun, entertaining, and you are learning in a different world.

People have fun competing which makes the learning process amazing.

It is motivating

Learning and competing at the same time is very motivating.

With language games, players need to learn new words, construct sentences, and ensure they win.

These games are important because they help to tap into the player’s competitive instincts.

Helps in child development

One main benefit of kids learning languages with video games is that it helps in educational development.

Kids can learn social skills, how to behave and be able to focus longer.

Do kids use language games?

Online language games for kids have become popular in many educational centers.

The games have become common educational tools because players need to use all their senses when learning.

Players enter a new world that might seem new or unfamiliar.

It is an environment that you need to gain new information for you to progress.

Gamers need to learn how to defend themselves and also learn how to overcome various obstacles.

They mostly use language video games in school and in different grades.

From small kids to teenagers, video games are powerful instruments for learning new languages.

Adults learning foreign languages can also enjoy language games
Learning games are full of sensory information and create a good environment for every learner.

In addition, everyone moves at his or her own pace.

The goal of language games is to make the learning process easier and faster.

The games help to improve conversational and comprehension skills.

Also, there are no explanations. You learn the new language through experience.

Why learn languages with video games?

When you learn a new language the fun way, it becomes memorable.

Below are some ways on how games have become powerful learning tools.

Repetition–the more someone sees something, the more he or she will remember it.

Video games are good places to get repetition.

Today, they have designed games to tell a story. Hence, you may get repetition in the narrative too.

Procrastination becomes an action–if you are learning languages through traditional means, you are likely to postpone the activity several times.

But when you use a video game to learn a language, procrastination becomes an action.

Since most people love to play, gaming becomes a learning opportunity.

Pressure–gaming comes with the pressure of winning.

Hence, one of the best ways to learn a new language fast is when you are under pressure.

And gaming pressure is fun.

Context–The traditional way of learning a new language is tiresome and many times most people feel out of context.

But through video games, you can study new vocabularies, and the process is much easier and engaging.

Positive association–One reason most people fear sitting down to learn a new language is that they feel like it is a difficult task.

Textbooks, flashcards, and other studying materials are not as fun as games.

But gaming makes the process a positive association.

Accessibility–if you own a tablet, a smartphone or a computer, you can easily learn a new language.

You need not purchase a new gaming console to learn.

Types of languages you can learn

There are many video games that have been developed for language learners.

They focus these games on helping students learn a foreign language the fun way.

Some languages people can learn through games are English, Spanish, French, and Germany among many others.

A few games are text rich games, while others are small text games.

Others are audio and some have written instructions.

It all depends on the language you want to learn and your language level.

Best online language games for kids

Two word charade–It is a game that helps the player learn a specific language, category or topic.

Prolific poster–it is an online language game that helps kids to learn new words.

Mission: Possible–It is an adventure game that helps kids construct sentences in a new language.

Something on your forehead–It is a game that helps kids to review past language lessons.

Pass the question–Here the players are asked questions concerning the target language.

The activity is fun and very entertaining.

Other best language games include Make the Connection, Cups, and Letters, The Boat is Sinking, and Where are You?


Whether you’re a parent or teacher, online language games for kids can help learn in a new environment.

While it may not replace traditional education, it may act as a supplement.

Imagine learning a new language in a fantasy world full of colorful characters and challenges.

Your children will enjoy these language games and also have fun learning.

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