The Nexus Mod Community (A New Experience)

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The Nexus mod community can help bring your games to the next level.

Video game modification is an aspect that has become very popular.

It is an act where video game fans or players change different aspects of a game.

Modding is safe and does not bear much risks.

Even though there are different sites where you can download mods, Nexus Mods Community is one of the legit websites you can use.

Nexus Mods community has become one of the most popular sites among gamers.

It is a site where video gamers create and share modifications for computer gamers.

We refer to it as a source of circulation of original content.

If you are searching for a website where you can access thousands of user-created mods, the Nexus mod community is the best site.

What is the Nexus Mod Community?

This is a website created as a fan base for the Bethesda Softworks Game.

Initially known as Morrowind Chronicles.

But after several years of success and many alterations, it changed to the Nexus Mod community.

The site is very famous and as of 2013; it had registered over 5 million users.

Today, it is one of the largest gaming modification sites.

With over 900 million downloads and over 8 million registered users, gamers all over the world join the website every day.

To download or upload a file at the site, he or she needs to register at Nexus Mods Community.

Happily, you only need one account to use the Nexus sites.

Even though it is free to join this gaming fan site, most users upgrade their accounts to enjoy more benefits.

With around 200 thousand files for over 700 games, you can get any PC game you want. Some popular games include:

  • Fallout 4
  • Fallout 3
  • Dragon age
  • Morrowind
  • Xcom
  • Mass Effect 3
  • World of Tanks
  • Among many others.

What are the Benefits of using Mods?

If you would like to join the Nexus Mods community, there are many benefits to enjoy.

Fortunately, the basic membership is free. Creating a Nexus account is simple.

All you need is to follow the required steps.

Once you complete the steps, they will set your account in minutes.

Some benefits to enjoy after joining the site include:

  • Access to thousands of user-created Mods.
  • Limitless Distribution and storage for images and mods created.
  • Hosting for images and mods once you have created and uploaded.
  • Availability of forums and systems where they interact with the community
  • Availability of support for your best files and authors.
  • Mods and author tracking feature that’s updated all the time.
  • Filtering and content blocking; This ensures you only access the content you wish to see or avoid.

Because of the benefits, the site has attracted millions of registered users.

And all the Mods accounts come with supporter status.

This means you will enjoy ad-free browsing and other great features.

Are the Mods free?

Nexus Mods comes with several benefits.

But for you to enjoy the benefits you need to have an account.

Happily, the registration is fast, simple, and free.

The main reason you need to create an account is for security reasons.

It also ensures that people who use the site are screened.

In addition, there are several features at the site that do not work without a membership program such as file uploads and downloads.

When opening an account, you can register for free or go premium.

Even though the free program has many benefits, users who go premium have more benefits.

Once you are a member, you can:

Download files of Nexus Mods for free.

The mods downloaded to support the authors.

You can upload as many mods as possible on the site.

There is a great community that talks and discusses the mods.

They provide constructive feedback, support, and vote for the best.

Since not all content is suitable for everyone, you can unlock adult-only content.

There are forums where you discuss and share your views with thousands of users.

If you have issues creating, uploading or downloading mods, you can easily get help from the forum.

It is possible to change the look and feel of your account.

Do I have to join to download mods?

As stated before, you cannot enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods if you are not a member.

You need to join for you to upload and download mods.

However, downloading speed depends on various factors that include membership type and ad-blocking status.

The speed for users on a premium membership is amazing, but it differs by location.

Therefore, if you want to download mods, you need to register and ensure you are on premium membership.

It is also essential to note that a premium membership helps you to get rid of restrictions.

Even though it does not guarantee faster downloads, it is faster compared to free membership.

But the overall speed depends on various factors, such as physical distance and your gaming computer, among many others.

However, you can always seek help from the forums if you are stuck.

What Games have Popular Mods?

Mods are the main reasons computer games have become great.

However, they are not created equal. Mods released on Nexus mods are more celebrated than others.

Any visible upgrade, any new costume or character provides direct control over the gameplay.

In addition, mods transform the game.

They make playing or watching a game unique and more appealing.

Hence, it is important to know the games with the most popular mods.

Here are the games with the most popular mods on Nexus Mods.

1. Half-life 2

The community of Half-life is very ambitious.

So, if you are looking for games with popular mods, this is one of the best.

Gamers will find their gaming desires and tastes in Half-life 2.

By joining the Nexus Mod community, players will have access to all the Half-Life 2 mods.

2. The Elder Scrolls vs Skyrim

We believe that Bethsaida games are the most popular games to mod.

And The Elder Scrolls vs. Skyrim’s is not exceptional.

The script editors are easy to use and available.

This leads to a wide variety of popular mods.

We believe there are over 50,000 mods available for this game.

3. Grand Theft Auto

Because of the popularity of Grand Theft Auto games, we know them to have plenty of mods.

Players will find crazy mods online for this game.

Grand Theft Auto is a popular game to stream and updating the game with a few mods will definitely make the game feel new.

So, if you are looking for games with popular mods, Grand Theft Auto is one of them.

4. Battlefield 1 Animation Pack

Being a first-person shooter game, Battlefield 1 Animation Pack has become a popular mod.

It is a mod that has continued to receive new updates every day.

Does fighting with flying rockets sound fun? Hence, it has some of the best mods.

5. Defense of the Ancients

It cannot surprise you that this game is on the list of games with popular mods.

The mods include heroes, armies, and many others.

Also, creating and sharing of Defense of ancients mods is easy thanks to the game architecture.

Are there Alternative Mod Communities? 

Nexus mods community is among the largest gaming modification website.

It supports free sharing of video game mods.

However, some people may feel they want to check and compare alternatives mod communities.

If you are looking for alternative mod communities, here are some to consider.

1. Steam Workshop – this is a central hub where you can publish and download content into your games.

The site has many members and fantastic mods. Once you register, you can submit mods with ease.

2. Mod Organizer–this is a site for managing mod collections.

They make it for the user who wants to experiment with mods.

It is well designed so you can easily install and uninstall the mods.

3. Vortex–if you are looking for great alternatives to nexus mods, you need to try Vortex.

They made the site simple.

With a modern customized interface, you can easily access tools, manage your downloads, and save the games. 

4. Mod DB – this is a site that is dedicated to supporting the development of mods.

The main aim of the website is to unite players, developers, and their great ideas.

Since playing the game is a great experience, being able to customize them is another great experience with Mod DB.

5. OpenIV – this is a site that has become a popular modding tool for many gamers.

They have featured some of the greatest games, such as Grand Theft Auto and others on the site.