MSN Free Online Games for you to Explore

When it comes to playing online games, MSN Free Online Games are perfect.

Some people love racing games while others prefer action games.

It is a place that has many online games and the majority are free.

What are MSN Free Online Games?

Luxor 2 HD Gameplay

Today, accessibility is everywhere.

With a laptop, a tablet or a computer, you can play any game wherever you are.

Some games you can play are Microsoft Network (MSN) Games.

MSN Zone Free Online Games are also referred to as Zone.

The games are from Microsoft Studios and are very popular.

You can play the games online or download them on your gaming PC to play them later.

The games are available in various versions.

You can play the free version, the trial version and pay to play version.

They are devoted mainly to casual players, stand-alone and multi-player games.

Word Twister Gameplay

One reason most people love to play MSN games is that the site has many games.

There are several multi-player games that encourage teamwork as players can interact as they play the games.

Even though MSN games are owned by Microsoft, you can play them on other systems apart from windows.

For example, if you have a Mac computer, you can play MSN games.

What type of games does MSN Games have?


MSN Games is a gaming site.

This means you play the games on any browser that includes Mozilla, Chrome or Safari.

Playing the MSN games is simple and all you need is to choose the section you like the most.

For instance, if you love playing Action Games, you can find a big list of action games on the website.

The site has many types of games for both kids and adults.

But you need to follow the steps so that you play the games on your system.

Just pick the games based on category and your preferred one.

Once you find the games you want to play, you just click on it and start playing.

Can you buy games on MSN Zone?

Just Words Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, there are different versions that include the free version, the trial version and pay to play version.

So, if you want to own some games, you can buy the games on the site.

But for you to play MSN games, you need an updated Flash Player.

The updated versions will help you play all MSN games.

You will also be able to play the games on any machine without installing a program.

Top 10 MSN Zone Free Online Games

1. Luxor 2 HD

Do you love to play puzzle games? If you are a fan of puzzles, Luxor 2 HD is a nice game to play.

It is a beautiful and a perfect puzzle game that will keep you thinking for hours.

It has several challenging levels with amazing graphics.

The game theme is about Ancient Egypt.

The game is interesting, challenging and exciting.

However, as you move up each level, you get more challenges.

There are also amazing rewards after completing each level.

2. Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 is one of the MSN free online games.

Another favorite game for puzzle lovers is Bejeweled 2.

With this game, they require you to complete various levels by joining gems.

The game is simple but very engaging. By joining three or four gems, you get points and powers.

The game has many levels to keep you entertained for hours.

3. Word Twister on MSN Free Online Games

If you think you know your vocabulary, Word Twister is a nice MSN game to play.

In this game, you will have several letters where you need to make many names.

You need to be quick when playing the game.

Apart from expanding your vocabulary list, you also enhance your thinking capacity.

Once you play the game, you always feel you want to play more and more.

4. Mahjongg Toy Chest

Mahjongg Toy Chest Gameplay

The next amazing game is Mahjongg Toy Chest.

If you are searching for a nice game, you can play during your free time, this is it.

By matching tiles of various objects to clean your room, you get some points.

The game has a limited time for you to clear the mess.

5. Just Words on MSN Free Online Games

Just Words is one of the best MSN Zone free online games.

However, the game is not as simple as the title suggests.

But by following the rules, you will create genuine words.

There are several ways to gain points and win.

The game is very interesting, challenging and exciting.

6. Halloween Jigsaw

Halloween Jigsaw is one of the MSN free online games.

If you are looking for an exciting game, jigsaw games are the best.

This game will keep you engaged since they require you to find the right items to join them together.

Halloween Jigsaw is more fun because you need to find Halloween objects such as costumes, pumpkins, and many other spooky things.

However, you need to be quick to score and win the game.

If you are a learner, you can start with the easy level.

7. Around the World in 90 days

Feel like traveling? Another great game that is very popular with MSN free online games is Around the World in 90 days.

With this game, you will go on an exciting adventure to explore many places as you collect things.

However, there are some puzzles to solve as you collect the items.

8. Run Rabbit Run on MSN Free Online Games

Run Rabbit Run is one of the msn free online games.

For people looking for an addictive game, Run Rabbit Run is one you shouldn’t miss.

The game is free and has amazing graphics to keep you engaged for hours.

9. Bubble Town

The game is a mixture of puzzle, and arcade games.

You need to show your shooting skills by shooting balls of the same colors.

As you move up the levels, the game becomes harder.

10. 52 Cards Pickup

52 Card Pick Up is a game on MSN free online games.

Are you looking for a simple, quick, and interesting game to play in your free time, 52 Cards Pickup is the one.

The game is simple, but you need to be quick since you only have 2 minutes.

11. Bubble Shooter

A simple yet fun game about shooting colored balls.

Aim and shoot the same colored bubbles to earn points.

Be careful if the balls reach the bottom of the screen you lose.

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