Is Minecraft Realms Plus Worth it? (Private Servers)

If you are a Minecraft fan, you might ask yourself whether Realms Plus is worth your money.

Realms-Plus is a subscription where you get a personal server just for you and your friends.

Since the realm is only open to you and your friends, only the people you invite can join the world.

Whether you are offline, they can still access the world.

For beginners and people new to Minecraft, the easiest and the quickest way to set up a server is through Realms-Plus.

However, most people are not sure how Minecraft Realms works, its major highlights, and whether it is worth it.

Below is a detailed article on what Minecraft Realms-Plus is, its key features, which editions to use, and much more.

What is Minecraft Realms Plus?

Minecraft Realms Plus with Server Image

Minecraft Realms Plus is a private server where you and your friends can play together safely and not be worried by others.

It is a subscription service that allows you to play Minecraft online with family and friends on your own server.

Think of it as a VIP party where only the people you know get to play on the server.

Since playing Minecraft over the internet with friends has always been a challenge, you can now get a private server at a fee.

Only those you request to join will play in your world.

Furthermore, you do not need to be online to enjoy Realms Plus.

It is possible to play the packs included either online or offline.

All you need is to be online after 30 days to ensure your subscription is active.

Benefits from a Subscription

With this subscription, you can access various Minecraft content such as the worlds, skins, and other resources.

Realms Plus offers a fast way to create a server and allows you the owner to achieve the game from the inside.

They do not design this plan for a sizable amount of people like public servers.

It is for a group of friends or family who want to keep things private.

You can find all Minecraft game modes including Survival, Creative, Spectator, and Adventure.

Moreover, mini-games that are supported by Mojang are pre-loaded onto the Realms Plus setup.

Your Realm Plus server will be available 24/7.

This means any person you have invited can play anytime they want.

Play on Private Servers

Play on Private Servers

And since you have control of people playing in your world, you have the power to invite or remove others.

Realms Plus is one of the best and safe places for young gamers.

They can gather friends and play without worrying about outside distractions.

Their friends do not need a subscription to join your Realm; All they need is to be invited.

It is also possible to upload skins, any world, and texture packs from the Minecraft marketplace to the Realms and invite your friends.

The good news is that Minecraft Realms Plus is available on various platforms that include Xbox console, PC, PlayStation, Nintendo, and various mobile devices.

Who uses Minecraft Realms Plus?

There are several requirements that you must meet to use Minecraft Realms Plus.

First, you must have bought the full version of Bedrock Edition as a player and signed in with a Microsoft account.

In addition, you need to have subscribed to either Xbox Live Gold if you are using a Xbox console, PlayStation Plus if you own a PlayStation console, Nintendo Switch online if you are using a Nintendo console.

Also, you must have a stable internet connection and attained the age of 13 or older for you to join the Minecraft Realms Plus community.

Although you can invite as many friends as you can, only 10 players can be active in a single Realms Plus world at once.

One reason to use Realms Plus is convenience.

Play your Way

When you are using a third-party server, you will be forced to go to the website, adjust settings, and hope to get an ideal setup.

But with Realms Plus, everything is optimized.

For instance, you can choose to invite a few friends or switch to a mini-game.

Another benefit of using the Realms plus is that you will not be afraid of uninvited guests.

No one will come to destroy your world.

With the Realms Plus, you can add and remove friends.

What are the Main Features?

What are the Main Features

One reason why you need to use Realms Plus is because it has several outstanding features.

For a low monthly price, you can enjoy a lot and access great content with Minecraft Realms Plus.

The key features of the Realms Plus are:

*Instant access to a catalog of over 100 marketplace packs.

*There is fresh content added to the platform every month.

*You can invite many of your friends, where 10 can be active at once.

Happily, you can access the content and play for free.

*You can decide to play in your world or locally.

Keep in mind your realm is safe, private, and you can only invite people you want.

*It is possible to access the content and play on various platforms including mobile devices, console, PC, and more.

*For only a few dollars, you can access content worth over 150 dollars.

Which Minecraft Editions can I use?

Though you must have the full version of the bedrock edition, there are two versions of the Minecraft Realms that are available from Mojang.

There is the Minecraft Realms Plus version for mobile devices and consoles and the Minecraft Java edition for the PC, Linux, and Mac platforms.

The version on mobile and console runs on a single code while the Minecraft java edition runs on another.

This means the two versions are incompatible.

Games on Minecraft Java edition cannot play on Windows 10, Mobile, or console.

Another thing you need to note is that the subscription you purchase needs to match the version of Minecraft you are playing.

For instance, if you purchased the Minecraft Java edition via, then you need Realms for the Minecraft Java Edition.

Is Minecraft Realms Free?

Is Minecraft Realms Free

Minecraft Realms is not free; There are various pricing plans you can consider.

However, if you have never used Minecraft Realms Plus before, there is a free trial.

The pricing plans for Realms plus include a recurring monthly fee, a onetime charge of 30 days, a onetime charge of 90 days, and a onetime charge of 180 days.

The recurring monthly fee is $7.99; This is the easiest and the quickest way to pay for the subscription.

Even though the subscription is extended every month, you can cancel it anytime.

However, it is cheaper than buying a 30-day subscription manually.

The onetime charge for 30 days is $9.99.

Since it expires after 30 days, they require you to log in to pay if you want to continue with the subscription.

Subscriptions with Benefits

It is more expensive than the recurring monthly fee plan.

Another pricing plan to consider is the onetime charge of 90 days.

The subscription costs $26.99 and expires after 90 days.

If you plan to extend the plan, you need to log in to pay again.

It is cheaper than the onetime charge for 30 days.

The last plan is the onetime charge for 180 days.

The subscription costs $47.99 and lasts for 180 days.

It is also cheaper than the onetime 30-day subscription.

Plans for all Budgets

Plans on a Budget

Once it expires, you need to log in to pay again.

With all the pricing plans, you can play with up to ten friends or family members at the same time.

In addition, you will enjoy all the benefits of Realms Plus.

However, the above pricing plans may slightly be different in various countries and platforms.

To know the price, open Minecraft and then choose to create a new realm to see the available pricing options for your country and platform.

The good news is that once you purchase Realms Plus, you can use it on any device.

It is possible to access the packs, your personal server, and others from any device.

All you need is to sign in using your Microsoft account.

Where is the Official Website?

The official website for Realm Plus is

At the site, you will get all the information you need about Realms Plus.

There are articles and videos to help you discover the subscription, and how to get started.

Also, since there is new content being added every month, you can easily view new content.

Other things you can see at the site include the key features of the plan, all Realms Plus packs, news and updates, and much more.

Does Minecraft Realms have Support?

There’s a Realms Plus support site where you can get help concerning the plan.

This is an active page that is full of information.

You can read articles on how to troubleshoot, perform tests on Minecraft Realms Java edition, moderate your realms, and much more.

Besides, there is information about the game, the latest news, and how you can contact the help team.

If you cannot get help from the information provided, you can fill in a form and submit it to the support team.

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