Things to Know Before Playing Minecraft Hardcore Mode

Mostly everyone has heard of Minecraft, but many don’t know about Minecraft hardcore mode.

People won’t know what it’s, but we won’t exaggerate if we say that Minecraft is possibly one of the best-known video games in history, competing with classics such as Pac-Man and Tetris.

The game itself was born in 2009, the full version of which they have released and updated came out in 2011.

Minecraft today continues to break records and introduce new players into the world of video games.

But even for those who already have experience, it can take time to know all the aspects of this game.

Slowly, the game has evolved and added new blocks and challenges to players.

Among the details that many of the Minecraft players haven’t tried is known as Minecraft Hardcore Mode.

In this article, we will explain what this game mode comprises, and what to do.

What is Minecraft Hardcore Mode?

What is Minecraft Hardcore Mode?

First, know what Minecraft is.

Minecraft is an open world or “sandbox” construction video game.

The game itself doesn’t have any specific aim, but a series of achievements gained as you progress.

Not having a goal or an end, the player can freely choose what he wants to do in the game.

The game is in the first person, and the world consists of squares that the player can destroy and place in the inventory, and then use them to create new blocks from those collected.

The game is much more complex, but the gameplay is completely simple and intuitive.

Now, what’s Minecraft Hardcore Mode?

As the name suggests, it’s a mode that can be placed in the game and add more difficulty.

In the original Minecraft, you have an amount of life, and when you fight with the different hostile creatures in the game, there is a possibility that your life will drop to zero and you will die.

In the original Minecraft, death doesn’t mean the end, but you reappear again on the map.

Test your Survival Skills

In Minecraft Hardcore Mode, once you die, you can’t respawn again, so everything you created in that world and all progress is lost forever.

The other difference is the general difficulty.

In normal Minecraft survival, you can change the difficulty of the game.

This difficulty affects the number of mobs that appear and the strength and ability they possess.

There are four levels of difficulty: Pacific (No mobs appear.), Easy (Few and weak mobs), Normal (Medium strength and spawn mobs), and Hard (Many and strong mobs).

We can change this difficulty during the gameplay.

In the Hardcore version of Minecraft, this difficulty can’t be changed and is automatically set to difficult.

Who Should Play Hardcore Mode?

Minecraft is already a game that gives you many options with playing, whether creative, creating giant buildings and works of art, or survival.

No two games or two maps are the same, each game differs completely from the previous one.

This is because of the infinite variety in the algorithms that govern the creation of worlds and structures.

Those who decide to try Hardcore Mode are looking for a fresh experience, an even greater range of difficulty.

Experienced players looking for an even higher level of difficulty should play Minecraft Hardcore Mode, and those looking for a speed run challenge.

In any case, be prepared before playing hardcore mode because anything can happen and you can lose all the hard work in minutes.

There is no option to recover that world, so the moment you die, its time to start another new game.

Is Hardcore Mode Recommended for Beginners?

As stated above, those who play Hardcore Mode are often looking for an even bigger challenge than playing Minecraft on its maximum difficulty, and feeling that each fight with the mobs can be the last.

If it’s your first time playing Minecraft, don’t think about starting with a Hardcore world.

It’s very common for those who don’t know how the game works, to die from mobs or fall damage.

The best thing is to start a game of survival and start experimenting with the basics, such as feeding, getting tools, minerals and exploring.

The difficulty in the first games is usually easy, since in the peaceful level no hostile mob appears directly.

The answer to the question is that for those who are going to play their first games it’s highly unrecommended, but if you are in control and feel confident enough, go for it.

In the worst case, if a beginner starts a game in Hardcore mode, they will probably lose before making much progress.

What to do in Hardcore Mode?

The most obvious thing you have to do in Hardcore Mode is to survive.

It’s rule #1 to follow, and the rest will be useless if you lose the game.

In a Hardcore world you have the risk of constantly losing which makes many players more cautious.

Players need to automate the collection of resources as soon as possible, to avoid traveling at night.

Also, since you never know when it will be your turn to fight a horde of hostile mobs, get good armor.

The most common aim in these games is to get all the resources and materials in an automated way.

Once you can get almost everything you need without leaving home, it only remains to spend those resources on building things.

How to Survive in Hardcore Mode

Survive in Minecraft Hardcore Mode

Many of the initial basics work for the common Survival Mode as well, only with more freedom, those rules serve more than steps to take for the newbies.

To start, you need wood, which is the beginning and the base of many other objects that you will need.

Another important rule, especially in Hardcore Mode, is to get a shelter at night.

The first nights, unless you are very lucky finding wool to make a bed, spend them carefully avoiding moving freely throughout the world.

Mobs will appear everywhere and they will corner you without having armor or suitable weapons.

Create a shelter, no matter how small and ugly it may be, to settle down for a couple of nights until you have more materials.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn more about this game mode, visit Minecraft on

Minecraft hardcore mode is no joke, it will test your survivability skills within the game.

However, for experienced players, hardcore mode is a fun way of testing all the skills you have learned in Minecraft.

Be prepared by creating a plan before you begin your adventure.

This way you don’t spend too much time wondering what to do next.

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