Minecraft Education Edition (Made for Students, Teachers and Parents)

If you are a fan of the original game, Minecraft Education Edition expands your knowledge further.

There is the original version known as the Java edition which is powerful, and has several amazing features. 

Also, there is the Bedrock edition known as the modern version designed for various platforms, devices, and generations. 

Apart from the above two, there is the Minecraft Education Edition (MEE).

This is another powerful version built for students, teachers, and educators. 

In this guide, you will learn what MEE is, why it is a useful educational tool, what you can learn in Minecraft education edition, and much more. 

What is Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft Education Edition (Made for Teachers and Parents)

Minecraft is a famous video game where gamers collaborate to build structures with blocks.

Now, there is a new version of Minecraft known as the education edition. 

MEE is a video-game-based learning platform designed to promote collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. 

It has classroom-friendly features, endless opportunities for exploration, and several digital learning structures. 

Minecraft education edition is designed from the Bedrock edition to educate students, teachers, and parents.

They made it for schools, museums, libraries, and much more. 

Even though it’s not exactly like the original game, it is an edition that brings fun when learning math, science, and programming.

There are over 100 countries around the world using it. 

A World Wide Educational Tool

Since MEE is an expanded version of the Bedrock edition, it is available on various platforms that include Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, and others. 

They designed this edition for various subjects such as Math, Chemistry, Agriculture, Architecture, and computer programming.

It helps kids learn several essential skills such as creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. 

They tailor Minecraft education edition for learning.

This means we can use it in all learning facilities.

To use the education edition, a monthly subscription is needed.

Also, you need to have a Microsoft education account and a Mojang account. 

This edition has extra features in different areas such as administrative, mechanism, and tools for students to use. 

The aim of the MEE is not just to provide a platform for students to learn but also to give teachers the tools they need to manage their classroom. 

Who plays Minecraft Education Edition?

They made Minecraft education edition for students, teachers, and educators.

It is an extensive sandbox game built for interactive learning. 

Students play Minecraft to gain various skills such as problem-solving skills, creativity, and many others.

They also play the game to address certain math and chemistry principles. 

Teachers use the MEE to assign lessons and monitor progress.

Students use the game to work together as groups to accomplish specific goals.

Learn Math and Computer Programming

Some teachers use the education edition to teach math concepts such as proportions and rations.

Others prefer to use it to promote creativity and collaboration among students. 

Therefore, if you are looking for an acceptable way for your children to stay productive, let them play Minecraft education edition.

The game has math-focused and chemistry-focused features. 

Nevertheless, anyone can play MEE.

This is because the Minecraft education edition has hundreds of pre-made worlds.

In addition, players can build other worlds. 

This allows them to engage in, explore, and be creative.

You can play MEE alone or with friends and classmates in a multiplayer experience. 

What will I Learn in MEE?

Minecraft education edition is one of the best educational games.

It comes with several benefits, and you can learn a lot by playing the game. 

Below are some things you can learn from the MEE. 

1. Chemistry–There is a virtual chemistry museum in Minecraft.

Here, kids can learn several things about chemistry and chemicals such as Amino Acids. 

2. Computer programming–Another thing you can learn in education edition is Java programming.

Kids create custom modifications or plugins in Minecraft. 

3. Architecture–The game provides blocks for creating several structures for educational purposes.

This helps students learn how to construct buildings, roofs with angles, corners, and much more.

Prepare for Future Careers

4. Teamwork–The game encourages communication, collaboration, and understanding.

It helps to boost social-emotional skills for kids and students.  

5. Prepare kids for the future–It promotes several skills that prepare students for the future workplace.

Some skills promoted include problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. 

6. History–Since there is an environment that encourages students to use ancient historical sites, children and learners can learn about history. 

7. Deforestation–Students will be able to design and create worlds that show the effects of deforestation. 

Is Minecraft Education Edition Free to play?

Even though there is a free trial, the MEE is not free.

The cost for the education edition is around $5 to $7 per student for a one-year subscription. 

But before you get the paid version, the free trial is available for all.

It is fully functional where teachers have 25 logins and students 10 logins per day. 

With Minecraft education edition, we should equip our computer with Windows 10 or mac OS.

Additionally, users of the education edition are required to have an Office 365 education account. 

The education edition is available for libraries, schools, museums, and recognized home-school organizations.

Besides, students can use the MEE at home once they sign in using the education edition logins. 

The Minecraft education edition has specific tools, making it easier for educators and teachers to offer collaborative learning.

These features also make sure students get the most out of each lesson. 

Since they primarily designed it for classrooms, students from ages 5 to college students can use this edition. 

Where can I Buy Minecraft Education Edition?

There are several places where you can buy Minecraft education edition.

However, if you want to purchase the edition directly, you need to visit the official website to get started. 

By visiting www.education.minecraft.net, you can easily purchase this edition.

But you can contact your preferred seller if that’s the case. 

If you purchase several licenses for your schools, you might get discounts.

Hence, it is important to research more before buying. 

Why is the Minecraft Education Edition worth It?

The lessons and features provided by the education edition are virtual and more immersive than a textbook.

Thus, for students who struggle to get around things, the game can help. 

According to many studies, play-based learning in a virtual environment is more engaging than normal classroom learning.

Students can understand faster than traditional learning. 

In addition, the education edition is more organized to help students become creative and collaborative.

The video game has vital tools that make it easier for teachers to offer teamwork in a classroom. 

There are tools such as a map where teachers can easily track the location of a student in a game.

Besides, there are in-game chalkboards and other essential tools for teachers. 

Is there a Support Website for Minecraft Education Edition?

There is a support website for the Minecraft education edition.

If you are experiencing problems with downloads, how to play, getting started, or any other issue, visit the support site. 

At this site, you will learn more about the education edition.

For instance, to get started with MEE, you will get help on how to download and sign in. 

There are also vital materials where you can learn how to play the MEE.

Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher, there are great articles with relevant information about the Minecraft education edition.

Minecraft has Support Options

You can also visit various sub-sections such as Game features, teaching with Minecraft, and FAQs.

If you cannot get information at the site, you can contact the support team. 

There is also a Minecraft education edition community.

You can join the community to interact with other members or join the education edition forums. 

Additionally, there are various social media pages for the MEE.

You can visit these pages for support or go through the posts. 

For instance, the MEE Twitter account has amazing posts and stories from teachers and students who have used video games such as Minecraft for learning. 

Last Words about the Minecraft Education Edition

Introducing the education edition has turned Minecraft from a normal sandbox video game to a collaborative learning environment. 

It is now easy for teachers and educators to assign and monitor lessons virtually.

On the other hand, students can work together in groups and become creative and more cooperative. 

The video game has brought amazing tools that support virtual learning, encourages communication, boost social-economical skills, and helps students build other critical skills. 

MEE is not just offering students an interesting learning experience.

It also provides a library of lesson plans in various subjects such as computer science, math, language arts, history, and art & design. 

Visit the official website to learn how to get started, how to download, and get special discounts.

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