15 Fun Things to do in Minecraft Creative Mode

Minecraft Creative Mode has many fun things to do

In Minecraft creative mode, players can explore, build, craft and not worry about monsters.

I use Minecraft’s creative mode to learn how to build things correctly and in a timely manner. For example, I log in to creative mode and learn to build a torch light. Then, I log out of creative mode and start survival mode to use what I just learned.

In creative mode, gamers can build anything from a rich man’s mansion to a horror map, adventure, mini-games, etc. Also, players enjoy exploring the Minecraft world without having to fight monsters. You will see monsters, but they don’t harm players.

Without further ado below, we’ll show you 15 fun things to do in Minecraft’s creative mode.

1. Make Mechanisms with Redstone

For some, it can be tedious.

It can be very entertaining; By using command blocks and Redstone, you can make incredible mechanisms, such as secret doors, an elevator, and a system to harvest food.

You can even create a roller coaster that goes through another dimension into a cursed temple with the help of Redstones, among many others.

2. The Commands

With commands, you can become a Minecraft hacker; with them, you can seek to change the time in the game, secret sounds, get items and blocks that may not be found in creative mode, and many more things!

Here’s a quick Minecraft Cheat Sheet:

To open the command console, you press the “T” key.

Some fun commands are:

/ kill [player name]

Kill the player or a specific player

/ tp [player name]

Teleports you to the selected coordinates

/ set time day

It’s daylight in Minecraft.

/ set time night

It gets dark in Minecraft.

Commands, as I mentioned earlier, can be fun because it changes the way you play Minecraft.

3. Destroy the World

In Minecraft creative mode, the most fun, without a doubt, is to grab TNT and destroy mountains, towns, and everything you see.

This is something you have to try at least once while playing in creative mode.

4. Build a World

One of the most remarkable, relaxing, and satisfying Minecraft features is construction.

In Minecraft, the only limit when building is your imagination, you can build a house, a temple, or even the craziest things you can think of with a variety of blocks.

It’s challenging putting together a large house, an underground foundation, or something like that, but it will pay off in the end when you see all the finished work.

5. Explore Unknown Territory

Exploration in Minecraft can be fascinating.

From the mystery of the dragon egg in Minecraft and various abandoned temples to some giant abandoned mines, they all have a secret you need to discover.

This is also a very notable feature of Minecraft.

Not only can you explore blocks and items, but you can also explore how certain things work, such as the behavior of the domesticated wolf, or how waterworks before the fire, or the other way around, all of which can be very interesting.

6. Play Maps

Minecraft maps can be absurdly excellent and impressive. You can find yourself between hilarious mini-games, incredible adventures, and horror games in which you feel fear.

We can find maps in the Minecraft Maps sections. Try them; they can be a lot of fun!

7. Create Maps

With different tools that Minecraft offers you, you can build a map of any genre, be it horror, adventure, parkour; the options are almost unlimited.

You will need a lot of time to create a map because building one, and you will need time. You can also learn or guide yourself from a map that you like and try to achieve a similar finish.

It isn’t easy but satisfying to see the state of your map once complete.

8. Minecraft Servers

There are things you will never find in Minecraft survival mode, and those are the Minecraft servers. There you can discover mini-games, vampire games, dragon war, construction fights, and anything else you can imagine.

9. Explore Music

In Minecraft, you have the option to explore its music that immerses players fully in the game. Gamers can find floppy disks which they can insert into a turntable.

If you prefer something else, you can also create your music with some sound blocks. You connect them with Redstone, and make unique sounds.

People who concentrated on learning how to make music in Minecraft can rebuild entire known bands in Minecraft, from Believer from Imagine Dragons to even simple rock bands.

They can be done with just blocks of music and Redstone, impressive, right?

10: Minecraft Mods

Mods (plugins) are one of the funniest things that exist in the world of Minecraft.

With plugins, you can find mods that add new mobs, constructions, transformation into a werewolf or vampire, black magic, construction tools, and much more.

It will surprise you to see the number of mods and the variety between them! The only problem with mods is that it can be a headache to make them work; you can spend days trying to make them work.

However, sometimes they are easy, and in a few minutes you can start playing without problems.

11. Pixel Arts

Do you like to paint? In creative mode, you can build a Pixel Art. You are probably wondering what it is, as Pixel Art is drawing something with blocks.

It may take a while before you perfect Pixel Art as they are challenging building, especially those with lots of blocks! But the results are truly spectacular.

12. Find Herobrine

Does the elusive Herobrine exist, or is it a baseless creepy pasta? There’s only one way to find out: embark on an epic quest in search of this mystery.

Explore all clues; Interview with the most expert gamers of Herobrine. Or install a mod that installs Herobrine and try to survive her perfidious presence.

13. Play with Friends

You can play with your friends in Minecraft in creative mode or even on a server. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to cross between mods and play with friends, which is a great idea to have a good time.

14. Make Weapons

Minecraft creative mode is the best place to learn how to make weapons. For example, you start with wooden weapons, then you upgrade to stone then metal.

Practice creating weapons early so you can learn about each material. Once you learn about materials, you have an idea where to search for weapon materials.

15. Craft Armor

While crafting Minecraft armor is not very important early in the game, it’s useful to know how to do it. When players get more experience, they begin crafting armor for their character.

In creative mode, create a variety of armor types to wear. This is important because in survival mode, you may discover hidden armor material. This will give you extra protection against those ugly zombies.


Minecraft creative mode allows new players to explore the world and get used to crafting. If you want more information about this gaming mode, take a look at the Gamepedia Wiki.I created one Minecraft creative mode game to learn more about the game.

However, I play the default survival mode to gain experience and get cool gear.

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