Minecraft Buying Guide for New Players and Parents

For new players or parents, I recommend reading this Minecraft buying guide to get familiar with the game.

Minecraft is a video game that has become popular around the world.

Today, there are over 100 million copies sold around the world across all platforms.

Luckily, Minecraft is not a video game just for kids; Teenagers and adults like it too.

The video game started as a PC game, but it has expanded to other platforms such as gaming consoles and mobile devices.

Minecraft Buying Guide for New Players and Parents

Minecraft Buying Guide for New Players and Parents Pinterest Image

One reason kids love Minecraft is because it engages them in creative thinking.

By building and creating a world, they become creative and solve problems faster.

The good news is that it is safe to play Minecraft.

The game has various mods that have no violent activities.

We recommend it for kids aged 8 and above.

Nevertheless, it is important to monitor your kids when playing video games, even the non-violent ones such as Minecraft.

To help you understand Minecraft, below is a Minecraft buying guide for parents and educators.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game developed and published by Mojang.

They released the video game in November 2011 and it is available in single-player and multiplayer modes.

We know its style of play as sandbox because it provides a landscape with no fixed goal and there are limitless possibilities.

Just like a normal playground, Minecraft does not have any instructions.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, you can start playing Minecraft.

The video game has become one of the most sought-after games among children and adults.

Since it is a virtual land where you can build your own world, all can play the game.

It is simple, friendly, and educational.

A Thinking Game

A Boy Thinking

By using several resources, building blocks, and other items discovered on-site, a gamer needs to be creative to create a unique world and experiences.

Minecraft is simple, challenging, but an interesting game to play.

Even though it was first created to be played on PC, you can now play it on your smartphone, tablet, and gaming console among other platforms.

You learn more about Minecraft through experimentation, exploration, watching videos on YouTube, and reading articles about the game.

However, the more you play the game, the more you learn about it.

As you play, you will learn how to use resources, how to move around, and how to change your appearance.

Create your Minecraft World

The game has several modes that include survival and creative modes.

In survival mode, a player needs to find his own food and supplies.

Also, they can interact with moving creatures.

However, in creative mode, a player is given supplies and you do not need to eat for you to survive.

It is a simple mode, and you can break all kinds of blocks immediately.

The primary purpose of Minecraft is to be creative, to build, and explore.

Hence, there are no points earned.

You can choose to play the video game by yourself or play with friends online.

The tablet and smartphone versions provide multi-player options via Wi-Fi networks.

Who plays Minecraft?

Who plays Minecraft

Minecraft is an interesting game that anyone can play.

Since it is not a complicated game, even small kids can play it.

You can play Minecraft with family members and friends.

As long as you are using the same version, you can cross-play with anyone no matter the platform they are using.

All the platforms that run the game can play together.

This includes Windows PC, Xbox One, mobile devices, and other consoles.

Get a Microsoft Account

However, you need to have a Microsoft account.

After creating a Microsoft account, the next step is to ensure you have added your friends you want to play with on the account.

You can do this by sending them a friend invite.

The first step you need to do is to create a world and name it.

After creating the world, you need to explore it and build it as you move along.

You can pick wood from a tree and enhance it into a batch of sticks or mine some stones to build your house.

All you need is to be creative.

As you explore, you might encounter some challenges such as hostile mobs, spiders, zombies, and many others.

The story about Minecraft is what you want it to be.

By being creative, you can create a unique world.

Is Minecraft Educational?

Minecraft is Educational

Minecraft is an educational video game because it allows players to be creative and explore.

It does not impose a rigid structure.

Additionally, there is Minecraft’s educational edition.

This is an edition that has been designed to help students and educators become creative.

It is a platform for learning based on the famous video game.

Also, it is an educational video game because it involves problem-solving, critical thinking, and system thinking.

You can learn how things can work together.

In addition, since Minecraft focuses on building, geometry concepts are applied.

It strengthens the player’s creativity, logic skills, and collaboration.

Minecraft complements writing, reading, math, and history learning.

Some skills children can gain through playing Minecraft include:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Be creative
  • Self-direction
  • Collaboration
  • Reading and writing
  • Business principles

How many Minecraft Editions are there?

There are Several Minecraft Editions

Because of its popularity, Minecraft has different editions.

However, most Minecraft editions are in the same family.

Below are the main Minecraft editions.

*Minecraft: Java edition – This is the original edition that runs on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu.

The good news is that all updates and innovations first appear in the Java edition before moving to mobile platforms and consoles.

However, with Java edition, there is no cross-play with other versions and platforms.

*Minecraft: Bedrock Edition – This edition is available on various platforms that include all mobile platforms, Xbox One, PlayStation, Nintendo, Windows 10, and others.

Bedrock edition has become popular because of the availability of cross-play between all platforms in the family.

But there is no cross-play with the Java edition.

*Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition – The legacy console edition includes versions no longer updated.

It is available on various platforms that include PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and others.

*Minecraft: Educational Edition – This is an edition that was created for classroom use.

It has special features that make the game easy to use in school.

All the above Minecraft editions have advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking for the best version for Windows 10, Java Edition is a good option.

What are the Minecraft Modes?

Minecraft has 3 modes of gameplay, namely Adventure, Creative, and Survival.

All modes have 4 levels of difficulty – Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Adventure and the survival modes are similar and are designed for a player to play on downloadable maps.

The creative mode is the common one for young and novice players.

It provides full access to all game resources.

Is Minecraft a Free-to-Play Video Game?

Minecraft is not Free to Play

Minecraft is not free to play.

You will need to purchase computer, console, and mobile versions to play.

Additionally, Minecraft has in-game purchases for some accessories such as skins, textures, and worlds created by other gamers.

The in-purchases are essential as they help to personalize your world.

However, if you would like to know whether Minecraft is a good video game for your kid, it is possible to download a free Minecraft trial version.

The free trial version gives you 5 gaming sessions.

What Platforms run Minecraft?

Even though there are different Minecraft editions regarding platforms, all are the same.

Below, I summarize the platforms Minecraft is available on.

Computer Version (Windows 10) – People can play on Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The computer version is a user-friendly game, and it’s the most updated version.

Mobile Version – You can also play Minecraft on various mobile platforms that include Android, Fire OS, iOS, Windows 10, and Windows Phone 8.1.

This is the most affordable version and an excellent choice for immediate gaming.

Console Version – Since mobile and computer gaming is not for all, there is the console version.

It is available on various consoles that include PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One.

Of all the versions, the console version has many positives.

Thus, if you are planning to play Minecraft, you need to choose a version that you are comfortable with.

But ensure you understand all the versions before you purchase one.

The console version and the computer version are the most updated versions.

Which Minecraft Version Should I Buy?

Which Minecraft Version is Best for Me

With over 100 million copies sold for various platforms, Minecraft has become an extraordinary video game.

However, the price differs depending on the platform you use and where you buy it.

For instance, if you want to buy Minecraft for PC from the official Minecraft website, you may pay $27 or more.

There are also gift cards on the website.

But if you want to download Minecraft on your console, you will pay around $20 to $30, or even more.

For the pocket edition, the cost is around $7 to $10 for the Minecraft app game.

But it is important to learn more about all Minecraft editions and versions before you make a purchase.

Even though it all depends on the gaming device used most of the time, knowing more about other versions is essential.

For instance, if you are always busy and looking for one to play on your mobile device, the pocket edition is a superb choice.

Below are some Minecraft versions you can consider:

Minecraft PC Edition

We know Minecraft PC version as the Java Edition.

It is a grand version for people who prefer PC gaming.

The Minecraft PC version has a large community.

One reason the Minecraft PC version is more popular than other versions is because it is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Additionally, you can access pre-release snapshots, and there are several skins, textures, and resources.

However, it might overwhelm new players, and there is no parental control.

Minecraft for Windows – Microsoft Version

Though the original Java edition was not to be converted, the Microsoft version has smoother gameplay and graphics.

In addition, it has better performance, controller and touchscreen support, easier parental control, interacts with the pocket edition, and much more.

But the Microsoft version cannot connect to third-party servers, multi-player is invite-only and only available for Windows.

You can find the Microsoft version on Windows Store.

Minecraft Pocket Edition – Mobile version

Minecraft can be Played Mobile

One of the most preferred versions is the Minecraft Mobile version.

It is available to all mobile platforms that include iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

This version has advantages that include touchscreen support, Xbox live log-in, Minecraft realms, and easier parental control.

However, the version is only available on mobile platforms, cannot connect to third-party servers, and multi-player is invite-only.

You can find it on Google Play, Amazon App Store, Apple Store, and Windows App store.

The price for the mobile version might be different in various stores.

Minecraft Console Edition

The console edition has many fans.

This is because it is available in almost all consoles including PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

You can get it by disc or digitally.

The version supports the game system via game pads, controllers, digital e-stores, and gaming network sign-ins.

Minecraft console edition has several pros that include Bluetooth controller support, console exclusive, official DLC/resources, and much more.

But it has smaller worlds, cannot connect to third-party multi-player, is limited to a particular console, and also multi-player is through invite-only.

Choosing the Right Version to Buy

If you are planning to buy Minecraft, you need to decide the best version for you and the platforms you normally use.

All the above versions have advantages and some disadvantages.

For example, the PC version which is a favorite to many people and the first to be released offers the game in its latest form.

Consoles are the last ones to get the latest updates.

This is because there are approvals needed from the companies such as Microsoft and Sony.

Also, the pocket edition does not have some features available in PC and console versions.

Therefore, you need to go through each edition to ensure you pick the best one.

What are Minecraft Skins?

Ice, Fire Mage Minecraft Skin
Ice, Fire Mage Minecraft Skin
Image Source: Minecraftskins

A Minecraft skin is an image that changes how your gaming character looks.

It is simply changing your character to look like someone else.

Among the most popular mods available for players to use are Minecraft skins.

This is because some are available for free and it is possible to download the skin of your choice.

With a Minecraft skin, you can easily transform your character into something different.

For instance, you can transform to look like a superhero, a music artist, or a famous actor.

But you need to understand that skin refers to 2 types of mods.

There are world skins and character skins.

Minecraft Skins add Flavor to the Game

World skins allow you to change the appearance of the world around you, while character skins allow you to change your player appearance.

The good news with Minecraft skins is that there are no fixed categories.

People create their favorite personalities or characters and share them online.

Characters differ from superheroes to movie stars and monsters to famous people in the world.

But they are available in a set.

For example, designers of superman skin have also created characters from the Superman franchise.

Some top Minecraft skins you can consider include Superhero skins such as Hulk, ironman, and Thor and famous people skins such as Stan Lee, Lionel Messi, and many others.

Are Minecraft Skins Free?

Froglet Minecraft Skin
Image Source: Minecraftskins
Froglet Minecraft Skin

If you want to change your appearance, there are free and purchasable skin packs.

However, most of them are available for free.

On consoles such as Xbox One, Wii U, and PlayStation, they may require you to pay $1 to $2 to download Minecraft skins.

But they occasionally offer them for free.

Skin packs for the pocket edition on the mobile platforms go for $2 each. Also, there are many available for free.

Is there a Minecraft Marketplace Store?

There is a Minecraft marketplace store where gamers can purchase various items such as skins, worlds, and textures.

The Minecraft marketplace store is available in all versions but accessible through a separate section of the application.

They have designed the store as a safe way of distributing expansions across devices.

It also serves as a cross-platform to benefit both gamers and creators.

Minecraft marketplace store is a one-stop-shop for all Minecraft contents.

It provides access to things such as skins, texture packs, world mashup packs, and much more.

The good news is that all content is tested and verified.

You can purchase content at the Minecraft marketplace store via Minecraft coins.

This is a digital coin that you can get with actual money.

We can use all content purchased in both single-player mode and multi-player.

Where is the Official Minecraft Website?

Minecraft Official Site-Welcome Page
Image Source: Minecraft

The official Minecraft website is www.minecraft.net.

On this genuine website, gamers may sign-up, play the game, and buy the game.

The official site has several pages.

Fortunately, there is a menu at the top of the page to help you move to various pages across the website.

Some pages at the site include Home, Community, Games, Merch, and much more.

The website also has all the information and news about Minecraft.

You can explore to learn more about the game, get the latest news about Minecraft, or visit the Minecraft marketplace store.

In addition, there is the community page.

Is Minecraft on Social Media?

Even though Minecraft is a social media site, you also have access to their social media pages.

You can visit the Minecraft Facebook page, Minecraft Instagram page, Minecraft LinkedIn page, Minecraft Twitter page, and Minecraft YouTube channel.

One of the most followed Minecraft social media pages is the Facebook platform.

The Minecraft Facebook page has more than 11 million followers.

This is because they post important content on their Facebook page.

In addition, you can comment on the updates, or pictures shared on their social media pages.

Also, if you have a problem concerning Minecraft, you can send a direct message through social media channels.

They hacked my Minecraft Account, what should I do?

Minecraft Support Website is here to Help

Many people normally believe someone has hacked their Minecraft accounts when they notice something is not normal.

But in most cases, a login problem causes the irregularity.

The first thing you need to do if you think they have hacked your Minecraft account is to change the password.

Once you change your password, try to log-in.

If you are using the old Minecraft account where you use username instead of the email, change to Mojang account.

The Mojang account allows you to use an email address instead of a username.

If you cannot change your password or you cannot get a reset email within a few minutes, the next step is to contact Minecraft customer support.

Keep in mind there are different accounts associated with Minecraft.

Minecraft account was the first and only way people could log-in to Minecraft on a PC.

Later, they introduced Mojang accounts.

This is a single account where you can use across all Mojang games.

Does Minecraft have a Support Website?

If you are having issues with your Minecraft account or when playing Minecraft, the best place to seek help is Minecraft support.

This is a page within the official Minecraft website where you can seek help on anything about Minecraft.

The support page has all the information you need about Minecraft.

There are current topics, helpful links, troubleshooting steps, and much more.

The page is well arranged and user-friendly to ensure gamers get help as soon as possible.

The information is sub-divided into sub-sections to help you fix problems faster.

Apart from the Minecraft support page, you can get help on Minecraft’s social media pages.

You can post a comment or send a message to the help team.


We hope this Minecraft buying guide helps you find the best game version for your needs.

Remember to keep your account information safe by using strong passwords and valid emails.

The best way to play Minecraft is to go out and explore the world.

Collect all kinds of resources and begin crafting powerful items that will help you throughout your journey.

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