How to Get Magical Minecraft Items as a Beginner

To get magical Minecraft items early in the game, you need to prepare for battle.

I recently got an enchanted helmet with fire protection fighting a fire zombie in Minecraft.

The thing is, I’m only a level 3 and didn’t have any armor pieces at all.

When I got the fire helmet I was like WOW, give me more!

So I decide to write a guide to help newbies gear up and get magical Minecraft items as a beginner.

However, don’t think it’s a straightforward task.

You need to be prepared before going out at night to fight monsters.

How to Get Magical Minecraft Items as a Beginner

How to get Minecraft Magical Items

I think the hardest part of playing Minecraft is starting from scratch with no gear.

Don’t even think about fighting monsters yet until you build your first cheap Minecraft house.

First, look for a suitable spot to hideout before it gets too dark.

Here are a few delightful spots to build your very first house:

  • Near a Village
  • Near the Ocean
  • By a Small Pond
  • Top of a Flat Surface
Build a house near the ocean2
Build a home near the ocean.

In my recent Minecraft gameplay, I started a new world and landed near a village.

The cool thing about being near a village is that the village is well lit during the night.

Creepers and other monsters will stay away from places with lots of torches.

Also, if you die during the night, you will spawn near the village or inside the village, staying safe.

Another place to build your Minecraft home is near the ocean where you can fish or travel on a boat.

Living near the ocean gives the player many advantages like going fishing for food, traveling to other parts of the map and more.

Creating a house near a small pond helps you grow crops when you farm.

Of course, you will need seeds to grow crops, but you will have your farm close and don’t have to travel far.

If you have no other choice, find a good flat surface on top of a hill so you can start digging down into the ground.

The purpose of building a home on a high ground is so that you can easily find it when you travel far away.

Find Housing Materials

A house that I can see from far away2
A house that I can see from far far away.

A Minecraft zombie once said “I will huff and puff and blow your house down.”

If you don’t want zombies breaking or appearing in your house, you need to build it the right way.

Begin by punching trees so you can collect wood and make wood planks.

Try punching 5 to 10 trees before it gets dark and then run back to your hideout.

Dig a hole straight into the ground and make a small cave underground.

If it gets dark soon, spend the night inside until day time.

Leave a block open on top so you can see when it changes to day time.

Open your inventory while you wait and make about 8 wooden planks.

Also, create a Minecraft pickaxe, axe, shovel and sword.

Upgrade your Equipment

Build a cobblestone sword for fighting monsters2
Build a cobblestone sword for fighting monsters.

As soon as the sun rises, go out and find more trees to chop down.

The axe will help you chop down trees faster and you can get more wood.

Next, get around 5 to 10 trees and run back to your home and build a crafting table.

Now that you have a crafting table, build a door for your house, this will keep monsters out.

Place the door in front of the entrance to your house facing towards your house.

Don’t place the door looking from inside your house because skeleton archers can shoot through.

The next step is to create a furnace with cobblestones; furnaces are great to cook food and melt metals.

Now for the fun part, grab your pickaxe and look for a place to mine.

This could be anywhere you see a hole or an entrance to a cave or dungeon.

If you don’t see any holes, start digging one away from your house.

Begin digging down until you find some cobblestone to build your furnace.

Light Up your New Home

Light up your house to see it at night2
Light up your house to see it at night.

Now, go to your cave and build a furnace using the cobblestone you gathered.

Right-Click and open your furnace and add wood and wooden planks to build coal.

Build a few pieces of coal until you have enough to build around 15 torches.

Place these torches inside and outside your home so you can easily see your house from far away at night.

Torches will also keep monsters away from your house, making it safe to go out at night and fight monsters.

Go out again and chop down some more trees until you have around 5 in your inventory.

Inside your house, open the crafting table and build some sticks and try to create a cobblestone sword.

Fight Monsters

Fight Evil Zombies to gain Minecraft magical items2.
Fight Evil Zombies to gain Minecraft magical items.

Now you are ready to fight monsters during the night; however, if you see a sheep, kill it for wool.

Wool is good for crafting a bed where you can rest for the night and if you die, you will re spawn in your house.

As a Minecraft beginner, when you go out at night, stay near your house where there’s light.

Don’t chase monsters into the darkness because they can gang up on you and kill you easily.

To get enchanted armor and items, you need to kill a variety of monsters that appear at night.

For example, the zombie I killed looked like he was wearing an enchanted armor set.

If you see that they have a glowing look, they may wear enchanted armor.

As you continue to fight stronger enemies, you will get more powerful gear.

Continue mining to find rare materials for crafting and upgrade your equipment for better protection.

In Conclusion of How to Get Magical Minecraft Items as a Beginner

To get magical Minecraft items as a beginner you need to plan.

You cannot get magical armor without having weapons to defend yourself.

Note, you can fight monsters early in the game with a simple wooden sword.

Build a house, craft your weapons and tools to fight zombies for magical items.

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