Level up Fast in Guild Wars 2 with this Fast Leveling Guide

If you don’t want to spend too much time playing a low level character, learn how to level up fast in Guild Wars 2.

I remember when I started playing GW2 a few years back; I wanted to take my time and enjoy the game.

The game has beautiful vistas to explore and colorful areas to discover.

However, sometimes questing becomes a grind, and gamers wished they could level up fast.

Before you read this Guild Wars 2 leveling guide, there are tons of events to do inside the game that will help you gain experience (XP) naturally.

What is the Guild Wars 2 max level?

The max level for GW2 characters is 80, but they will continue to gain experience after level 80.

However, the experience gained after level eighty is used to train mastery points.

For example, you may see a level 160 character completing quests and earning experience.

Some players say that reaching the level cap of 80 in GW2 is where the fun begins.

I don’t agree because starting from level one, there are many fun things to do and cool vistas to explore.

How to Level Up Fast in Guild Wars 2

The recipe to level up fast in GW2 is speed, strength, armor and groups.

Buying with Real Money

This is my inventory bag that has most of the GW2 XP boosters.
This is my inventory bag that has most of the GW2 XP boosters.

The easiest way to level up in GW2 is to buy experience boosters, heroic boosters, metabolic primers, utility primers and the world boss portal device.

Experience Boosters-These are the keys to victory when leveling up fast in the game.

Created with one purpose in mind, XP boosters will level up your character super fast.

Heroic Boosters-Two in one heroic boosters are a combination of two booster types: experience and item boosters.

Item boosters can help you with crafting experience, gathering crafting materials and finding magical items.

I didn’t add item boosters to the list because they are more for making money.

If you want to make more money in GW2, read the following article: 7 Ways to Make Money in Guild Wars 2.

Metabolic Primers-MP’s are powerful potions that work with food effects.

The primer is active for twelve hours and any food you consume will last for 12 hours.

This means that if you eat an apple pie (delicious) at level 10, you will have 10% experience gain for 12 hours.

Utility Primers– UP’s work the same way as the Metabolic primer.

For example, if you use a rough sharpening stone while the Utility primer is active, you gain 10% experience gained from kills.

World Boss Portal Device-This is a super handy device to have while you are travelling around the game world.

World bosses are group events that reward players with massive experience.

The world boss portal device gives you information when a world boss event will happen.

Once the event has started, the device acts like a portal and teleports you to the action.

Special Character Boosters

Experience scrolls, armor boosters, strength boosters, celebration and birthday boosters.

Experience Scrolls

In GW2, you may receive an experience scroll as a special bonus or event.

These scrolls are rare, and they can boost your character from level 1 to level 30.

Armor Boosters

These boosters help protect your character by adding a percentage of armor bonus to your stats.

Armor bonus is important for users that like to play magical professions like the elementalist.

Strength Boosters

If you play a warrior profession, use strength boosters to level up fast in GW2.

The faster you can kill your opponent, the faster you gain experience.

Celebration Boosters

Exploring the Guild Wars 2 world grants you experience.
Exploring the Guild Wars 2 world grants you experience.

If you want to celebrate in GW2, use a celebration booster to level up fast in many events.

Yes, this booster allows players to have a high chance of finding magic items, and get more gold.

Birthday Boosters

These are the most rare boosters, and gamers get them on their character’s birthday.

They have similar stats as the celebration booster ten percent of bonus for participating in PVP.

Food Effects

Yummy, food grants ten percent experience from kills and they also have additional stats like Power and Precision.

But if you are looking for a trick or treat, eat some Halloween food for a fifteen percent experience boost.

Metabolic Primers

Waiting to enter a PVP match.
Waiting to enter a PVP match.

They use primarily metabolic primers with food effects to make their bonus last longer.

For example, if you use a metabolic primer, whatever food you consume will last for twelve hours.

Utility Effects

Similar to food effects, utilities provide characters with ten percent experience from kills.

The most important thing to know is that only one food and utility effect can be active at a time.

Utility Primers

These primers work with utility effects and help your utility stats last for twelve hours.

So if you have a metabolic and utility primer active, the combination of the food and utility effects will last for twelve hours with 10+10=20% twenty percent experience from kills.


Additional ways to level up fast in Guild Wars 2 is to join groups of adventurers throughout Tyria.

As the saying goes “The strenght is in the numbers, go alone and you will be weak as a kitten.”

You can find many groups through your event finder system in the game.

Sometimes people create large groups called “raids” to help new players level up fast in the game.

Dynamic Events

While questing, you might encounter a dynamic quest that triggers on its own.

These events can pop up anywhere giving players an extra challenge.

They have their own objectives and once you complete them you gain experience.

Personal Story

Personal stories are similar to regular quests but they are custom made for you.

These stories have lots of quests that give excellent experience and items.


This was a PvP match where I'm earning experience fighting other players.
This was a PvP match where I’m earning experience fighting other players.

Player vs player mode allows gamers to challenge each other in a team death match.

Depending on your performance and final score, users get items and experience at the end of the match.

In PvP, players can get tomes of knowledge that grant one level of experience to your character.


World vs World is a place where you fight other players PVP style from other GW2 servers.

These are massive battles with over fifty players fighting at once.

Once you travel there, the game upgrades your character to level 80.

However, you still gain experience by completing quests, gathering crafting materials and participating in events.

If you have a very low level character, like under level 40, I don’t recommend doing WvW.

The problem is that your gear does not level up, and that means your small axe is not going to harm a higher level player.

For low level players, I recommend going into The Mists to gain super fast experience.

In the Mists

The Mists is the place to be for all new players that want to gain experience fast in GW2.

This is one of my favorite places to go when I have a low character I want to level up quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you are a level five character, join the Mists right now to get fast XP.

The Mists is a great place to learn how WvW works, and you will earn lots of gold and items.

The easiest way to join the fun is to open the map while in the Mists and look for a group of people.

Once you’re in a group, follow them around the map beating up bosses and taking loot.

If you see enemy players coming your way, stay with your group, specially if you are a new player.


Believe it or not, you can gain experience crafting alone without doing anything else.

However, it would take you ages to level up if you don’t do anything else.

Add a crafting job to your characater to help speed the leveling process.

When you’re out gathering raw materials for your crafting recipes, you gain experience as well.

Become a Chef

Becoming a chef is an excellent idea to gain experience fast for your new character.

Chefs create all types of foods that contain experience boosts and have additional effects.

By combining a metabolic primer with a food effect, you will have a ten percent experience gain for 12 hours.

Fight World Bosses

A GW2 World Boss fight.
A GW2 World Boss fight.

I recently bought a handy World Boss Detector from the Guild Wars 2 gem store that notifies me when a world boss is about to appear in the game.

The reason I got it was because, number one, boss battles are challenging and they give high amounts of experience.

If you’re lucky to find a world boss challenge, do it often because it will help you gain experience fast.

Create a Ranger

If you’re a newbie, and you want to reach a level 80 character fast in GW2, you need to create a ranger profession.

Rangers have abilities that can boost their traveling speeds; Therefore, helping them reach monsters faster.

Also, rangers have pets with abilities that stack with your character’s abilities to protect you from harm.

If you get into a tough fight, your pet can take damage while you heal and recover.


Dungeons are a fun way to level up, specially if you have a group of experienced players.

To gain the advantage in dungeons, group up with higher level characters.

For example, when you start a dungeon quest, look at the level requirements.

If most of your team is low level, there is a possibility that your team will get killed several times.

This will slow your leveling process, and you may have to leave the group.

Kill Higher Level Enemies

Fighting Enemies helps with Leveling up Fast.

If you want to go on a suicide mission, go fight enemies a few levels above your character.

This is the most common way to gain experience, but also more challenging.

For example, if you are level 10, go fights monsters are between levels 11-15.

Depending on how you build your character, or the buffs you have active, it’s a solid strategy.

Fight Veteran Enemies

Veteran enemies are like mini-bosses, they have a special portrait above their heads and they are everywhere.

These guys are powerful, and sometimes you will need a group of players to take them down.

However, if you are like five levels higher, you can usually kill them by yourself.

No matter what, be prepared because things can get a little crazy if other enemies are nearby.

Writ of Experience and Tomes of Knowledge

Writ of experience are small experience boosters that grant players five percent experience.

If you collect enough of them, you can trade them for a tome of knowledge.

We gain tome of knowledge through questing, PvP, or events throughout the game world.

Each tome of knowledge grants players one full level of experience.

Reviving other Players or NPC’s

If you become a healer, GW2 rewards players by earning experience.

Heal others throughout the world often and you will level up fast.

Exploring new Areas

Become an explorer and discover hidden treasure while gaining experience.

Every time players discover a new area, it awards them with experience.


I hope you enjoyed this Guild Wars 2 level up guide because I had fun creating it.

If you need a GW2 game manual, read the following post: The Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide.

In additional to all the XP boosters that I mentioned, there are many more not included in this article.

Just know that you can get items that help your character gain experience fast and free inside the game.

I have to admit; I learned quite a lot while doing research for this article.

Now I can’t wait to start my new character and level up fast in Guild Wars 2.

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