Leeroy Jenkins from World of Warcraft: An Epic Tale

Leeroy Jenkins from World of Warcraft is a hero to many gaming fans.

His bravery reminds us of the three stooges, Larry, Curly and Moe.

The stooges are famous for screwing things up and somehow finding an epic way to make things right.

However, other hard-core gamers believe that Leeroy Jenkins is nothing but a careless character.

A game character that shouldn’t play in groups, dungeons and especially in raids.

Leeroy Jenkins from World of Warcraft is Born

In 2005, a World of Warcraft player named “Ben Schulz” created a game character named Leeroy Jenkins.

Leeroy and his team were creating a master plan on how to beat a raid in W.O.W.

A game RAID is like playing in a dungeon except larger.

W.O.W. raids are player versus environment and can have up to twenty-five players at once.

Raids are more difficult than dungeons; Therefore, it requires careful planning and teamwork.

Leeroy Jenkins and his unstoppable raid team strategized a plan that required killing a boss monster.

The boss monster was a super tough game character to beat, but if defeated, it would drop a special loot item.

Leeroy was daydreaming of defeating this monster because once dead, it would drop a piece of high quality armor.

The perfect time to eat chicken

While Leeroy’s friends were discussing battle plans, the plan made him hungry.

He went A.F.K. away from the keyboard to cook some fried chicken.

In World of Warcraft, when a character does not perform an action like moving the game displays an icon that says A.F.K.

Gamers know that if a character is A.F.K, the player is not actively playing in the game.

While preparing his chicken, Leeroy was creating a plan of his own to take down the monster.

His plan of victory was to defeat his biggest adversary and take home a trophy.

Suddenly, he snapped back into reality and checked his watch; he was running late.

The aroma from the chicken and his adrenaline to charge into battle drove him into a frenzy.

Leeroy Jenkins prepares for war

Leeroy Jenkins is back and prepared with chicken in hand to enter the battlefield.

Without hesitation, he charged forward into the war zone and shouted his name as a battle-cry “Leeeeeeeerrrrrrrrooooyy Jeeeeeennnkkkinnnssss”.

However, something was wrong, he looked around and didn’t see his teammates.

Leeroy turns around and sees his team in the rear trying to catch up.

Suddenly, monster’s attack from every corner, they corner Leeroy.

The only way to escape was to rush back to his friend’s location.

Leeroy didn’t know that he had angered half the monsters in the raid and they were all behind him.

So as he approached his team, monsters took no pity on Leeroy and his friends.

Raid monsters went to town on Leeroy’s friends and ripped them to shreds.

The raid monsters left Leeroy for last and feasted on Leeroy and his chicken.

They found the rogue character with two daggers in the chest with his arm missing.

A priest character appeared buried in a nearby cemetery.

They found the warrior player with his guts lying on the floor.

Characters like Paladins and Hunters were missing limbs.

They beheaded mages and Warlocks and kept their skulls as trophies. 

The legend says that the World of Warcraft monsters had food for a whole month.

Revenge of Leeroy Jenkins

After being defeated in a shameful way, Leeroy and his team decided it was time to strike back.

They had to come up with a better strategy than before to take down the monsters.

Leeroy created a small map of the location of each monster group.

This plan gave the team bird’s-eye-view of the path they had to travel.

The day arrived, Leeroy and his team were ready with updated raid gear.

They started their assault on one side of the map concentrating on killing small groups of monsters.

Leeroy was using his famous chicken as bait to lure each creature like a death trap.

Their raid strategy was working flawless until Leeroy slipped on a banana peel and attracted two groups of monsters.

Leeroy’s plans gone wrong

The raid team started sweating when they saw creatures pounding Leeroy and laughing at the same time.

Quickly, the team priest healed a few team members and others drank health potions.

It was a close call, but they were back on their feet and Leeroy Jenkins was hungry for more chicken.

After forty five minutes of blood and sweat, they arrived to the final boss’s lair.

Leeroy and the elite monster exchanged eye-balls and there was a small silence for a few seconds.

The monster looked directly into Leeroy’s and said, “Your Chicken is Mine”.

They both lifted their weapons and yelled “attaaaack”.

A World of Warcraft epic raid battle

The floor trembled as the group collided with the monster.

Leeroy and the creature exchanged blows for minutes that felt like hours.

The raid group was getting hammered, the priest was flying in the air and healing was interrupted.

Warriors got their heads stomped and hunters’s pets were fleeing from battle.

It looked like Leeroy’s team was no match for a seasoned monster with experience in defeating raid groups.

All of a sudden, Leeroy’s dad appeared in the mist of battle like a foggy figure.

He said, “Son, do you remember the first time I cooked you a chicken leg?” 

Yes dad, but what are you doing in World of Warcraft, you supposed to be dead?

Listen boy, no time for nonsense; The force is strong inside of you.

Use the power of chicken to defeat the big, bad guy; then, his dad disappeared into the mist.

Dad’s old-fashioned chicken recipe


Dazed and confused, Leeroy started thinking while the monster was pounding on his head.

My dad cooked two types of chicken, a tasty one for me and a poisoned one for the alley cats that were making noise outside.

He dabbed the chicken with poison and killed all the neighbor cats which almost got him thrown in jail.

Leeroy said, “brilliant plan, thanks dad”, he grabbed his last savory chicken wing and added half a bottle of poison.

He yelled at the monster, “you will not have this chicken!”

Angrily, the monster snatched the chicken wing from Leeroy’s hand and swallowed the whole thing.

As Leeroy chuckled, the monster said “you are next!”

The monster tried to hit Leeroy but his stomach felt like a thousand needles.

The monster fell to his knees and Leeroy raised his two-handed sword.

With pride and joy, he yelled one last battle-cry “Leeeeeerrrrrrroooooooyyyy Jeeeennnnnkkkinnnnsss”!

He cut off the creature’s head and mounted it in the local bar in Stormwind.

The End..or is it?

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