Is System Requirements Lab Safe to Use on my PC?

Yes, System Requirements Lab is safe to run on your Windows computer. uses a browser-based program to check your PCs’s hardware and software.

To learn more about this amazing website, check out our System Requirements Lab beginners guide.

Once you’re done running the program, erase your browser’s history to remove it from your computer.

You bought Red Dead Redemption 2 for the PC and installed it on Grandpa’s old computer.

The popcorn and soda is ready, and you hit the play button.

All you see is a blue screen with a red skull that says Upgrade your PC Boy!

You get angry and slam the keyboard; The soda spills on the PC and causes a short circuit.

Grandpa gets angry and punishes you for a month of no gaming.

Old Fashion Research

Users can do a study to determine whether the video game they want to purchase can run on their computer.

But this is a long method that can take several hours to get an answer.

The other method is seeking help from various sites.

Luckily, there are many sites that offer those services.

But if you are a new gamer, picking the best site to run a game can be hard.

This is because there are some sites that are not trustworthy.

One of the most used and recommended sites by many gamers is

Is System Requirements Lab safe?

Today, before you use any website, it is important to confirm whether it is safe.

You do not want to use a site that can steal or read your personal data.

According to several internet users, especially gamers, most of the websites are scams and cannot be trusted.

However, the System Requirements Lab is safe for anyone.

Based on several users, you do not have to be concerned about your personal data being read or stolen.

Although most people do not trust the automated checks, System Requirements Lab is a site that can be trusted.

There are no major complaints about the website, so it is safe to use.

The other question most people ask is whether System Requirements Lab results are accurate.

Unfortunately, several users complain that the site does not give accurate results.

There are several times that the site shows a specific game cannot be run on a particular machine, but when you get the game, it plays smoothly.

Before knowing about System Requirements Lab, I was playing the Witcher 3 video game.

The game ran smooth on my old gaming PC, but System Labs recommended an upgrade.

How does System Requirements Lab work?

System Requirements Lab is a simple site anyone can use.

You do not need skills or a guide to use it; With a few simple steps, you can tell whether your computer can run a specific video game or not.

Here are the steps on how to use System Requirements Lab.

1. Visit the site–the first step is visiting the website.

Step 1 Find the Site

You will find the site by searching System Requirements Lab on Google.

Some people also use “Can I Run-It” when looking for the website on search engines.

2. Enter the video game you want to run–the next step is to enter the game you want to play.

Step 2 Press Blue Button

Happily, on the homepage of the site, there is a small box to key-in the title of the video game.

At the bottom of the box, there is a button to click, titled “Can You Run It.”

Once you click the button, the process will start.

In case you do not know the title of the video game you want to check, the site will offer auto-suggestions.

For instance, if you want to check whether Call of Duty Modern Warfare can run on your gaming PC but you do not know the exact title of the game, the site will offer several auto-suggestions.

Once you have selected the title of the video game, you can click the button to check.

3. Download and run the detector–the next simple step is downloading and running the detector.

System requirements lab is safe, click to run detection

However, many people do not trust this step.

Some people think when they download and run the detector, they can read or steal their personal data.

Fortunately, the site is safe and reliable; The detector scans the PC to get its specs.

Hence, you need to run it so it can start downloading.

Step 4 Hardware Detection

The software is browser-based and can easily be deleted.

Therefore, it does not take a lot of time or space. Once it is through, it will show whether your computer can run the game.

4. Knowing the results–the last step is knowing whether your gaming computer can run the video game or not.

Is system requirements lab safe? Final Results

Once the program has finished scanning, it will give the results.

The interesting thing about the program is that it offers details about the requirements.

It clearly shows why your computer can or cannot run the video game.

If the PC is low on the requirements of that game, it will provide upgrade suggestions.

In addition, it will give you some links to help you upgrade your machine and be able to run the game.

That’s all you need to do to know whether a particular video game can run on your gaming PC or not.

You need not register to log-in, or to subscribe to the program to scan your computer.

What is the System Requirements Lab?

They also refer System Requirements Lab as “Can-You-Run-it.”

It is an amazing website that helps gamers check their computer hardware and software specs.

The site can help you check whether the video game you want to buy or download can run on your computer.

Therefore, with this site, it is possible to know if a specific video game can work on your gaming PC.

It checks your computer specifications and matches them with the video game requirements.

System Requirements Lab is one of the most visited sites by video game players today.

This is because no one would like to download or purchase a video game only to find out later it cannot run.

It is a waste of time and money.

But with a website such as Can-You-Run-it, it is possible to check before using your money.

Happily, using the system is fast and free.

You need not log in, register, or subscribe to the site to use it.

Who uses System Requirements Lab?

Who uses Can You Run it?

System Requirements Lab is a website made for gamers.

It is specifically designed to help gamers check whether particular video games can run on their gaming PCs.

Hence, if you normally play video games on your PC, this is a website for you.

Keep in mind that you cannot remember your computer specs all the time.

Hence, before you download or buy a video game, it is wise to check whether your machine meets hardware requirements.

Also, if you would like to upgrade your computer to play a particular game, this website can help.

Besides, if your computer is short on that video game’s requirements, it offers suggestions. 

It offers several links to help you upgrade your gaming PC. This will ensure you accomplish the requirements and run the game on your computer.

When should I use System Requirements Lab?

  Many people do not know when they should use

Is it before downloading a video game before buying a game or before playing a video game?

If you would like to use, the best time to use it is before purchasing or downloading a video game.

Remember, it is important to check whether your favorite video game can run on your machine before gaining it.

Hence, you need to use the site before buying the game.

Also, if you want to upgrade your computer to play a specific game, the site can help.

This is because the site always offers upgrade suggestions.

Whether it is a simple upgrade or a complex upgrade, the website will show you what you need to do.

Why should I use System Requirements Lab?

Why Use Can My PC Run it?

There are several reasons you need to use

Downloading or buying a video game needs time and money.

And it can be so annoying to get a video game only to find it cannot run on your machine.

But with, you can save time and money.

The website can check whether the game can play on your PC before you get it.

The other reason you need to use System Requirements Lab is that video games do not run the same.

Knowing all the requirements for all games can be a challenge to many people.

Hence, the website can help; The site will give you a detailed answer on whether your computer can run the game.

Also, for upgrades, you will know what to do.

What else can I do on the System Requirements Lab website?

Apart from checking if your gaming PC can run various video games, there are other things that the site provides.

The site also provides a list of the most popular video games you can play on your computer for free.

Hence, you can check their list for the most popular games your computer can run.

The other thing you can do on the System Requirements Lab website is comparing your computer process with others.

Ranking your PC processor can easily tell whether you need an upgrade.

Besides, you will know the best processor for various video games.


System Requirements Lab is safe for Windows computers, but I haven’t tried it with a MAC.

I recommend deleting the browser history file once you’re done running the program.

Finally, the cool thing about this website is that you can check what games are popular at the moment.

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