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A Zombie Monster

Zombies in Digital Games - The Glossary

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What are Zombies?

A Zombie is basically a fictional undead being created by the reanimation of a human corpse. The idea of zombies is believed to have come from Haiti Folklore where they were believed to be created by magic. With the evolution of the human race, zombies are now believed to be using science fictional methods such as carriers, radiation, vectors, viruses and scientific accidents

Zombies have become quite a topic for books and movies since the 19th century. One of the first books was (The Magic Island, 1929) which talked about how zombies were made through voodoo. As the years went by, the idea became better and more fictional depicting zombies as brainless brain eating undead creatures.

There are even ideas of zombie apocalypses in movies like world war Z and Return of the living dead. In I zombie, zombies live in the normal world and almost no one knows! Now, zombies are just a form of pop culture.


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