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Call of Duty Ghosts Game Review - Rapid Critique

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The Call of Duty Ghosts Game Review

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The Call of Duty: Ghosts game is the most significant evidence in years of a license going on over the motions. (C.O.D) Ghosts depict the capability to completely customize the appearance of your multiplayer avatar, allowing players to choose from dozens of head models as well as uniform options.

Moreover, the game also presents the capability to play in the form of a female character which is considered to be the first time in the franchise. However, such customization based options own zero impact on its game-play.

As an alternative, the game depends on a revised version of Black Ops 2's Pick 10 create-a-class system. Through Pick 10, in this game, players are capable of spending maximum 10 points. Moreover, every aspect is allotted to a gun, attachment or even bonuses.

Pick 10 was extremely easy to understand. However, it too allowed for an extraordinary extent of customization. It got replaced by a needlessly complicated Perk Points system, in which several perks provided some values.


Familiar Game-play with a Twist

For instance, when you play it, you are allowed to choose five perks of worth one point given each or you can choose one perk of worth five points each. Besides, you can even earn additional points by leaving secondary weapons or bombs behind.

After its use, the Call of Duty Ghosts game is a functional system; however, the game is mainly a step down from the ease of Pick 10. The aspect made the formation of characters more pleasant.

Within the game, the massive majority of kill stripes have drifted to the ground. UAVs are presently Sat-Coms which are far more effective when they are positioned in different locations.

Gamers can even earn an attack dog for protecting them at a nearby range. In the two of these cases, these kill stripes can be canceled by regular weapons fire. Kill stripes do not require any specialized equipment such as ground-to-air launcher.


Good Aspects of the Game

The Call of Duty Ghosts game comes with many useful aspects. Firstly, it depicts unusual sights of mass-destruction. Next, it appears fantastic on PC. Moreover, it also comes with specific recommended latest multiplayer features. The game creates more positive offerings to the series through a move to ground-based killstreaks.


Bad Aspects of the Game

Though the game is fun to play, it comes with certain downfalls. The game's single-player senses like Modern Warfare 4. The character customization of the game is confusing. Besides, its extinction mode is a little disappointment.


My Recommendations

In a nutshell, Call of Duty Ghosts game is a recommended game to play as it attempts to bring excitement and fun uniquely through its spectacular game vision and a myriad of features. Its PC version is confirmed to be one among the most significant Call of Duty experiences.

The system of point allotment and weapons fires are preferred by most users making it a recommended game to play. So if you're a Call of Duty fan and you want to explore something new, give the Call of Duty Ghosts game a try.

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