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AMD FX 6300 CPU Processor

AMD FX-6300 Desktop Processor Vishera 6-Core 3.5 GHz

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The AMD FX-6300 Desktop Processor Review

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If you're a video-gamer on a budget, the AMD FX-6300 desktop processor is a money saver. The FX-6300 is very competitive and performs similar to higher performance CPU's.


Good benchmark results

Best value for your money

Can handle multiple tasks


Not the best performer

It's a few years old.


The Affordable Champion

While the AMD FX-6300 desktop processor is not in the top ten list of performance, it's number one in value. According to "," the FX-6300 is the number one in value.

However, there are better more modern CPUs out on the market that will outperform this CPU. If you're looking for top performance, try the Intel Core i7-4790K@4.00GHz.

The AMD 6300 CPU costs about one-third of the top CPUs in its class. Most of all, this CPU delivers excellent performance for its value. I've been running most of my digital games on high settings without any problems.

After I upgraded my Ballistix Sport memory cards, the CPU executed programs much faster. Same, when I installed my Samsung 850 EVO solid state drive, the PC's performance was notable.


AMD FX-6300 Untamed

As a result, my software programs and video games took less time to open. For example, the loading times in video game cut-scenes were reduced.

The downside to AMD FX-6300 desktop is that it's not the best performer compared to other CPU's. Much higher priced CPU's from the same brand or Intel have more advanced technology.

I bought this CPU more than two years ago, and its technology is old. Regardless of the age, the FX-6300 CPU manages to perform flawlessly.

I've been able to play the latest games on high settings without problems. Also, if you're a technology guru, you can use the CPU's turbo settings to boost performance.

In conclusion, the AMD FX-6300 desktop processor is perfect for beginners. You'll receive excellent performance without paying too much for a CPU.

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