How to Play Star Wars Battlefront 2

How to Play Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Celebration Edition

Obi Wan: Welcome Padawan, today you will learn how to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 like an ancient Jedi.

These strategies will help you level up all your characters quick, so you can play as a hero.

Darth Vader: Don’t listen to that scum bag Obi, he will soon meet his fate.

Join the dark forces and I will give you unlimited power to raise an army of heroes.

How to Play Star Wars Battlefront 2

You can play Star Was Battlefront 2 online, co-op, single player and other modes.

However, it can get confusing on how to play the game the first time you get it.

This guide will show you how to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 using the most popular online modes.

Install and Play

I bought the game through the Steam for PC platform, but you can also buy it directly from the publisher EA website.

Yet, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an Electronic Arts game that uses the Origin software client to play the game.

So players need to install the game first, then sign up and download the Origin platform to play the game.

The game is not cross-platform and you will play with other gamers on the EA platform.

Quick Match Mode

Quick Match Mode Screen

The most popular online mode for Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Quick Match mode.

On the Home tab, in the game select the Quick Match section to place you in game queue.

The Quick Match section will place you on a random map with other online players.

This is the fastest way to find an online match because it will place you in a match that’s in progress or one that’s about to begin.

However, the Quick Match feature is not always desirable because you cannot control the map or players in the game.

For example, one of my least favorite maps is the air fights or flying around in combat star fighters.

Maybe it’s because I don’t know how to play them yet, but I may be curious in the future.

The problem is that if you don’t like the map you are playing in, you need to exit by quitting the game mode.

Multiplayer Modes

Multiplayer Mode Selection Screen

The second most popular online mode is the Supremacy multiplayer mode in the Play tab of the game.

In the multiplayer supremacy mode, there are three gigantic maps where up to forty players can play.

Each map is unique and the complete the objectives for each can take up to 45 minutes to complete.

Yes, there’s a huge war going on constantly and many players that select the Quick Match feature end up here.

The best part about joining these large-scale battles is that you can choose land and air vehicles for combat.

If you’re an excellent pilot, you can bomb and shoot your enemies from the sky.

Some players enjoy fighting in land vehicles like myself, and there’s plenty of room to use them.

Co-op Modes

The third popular Battlefront 2 mode is the multiplayer co-op mode.

This game mode is unique because if you’re playing with four players, and one drops out, the Quick Match feature will assign a new player to the team.

However, this is not always the case because they have placed me in a few co-op missions with only one person.

The good news is that you can continue playing the game with only one player but be ready for a tough match.

Co-op missions are very fun and each map is different so you won’t be playing a copy of another map.

While all these game modes are top choice, gamers need to know how to play Star Wars 2 Battlefront.

Test Drive the Game

Test Drive the Game with Darth Maul

When I finished downloading the game, I went straight into the action using the Quick Match feature.

I wanted to test the game and see if I really liked by playing the most popular game mode.

Instantly, I enjoyed the game and got addicted to the combat, hero gameplay and the progression.

The next step is to learn how to play Battlefront 2 the right way so I can get the maximum experience needed to level up my Star Wars heroes.

Before you continue playing, you need to have a plan on what to do inside the game.

Gamers may want to level up their star fighters, heroes, land vehicles, soldiers, special characters or character classes.

I came up with my very own plan to level up the Star Wars heroes that I really liked.

Create a Game Plan

My plan was to level up my soldier classes first, so I can have powerful characters when I’m playing online.

If I can max out each class, I have a higher chance of gaining experience points to unlock the Star Wars heroes.

Once I have each soldier class maxed, I can start maxing out each hero as an advantage in multiplayer mode.

The first step is to go to single player mode and join the tutorial.

The tutorial will teach you how to use each soldier class and also give you points for using them.

You will play in the StarKiller map with artificial intelligent AI robots.

Also, Kylo Ren is available to play once you build enough experience points.

At first, it took me about two weeks to learn each class and how to play them.

But I’m glad I did, because I know each class like the back of my hand.

There are alternative ways to learn how to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 like Arcade, Campaign and other modes.

Don’t waste your time with other game modes to learn how to play.

Once you’re familiar with each soldier class weapon, you’re ready to fight for the empire.

How to Play Star Wars Battlefront 2

Multiplayer Gameplay in Battlefront 2

Choose the quick match, multiplayer or co-op mode to play right away.

The best way to play Battlefront 2 is with a controller.

I’m using the wireless Xbox for PC controller to play the game.

If you enter a match in progress, they may assign you the Assault class by default.

However, if the match is about to begin, you can select your favorite soldier class.

The Jedi strategy is to earn your first three skill points to unlock star cards.

Star cards are special skills that are unique to each character.

Each character has three star cards with unique abilities.

Later in the game you can upgrade them, but for now we need to earn our first three star cards.

I know it’s tempting, but as you progress through the game, don’t choose heroes until you get your first three star cards.

Star Card Strategies

Star Cards to Unlock

The fastest way to unlock star cards is by playing the same character.

Choose your star cards wisely before you unlock them.

Characters can use up to three star cards to boost their abilities.

Therefore, choosing a combination of powerful abilities will impact gameplay.

The Jedi master plan is to improve the abilities that the character has.

For example, if the character has the Blast explosive, choose the Improved Blast explosive.

This is the best way to unlock your first three star cards without over-thinking.

After unlocking your first three star cards on your soldier class, upgrade each card.

Don’t waste time unlocking other cards because we want to upgrade each one to become powerful fast.

The idea is to make your soldier class super strong the fastest possible to earn experience faster to unlock our heroes.

Remember, Darth Vader will not wait until the cows come home for you to upgrade his abilities.

How to Level up Battlefront 2 Characters

Level Up Playing Online

The proper way to level up characters in Battlefront 2 is a hidden Jedi Master’s secret from a long time ago.

Patience Padawan, we will become powerful and crush the resistance.

Our leveling strategy is to level up our soldier classes first, then our heroes.

To do this play as any of your favorite soldier class, Assault, Heavy, Officer and Specialist.

Each map in the game is different, so you will need to be flexible by leveling up each character class.

For example, if your Assault class is level 14, stop using that class and level up the others.

By doing this, it will level all your classes and will give you the advantage on the battlefield.

If you level only one class, other classes will be weak and you won’t want to use them.

As time passes, you see that you’re gaining a lot of experience points during matches.

You will also use your reinforcement and hero class more often.

As a result, now you can start leveling up your heroes.

Hero Progression

Level Up Heroes takes Time

Leveling up a Hero in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is slow.

That’s because you need to gain battle experience points to play them.

Therefore, the faster you gain experience points, the quicker you can play your favorite heroes.

Leveling up your hero is the same as your soldier class.

The more you play a hero, the faster you can unlock their first three cards.

Our primary aim is to unlock the first three cards for each hero.

This is going to take longer than leveling up your soldier classes because there are over 21 heroes.

So, the best strategy to use is to play heroes that don’t have their first three cards.

We need to level up each hero so they all have their special abilities unlocked.

The idea is to play heroes that don’t have their first three star cards.

As a result, your hero characters will be in top shape, and your team will win more matches.

Once you choose the first three star cards, don’t unlock anymore until you fully upgrade them.


As you continue to level up your characters, you will also unlock better weapons to use.

Remember, a true Jedi never enters combat without his or her how to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 guide.

The Galactic Empire has no respect for anyone; Therefore, you must prepare.

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