How to Draw Super NES Joystick Cartoon


Drawing a Super NES joystick cartoon is easy and fun.

This simple tutorial has four steps to complete.

It fills each step with information on drawing the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

As you see in the image above, the North American NES joystick is not very colorful.

For the purpose of art, I created the NES joystick with bright colors like red, green and yellow.

One way to draw this joystick, is to draw two even circles on each side.

The super NES joystick for North America.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Then connect both circles with a triangular shape that runs horizontal across the image.

Flatten the top part to make it look like the real NES joystick.

Step 1 – Draw the Super NES Joystick frame.

super nintendo controler Step1

Start drawing the top lines of the controller from left to right.

When drawing the curves, turn your paper for better control.

Continue using the same technique until you complete the drawing.

Step 2 – Draw the NES Joystick buttons.

super nintendo controler Step2

The joystick buttons are fun to draw because there are many shapes.

Draw a cross on the left side of the controller.

This is the four-way directional button on the NES joystick.

Draw the rest of the buttons using the tube shape and circles.

Step 3 – Draw the Super NES Joystick cartoon.

super nintendo controler Step3

Now it’s time to draw the cartoon face on the joystick.

Draw two big eyes so your cartoon looks excited.

On the bottom of the two eyes, draw a wide happy smile.

On the top of the joystick draw the USB wire.

Step 4 – Add Color to the Nintendo Joystick Cartoon.

super nes joystick cartoon_image-min

Complete your drawing by erasing all sketch marks and add color.

By default, this joystick has grey and silver colors.

However, you can add your favorite colors to make it shine.