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How to Compare Video Game Systems – Simple Solutions

Today, there are a variety of video game consoles on the market. Some are simple systems while others are somehow complicated. Due to this, most newbies are having a very hard time choosing the right video games and gaming consoles.

To help you choose the right digital game consoles, here are some tips on how to compare gaming systems and the right information gamers need to consider when buying their first console.

How to compare video game systems

Nowadays, everyone knows about video games. Actually, the debate about gaming is everywhere. According to research, almost every household in America owns video game consoles or can access digital games. But what do you need to consider when comparing video gaming systems?

The types of gamers

First, most people would like to learn about video games and be able to discover the type of gamers they are. When it comes to video game players, they can be classified into three categories.

We have the beginners, frequent gamers, and experts (hardcore). All of them have some questions concerning video game and consoles.

For a beginner, some of their questions include: What will I do with the console? This question may look simple, but it is a question that bothers most beginners.

However, the question will change with time as the skills of the gamer improve. The moment gamers knows how to play the video game, his or her worry changes from video game systems to learning and mastering the game.

The type of console the player is using does not matter, all that matters is how to win the game.

Winning is Half the Battle

This is a worry most second-level gamers go through. In most cases, they find themselves learning new things and asking many questions like, what other video games do you have for me?

Some gamers are very concerned with new video game releases and how the game relates to their style of play.

The experts are the third type of gamers. At this level, the gamers want digital games where they can invite friends and relatives to play. Apart from looking for games, they also look for ways to join or create groups of players.

Video game experts do not just play, they can interpret games. Since they believe they are experts, they would try to play as many games as possible and try to master them. They even go to the level of making articles and reviews about specific games.

Review and compare all kinds of video game system’s data

One thing most gamers do is compare and review all kinds of video game data. When a gamer examines a digital gaming system, he or she is able to choose the right game to play. Also, the player will feel comfortable with the choices he or she makes.

Happily, there are many websites and game product reviews that help gamers make important decisions before purchasing a video game console.

But how do people come up with reviews and what are the elements they consider when writing one? Below are some tricks and tips on how to compare and pick a gaming system.

• Playing the video game – the first and the most important thing is playing the video game. They must play until they finish the entire game. If they are playing a leveled game, they play until they complete the last level.

• Check the elements – while playing, they take notes of the color, effects, and features of the digital game. These are some of the elements they can share with readers.

• Observations – the observations they make should relate to readers. Hence, they provide readers with basic information they need to know about a certain game.

• Games to play – most video game players want to know the popular games they can play on particular consoles and the practical specifications as well.

• Gaming devices – also, gaming fans would like to know whether they can play the games using a keyboard, mouse, game-pad or other devices. Likewise, they want to know where to buy the games to be able to have their own library.

• Enough information – reviews and comparisons should provide enough information concerning the games. For instance, if it is an adventure, they tell the readers the kind of adventure the game contains.

Facts about video game reviews and comparisons

There are many kinds of video games on the market with several ways on how to play them. Also, the number of gamers has increased significantly. Here are some facts that must be included in the comparison or review.

• Always give your views in the sense that readers agree with you when they are comparing games.

• Point out basic things such as the level of difficulty, the scoring system, the duration of the game, and other elements.

• Then compare the digital game with other games with similar playing methods. However, the game being compared should be a game you have played.

• In addition, it should provide strengths and weaknesses of every video game based on your observation.

• Finally, conclude the comparison or the review in a manner that balances everything. Even though you may like one game, do not ignore the good side of the other video game. But make sure you compare video game systems carefully before the final decision.


Comparing electronic devices is not an easy task. When comparing them, you must consider specific data such as internet capabilities, hardware technology, and the entertainment media.

First, know the reason for buying a video game console. Do you want one for just playing video games or do you want a console to play games, play music and watch movies as well?

For example, if you travel a lot, buying a handheld video game console such as Nintendo 2DS or Sony PlayStation Vita might be a good idea.

Apart from gaming consoles, you need to learn more about digital games, and the most popular games for handheld consoles.

Some of the best sites to read about video game reviews and gaming consoles are websites such as GameSpot.com and IGN.com.

There are also many YouTube channels where you can get video game reviews to help you make an informed decision. YouTube provides different comparisons of consoles and games in details.

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