How to Become a Video Game Tester Today

To many people, being a video game tester is one of the best jobs.

Can you imagine getting paid for playing games?

But what most people do not know is that video game testing is a very challenging career.

Even if you are the best player in your hood, it does not mean you can be an effective game tester.

What are the responsibilities of a video game tester?

A video game tester is a person who works for a digital game company with testing video games for code errors.

Game testers ensure that games have no bugs, glitches or other issues.

The main aim of the tester is not to play the game but to break the game.

They play all levels of the game, go through the video game menus, and try to use all characters of the game to uncover flaws in the system.

As a video game tester, it requires you to make several actions to identify the problems or the bugs.

Bugs can be referred to as things that prevent the game from working properly.

Some glitches may include graphic, design, and character progression problems.

There are many faults that might be in the game.

A video game tester’s job is to play and examine a game several times before they release it.

Video game testing is not a simple task.

You need to repeat the same steps in a game several times to ensure it is perfect.

To many people, it is time-consuming and boring.

For instance, if a video game has 15 characters and 15 different levels, the game tester has to play each character on all levels.

Can we test games from home?

If you have always dreamed of working from your bedroom, then working as a video game tester might be a good job for you.

In fact, most game testers work from home.

Working at home means no boss supervising you and you have no daily schedule.

But once you have been given the job, complete it at a specific time.

It is up to you to meet the deadlines.

Just like many other professionals who work from home, a video game tester working from home needs a computer.

Also, video game testers need access to the Internet and a quiet room.

You will also need to gain all required gaming gadgets.

These include consoles, controllers, and all other devices needed for you to complete the job and earn money.

What are the benefits of being a video game tester?

There are many benefits of working as a video game tester.

First, you can work from home; This means the job is flexible and gives you some personal freedom.

Most people become game testers because of the freedom that comes with the job.

The other benefit is that you are the first person to interact with new games before any other gamer.

Even though you are testing not playing, you will be the first person to have the game run on your console.

If you are a video game fanatic, this is one benefit of working as a game tester.

Another benefit of being an examiner is that you can use the job to enter the gaming industry.

Even though the game testing position is low, it can lead to higher positions.

What are the video game tester requirements?

For you to become a video game tester, there are many skills and abilities you need to have.

But the most important skill is being able to play different games.

You need to have a good understanding of game genres.

And the understanding of what makes a good game and know how to play well.

Also, you need to have perfect writing and communication skills.

You need to write a brief, clear, and effective report about a particular game issue.

Your report will help game developers find the bugs faster and fix them.

What are the steps to becoming a video game tester?

1. Hone your video gaming skills–first you need to be in love with playing games.

To be well-prepared for testing video games, you need to gain experience by playing many games.

It is important to note that every video game genre has a different experience.

Also, you need to be up-to-date on all video game trends.

Start by reading game-guides in books, magazines, and blogs to ensure you are up to date.

With enough information about popular games, you may be ready for a video game tester job.

2. Have some technical training–even though the requirements may differ, it is important to have technical training or a degree in a technical field.

There are many programs that include software development, computer science, or graphic design.

Most employers are looking for people with a background in technology.

This means you can do more than just the video game testing.

For example, an employer may want to hire a tester who can perform programming tasks.

Other employers look for someone who has good communication skills.

Video game testers need to communicate the game errors directly to the developers.

The best way is to get involved with beta-testing new games.

This will give you a hint of what they require for a testing job and also builds your resume.

There are several companies that release open beta-games to get public opinions.

By testing such games, you gain experience.

3. Gaining experience–video game testing is a quality-assurance job.

It involves identifying problems before they release the game to the public.

And for you to get a job in large companies, you need to gain experience.

To gain experience, you can volunteer and engage yourself with gaming tasks.

In Conclusion

A video game tester might look like a simple task, but it requires dedication and persistence.

There are many other careers related to the video game testing job.

Working as a game tester may elevate you to a higher position such as a video game designer.

Some related opportunities include lead designer, writer, level designer, content designer and many others.

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