How Do Video Games Relieve Stress?

Video games relieve stress in players differently.

Stress sometimes is confusing and challenging because there are various types, and each class has its own characteristics, treatment technique, symptoms, and duration.

There are three main stress types; acute, chronic and episodic severe stress.

Although they have various characteristics, duration and treatment approaches, playing video games can help relieve (to a certain point) all three of them.

Three Distinct Stress Types

1. Acute stress


The Acute stress type is widespread and the most common.

Acute stress is triggered when a person is exposed to a traumatic experience; for example experiencing someone dying.

In small doses, it can be exciting and exhilarating.

However, this stress can be very exhausting and devastating if it occurs in large doses.

For instance, it can be inspiring if you run down a ski slope in the morning or evening.

However, overdoing the same activity for too long can have disastrous effects.

Symptoms of acute stress include; emotional distress (anger, depression, irritability, and anxiety), transient over-arousal (high blood pressure, chest pain, and sweaty palms).

It also affects muscular problems with (a tension headache & pain in the jaw and back), and stomach, bowel & gut complications (heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and flatulence).

2. Chronic stress


This type of stress makes people weary day after day.

Chronic stress usually destroys the victim’s body, life, and mind.

It’s a type of pressure that can wreak havoc on you through long-term abrasion.

Some causes include; poverty, friends or colleagues, and dysfunctional families.

Victims develop suicidal feelings, become violent and even become more susceptible to a heart attack, cancer, and stroke.

3. Episodic acute stress

This type of pressure exhibits symptoms such as over arousal, tension, short temper, anxiety, and irritability. Have you ever interacted with someone who had these symptoms? A person with substantial negative energy and is always irritable, in a hurry and abrupt, then that person was probably suffering from episodic acute stress. You may even have gotten the impression that the person was hostile.

There are various ways of relieving stress.

They include; taking medication, avoiding the causal factors, changing diet, engaging in physical activities such as sports and playing video games, among other traditional solutions.

Video Games Relieve Stress while having Fun


Are you aware that playing video games can play a significant role in relieving stress?

Many people are ignorant of this fact.

Scientists discovered that playing video games makes people with stress feel better.

There is enough scientific evidence to support this theory.

For that reason, if there is something that has been bothering you and you’ve been wondering how you can temporarily forget about the problem, then you should start playing video games.

Whenever people hear or read about video games, they imagine a group of teenagers wasting their time playing games.

In a recent scientific study, teenagers are not the only people who are addicted to computer games.

Teenage girls have also joined the bandwagon. Additionally, adult men and women no longer want to miss out.

Adults also play video games just as much as teenagers do.

The big question is; why has playing video games become such a favorite activity?

The answer is simple, it is because many people have discovered that video games relieve stress.

Games Reduce hostility and Stress

According to a scientific study that was recently carried out by a prominent professor of psychology, women, and men who frequently play video games develop a better capacity to handle stressful situations, get less hostile and are also less miserable.

In a scientific study, one hundred adults were asked to accomplish frustrating tasks.

Some of them were invited to play games that depicted violence, while others were asked to relax without playing any games.

The professor found out that the first group of people were happy, while the former had become traumatized.

He concluded that video games could be used as therapy to enable people to work through stressful situations in real life.

In 2016, a group of psychologists at Harvard School of Medicine researched two groups of students.

The first group of students consisted of those who were pursuing medicine, engineering, computer science, and economics.

The second batch comprised of students who were pursuing less complicated degree courses such as music, anthropology and environment studies.

The scientific research sought to find out what the students did to unwind.

About 80% of students in the first category confessed that they played video games for at least 10 hours every week to release stress.

However, only 30% of students in the second classification played video games because their studies weren’t difficult.

The researchers concluded that playing video games relieve stress.

In 2017, another group of psychologists at John Hopkins University Medical School carried out a scientific study to find out why so many people resorted to playing video games.

70% of school-going children admitted that they engaged in playing games because it helped them relax.

About 80% of college and university students confessed to playing video games when stressed out.

They did not understand specific concepts in college or had long arguments with their parents.

Engaging in gaming enabled people to lose temper, temporarily forget about problems and soberly deal with the challenges at hand.

Engaging activities proves that video games relieve stress.

Video Game Engagement is a Stress Buster

Today, a large population of adults understand that video games relieve stress.

Many formerly-employed adult women and men opt to play video games whenever they get harassed by their bosses or fail to accomplish specific tasks.

It helps them forget their woes, albeit temporarily. Additionally, gaming enables them to regain energy.

A good number of unemployed adults also play video games to reduce stress.

According to some adults, the activity helps them pass time and deal with feelings of grief or regrets.

Additionally, the games make them less angry, irritable, hostile, anxious and depressed.

This evidence is sufficient proof that video games relieve stress.

Taking medication is not the only way of dealing with stressful situations.

You can supplement medicine with video game activities to help you recover.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or an adult, video games relieve stress.

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