Do Video Games help with Depression?

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Suffering from mental illness is not something to smile about.

People with depression or anxiety normally feel hopeless and they have no idea what they should do with their lives.

Depression has numerous effects, and the best place to start is freeing the mind from real life issues.

Today, more than 80 percent of people suffering from depression are young people.

And one of the best ways to help young adults and teens manage depression is playing video games.

How do video games help with depression?

Playing games is one of the best forms of relaxation.

This is because while playing, you need to pay attention and concentrate.

It is a nice thing when the mind wants to roam to a stressful matter.

Though there are several games that have been created specifically to help relieve anxiety symptoms, most video games, in general, can help with depression and anxiety.

Video games manage to distract the gamers from anxiety or any thought that might be depressing them.


Whether the anxiety is rooted in real-world problems or happen at random, spending some time playing your favorite game can help a lot.

Keep in mind that games are fun, and can definitely be an essential part of self-care.

Self-care can be defined as making your health a priority.

Whether it is emotionally, physically or mentally, self-care is very important.

Even though there are several forms of self-care, playing video games is one of the best.

No matter the cause of depression, you can find comfort in the act of gaming.

And if you have not engaged video games in your life, here are some ways on how they can help with depression.

1. Gaming can be a healthy hobby

For people suffering from depression, finding a good hobby to keep their mind busy is all they want.

Among the numerous things, playing video games is one of the healthiest distractions.


No matter which kind of video game you are playing, it can keep your mind busy.

Games keep the mind preoccupied, and also they comfort us when dealing with personal issues.

When you hit the start button, you will be able to put everything on hold.

And probably that is all you need in life.

2. Games provide challenges you can overcome

Each video game has a challenge, but some are easy to overcome than others.

One of the most challenging things when playing a video game is losing.

Happily, in gaming, it is not all about winning and losing.

There are many other challenges such as being a hero or getting the highest score.

Irrespective, of the type of challenge you are facing in life, video games can give you a sense of achievement.

Also, the good thing about gaming is that the rewards are awarded based on solid accomplishments.

Therefore, no matter how depressed you feel, it is wise to know that your favorite game is the best place to start all over again.

Playing a video game is also a good form of art.

3. Video games help you connect with others

Most people believe the difference between the social people and the non-social is that social people are energized by almost everything, while the non-social are strengthened by complex things.

But according to research, if you want to be happy, connect with other people while playing video games.


One of the best ways to enjoy life is engaging yourself with the correct people and the right activities.

Having something like a video game can help you focus, and also give you the connection you need.

For many people, a game is like a friend or a family member.

There are characters, homes, and colleagues in a game.

Moreover, there are some game sessions where you need to involve your family or friends.

For instance, when playing FIFA-tournaments, you can invite a friend.

There are also those online video games where you can engage with long-distance friends and other people.

There is voice chat that allows you to catch up with others and talk about random stuff or personal issues.

4. Online video games provide multiple ways to become social

Online video games such as Massive Multiplayer Online games (MMO’s) allow players to communicate.

There are various ways to communicate online, for example; live-chat, group chat and more.

Depending on the game, you will be able to communicate with team members while completing quests.

Some online games require that you are in a huge group which makes it fun and engaging.

In many role-playing games, gamers will have a chance to participate in group activities like dungeons.

5. Playing video games shows you how easy it is to win in real-life situations

The empathy or sympathy that someone feels when playing video games can help to develop feelings at a safe distance.


When gaming, you are the character in a story.

This means your feelings are touched as you watch your character struggling through various trials.

And after winning the game, it gives you confidence that you can also win in real life situations.

For instance, if you spend some hours playing a game and to ensure you win, you will definitely see yourself as a hero.

Having the power to bring to an end your life issues can be attained when you play a video game.

You are also able to manage your emotions, find acceptance and comfort.

6. You get comfort and joy when you play your favorite game

Playing a video game lets you experience joy and comfort that you may not achieve through therapies or medication.

For example, if you are playing your favorite game, you can easily reconnect yourself to loving memories from the past.


It will help you forget the issues that make you depressed.

If you ever played a game with someone you love or with your brother, it helps link back to a time when you were happy.

Gaming brings back good memories that give you joy and comfort.


Even though some studies believe one-on-one therapy is essential, gaming cannot be ignored when depression is concerned.

Researchers believe that having a good relationship is the key to good mental health, and gaming can help someone you experience a good relationship.

Even though treatment can offer much relief needed by people suffering from depression, video games can help especially for teenagers.

It helps gamers connect with developers, players and also connect with their inner-selves.

Hence, if you are looking for a good place to be free of mental health issues, playing a video game is a perfect place.

Has gaming helped you through the bad times?

I know it has helped me, please leave your comment below, I would love to hear your story.

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