How do Video Games Affect Mental Health?

Video Games Affect Mental Health positively or negatively, depending on the player.

We all understand that a video game is entertainment, which is very addictive.

Video games are not like TV shows or movies.

Video games allow gamers to be involved fully in everything that goes on.

Playing a video game is one of the best ways to pass the time or to exercise your brain.

However, a video game can take away your time or cause aggression and violence.

Several studies have also shown that video games can also lead to obesity or heart attack.

Video Games Affect Mental Health Positive and Negative


Playing video games for a long time can affect your mind positively and negatively.

According to numerous studies, if you play video games for more than 12-hours, you annoy your family, friends and yourself.

The moment you notice gaming is no longer a hobby, it might harm your mental health.

You will have a bigger problem if you feel you cannot stop playing your favorite game after long hours.

In most cases, the game can take over your life and get in your way.

For example, even after getting a warning from work for skipped work-days, you may feel that you want to continue playing.

Children are so much into videos games because of the excitement.

Therefore, it is essential as a parent to be very careful.

With proper restrictions, you can prevent adverse health issues.

Many people believe that video games are to blame for the problem we have in our society.

However, things have changed, and they have conducted professional studies to show different results.

One of the most significant news studies has proven is that video games can affect your health positively.

But it is your responsibility to know or figure out the duration you should take when playing.

Below are some ways on how video games can affect mental health.

How Video Games can Affect your Mental Health

Improves decision making–when playing an action video game, the game is fast-paced.

This speed means you need to think fast when playing.

During the game, there are events and peripheral images appearing and disappearing.


Be keen on them and continue playing the game.

The video helps individuals to take sensory data very fast and ensure they make correct decisions.

When you are shooting, the activity can dramatically enhance your brain.

Videos games can help the eyesight–even though many people believe that looking at the screen for many hours can affect their eyes, research shows that playing video games can improve your vision.

However, there are serious problems such as dry eye syndrome and eyestrain.

Researchers have found that playing video games helps people differentiate between colors and shades.

This skill becomes beneficial when driving at night.

Online Games are Very Social

Video games can make you social–one disadvantage of video games is that they can make players anti-social.

Most people who love spending hours on the screen are afraid to socialize with people, or they are stubborn social rejects.

But the good news is that studies have proved that playing video games can make other people less anti social.

Gamers who take part in social events are the most friendly and communicative frequently with people.

And studies also discovered that gamers form strong relationships than non-gamers.

Games enhance the ability to learn–most parents believe video games make children perform poor at school.

But research shows that certain games can improve the brain flexibility.

A good number of video games, especially the action games require continuous thinking and player input.

This type of thinking means you need to think faster to ensure you proceed to the next level.


So, apart from entertaining your kids, games can help them become good learners.

Video games improve hand to eye coordination– some professionals require a better hand to eye coordination.

For example, surgeons depend on this ability to perform a successful operation.

And they require aspiring surgeons to do virtual surgeries during their training.

Conducting research on the best virtual surgeons, researchers brought medical students, high school kids, and college students together for a test.

After the test, the high school students out-shined the others.

And what surprised the researchers is that these kids played video games daily, while most medical students were non-gamers.

Even though some researchers believed that the medical students could do better in actual surgery, the research proved that gaming could help improve the hand to eye coordination.

Stay more Alert by Playing Games

Video games help to improve attention and focus–the most prominent worry among many parents today is that their kids are sitting in a classroom thinking about video games instead of studying.

But playing video games helps kids pay more attention in the classroom by improving perception and coordination.

Videos games can help treat depression–some years back, scientists in New Zealand wanted to research if video games help depression.

They took a group of teenagers who had shown signs of depression to a rehabilitation center.

Half of the group received standard counseling, and the other half engaged in action video games.

And after some time, the gamers recovered from depression better than those who received traditional advice.

This treatment means that playing video games can help to treat depression.

Video games can help couples–we can address fights and stress that are typically experienced in every relationship while playing video games.

And since most men love playing video games, inviting their girlfriends or wives, instead of their male friends can improve their love relationship.


Video games affect mental health in more good ways than bad.

However, these are just a few of many possible mental health benefits of video games.

With many developments in this field, it is possible that people will reap more psychological benefits in the future.

But it is essential to test and study each game to understand whether it can help or harm your mental health.

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