Things you Should Know When Creating a Video Game


Creating a video game sounds simple, but there’s a lot of planning involved.

Today, playing a video game is like entering a new world with its own lifestyle, sounds, sights, and realities.

Gaming has advanced to a level where players can spend hours playing digital games.

Today, gaming is the most popular activity for children of all ages.

To most kids, gaming starts at the store and ends at the sofa.

But what happens when creating a video game?

Some individuals see video games as advanced toys that are created within a few hours or days.

But a digital game can take several months or years to be complete.

What should I do when creating a video game?

When creating a video game, the maker should be more creative than before.

This is because the industry has grown from the traditional play to a unique environment.

Creating video games require visual imagination and storytelling skills.

As a game maker, you should also have programming skills to make the vision a reality.

A digital game is more than a book or a movie.

It combines a great adventure with color, risks, lovely characters and a plan.

The game creators must use their imagination to ensure the players are part of the game by providing powerful and entertaining experiences.

Today, players expect games to have excellent graphics.

They expect the characters and everything in the game to be more like a real-life setting.

This means that the level of detail in a game should meet the standard requirements.

And for them to meet the player’s expectations, they need to involve experts and many other experienced people.

That is why creating a video game may involve a hundred or more people.

How are Video Games Made?

Today’s games are very collaborating and interactive.

They resemble movies or great TV shows.

Every digital game starts with a story that educates or entertains players.

The story attracts the player by creating a strong bond between him and the game characters.

Artists, writers, programmers, and designers must work together to make all the parts work as one.

This includes music, character settings, and other sounds to create a fantastic video game.

After designing the digital game elements, it is the responsibility of experts to put together everything into the game.

The elements should be well-programmed to work effectively.

Here are the basics of designing a digital game.

The basics steps of creating a video game


Planning is the first step in creating a video game.

Designing a digital game is like planning a movie.

It involves characters, a plot, and action.

And the best way to make these elements work is using a story.

An inspiring story lays a good foundation for the game.

This means they should do the story before the building process begins.

If the developer does not plan well, they may not finish the game.

Having characters in a game is the essential part of creating video games.

Since gamers must interact well with game characters, the developers must make sure the characters are fun and interesting.

The look and personality of characters are also important.

In most cases, artists draw characters, which are then scanned and animated.

The planning stage gives game developers a chance to be creative and plan how to add special effects.

For example, would you like to hear the footsteps of characters as they move?

After planning and having a good story, the creator must choose the right software.

Choosing the right software

After planning the concept, the environment, and the characters, the developer chooses a piece of software to build the game.

Nowadays, there are many applications for making video games.

There are those for experienced people and for beginners.

With a few clicks, you can easily bring your creativity to life.

Some programs have three categories which are 3 D, 2-D, and the role-playing games.

There are those you can purchase online, and others are free.

And the good news is that a good deal of game software applications provide helpful guides to build unique games.

With an idea and basic computer skills, you can easily use these programs.

But if you are designing a more complex game, it will require writing computer language.

Making a game with codes

If you are planning to create unique and more advanced digital games, using programming languages is essential.

This means you need to have knowledge of using and applying computer codes.

It is also important to note that the more advanced games require more complex coding experience.

Applications for making a video game work by entering codes.

So, if you are not familiar with these codes, it might not be easy to create a well-polished game.

For instance, the programs for making digital games have colors, shapes, and many other elements needed in the building process.

Developers must write complex codes, design shapes, create colors, and other helpful elements.

It is like baking a cake from scratch or getting one that has been premixed in a box.

Sometimes, game developers prefer to invent their own code to make the game more interesting.

For example, a specialized code also known as the game-engine can make continuous calculations in order for characters in the game to run, fly or perform other in-game actions.

Test the game

After planning, choosing a program, and creating a video game, the final steps are to test and find software imperfections.

The testing team will examine every element of the game to help identify and fix software (bugs) errors.

They must fix all bugs before they release the game to the public.

The developers should also follow the rules and regulations of the video game industry.

This is to avoid the game from being banned or rated poorly.

Once the video game has been tested, and it meets industry standards, they market it to the public.


Now you have an idea how video games are made.

There are other important factors to consider like financing the game and legal requirements.

But to keep it simple, I outlined the most important steps of creating a video game.

There’s also pre-made software that you can buy and build personal games.

We can share these personal games with friends or Co-workers and need not be sold on the market.

However, to create a good personal game, you need to know the basics of software.

A good example of a well-crafted video game is Undefeated, a superman-style game.

A few college students created Undefeated and you can play it for FREE on Steam.

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