The History of Devolver Digital


If you search for the history of Devolver Digital, you find that it’s a company in Texas and specializes in making Indi games.

But what’s more interesting to know is that it all started in a bar full of smoke and cryptic rumors under cover of the night.

Imagine a half-torn napkin that the founders of the company signed to the screams and sounds of alcohol being poured into glasses.

This is where a company was born that would crash into the industry as an independent game publisher.

The napkin bears the signatures of Mike Wilson, Nigel Lowry, Graham Struthers, Harry Miller, and Rick Stuts.

The humans, the remnants of the crumbling publisher’s Gamecock and the gathering of developers, put their hopes, dreams, and crazy ideas at stake.

Although in reality, as it should be, was much more mundane. But they filled this story with luck, hard work, and common sense in equal measure.

The History of Devolver – Humble Beginnings

Shadow Warrior from Devolver Digital.

Devolver Digital was not born by accident.

We can say that a lot of coincidences happened, but experience and strategic planning played a big role for their success.

For something new to appear, something old must go to rest.

Before Devolver, there was the Gathering of Developers (G.O.D.) (1998-2004) and Gamecock (2007-2008) studios.

These companies support the indie community and publish indie games.

And, interestingly, the same five people managed these companies.

After the sale of G.O.D. to giant international gaming publisher Take-Two Interactive, they attracted investors and founded Gamecock.

This is exactly what they planned to do from the very beginning.

Then the 2008 crisis struck, the economy sank to the bottom and dragged a new company with it, which they also sold.

“The economic crash destroyed Gamecock because investors supported it, “explains Nigel Lowry, co-founder of Devolver Digital.

All five of them were founders of the company, none of them had a specific title.

“We had experience with games, we wanted to keep working, but when investors stopped investing in the company, we became unemployed.”

What does a person full of passion, experience, and a desire to act do, but without a reason and purpose in work?

Of course, he comes up with a master plan to create something epic. This is how Devolver Digital was born.

The History of Devolver Digital Begins

The History of Devolver Digital Website Store Games.

“We looked at the industry and saw that everything was changing.

Games were getting smaller, digital distribution was taking over the market.

Developers could now bring games to market directly without intermediaries, and could release games in Early Access to make profit and continue development.

We realized we had to do our part, ” explains Lowry.

Luckily for Devolver, the founders already had some connections that helped kick-start the company.

When Croteam, known for creating the Serious Sam shooter series, developed a new game, they turned to their old acquaintances from G.O.D. and Gamecock.

To people, they could trust. Suddenly, the desire to work, experience, and passion were added to the opportunity to realize their hopes for a bright future for the new company.

We had no money, no business plan, not even a licensed copy of PowerPoint.

But we felt that we could send Devolver flying, and the guys from Croteam who approached us felt the same way.

In the beginning of the company’s life, we all had to earn some bread somewhere, and we did Devolver on weekends, evenings and during vacations.

And after Steam gained popularity, we no longer doubted that we had every chance with digital distribution.

Game creators no longer had to negotiate with retailers and then worry that they might not pay, ” says Graham Struthers, one founder of the company.

Devolver published Serious Sam 3, and the game was very popular with both critics and gamers.

The series has experienced a rebirth, and Devolver has gained an excellent reputation among indie game developers.

Building a Gaming Business

Serious Sam 4 Game from Devolver Digital.

After that, the company gave the rights to develop Serious Sam games to other developers and published several interesting and unique games.

For example, Vlambeer’s Serious Sam: The Random Encounter transforms Serious Sam from a shooter to a classic turn-based RPG, similar to the old Final Fantasy games.

“This is how we got into the world of indie game development.

We learned a lot, understood a lot, and got to know the developers.

Through hard work and conferences, we got to know companies like Denneton, ”Lowry says.

The Devolver menu has games for every (odd) taste, from Hotline Miami and Broforce (two violent pixel games) to The Talos Principle (a philosophical puzzle game) and Hatoful Boyfriend (a dating simulator about pigeons, Yes, that’s right, pigeons.

Creating Games with Passion

The passion and love for their work, which has united the developers under the banner of Devolver, infect everyone around them.

According to Devolver, not a single game published by the company has brought losses, that’s something to think about.

Obviously, with extremely successful projects behind him, Devolver knows which games they prefer to publish.

But this is not the case for all games; The company finds a special approach for each one.

They are looking for something magical in the game, something that catches the eye at first sight.

Developers approached them and talked about their ideas in bars, nightclubs, in halls at various conferences, or right at the stand of the company’s partners at E3.

There is no right, wrong, or inappropriate way to present an idea.

Sometimes Digital Devolver founders find developers simply by digging up the internet and discovering something curious.

Devolver is a company that tries to help cool ideas turn into full-fledged projects, instead of endlessly discussing something in meetings.

Devolver goes above and beyond to help creative people.

Art speaks its own separate global language, and Devolver is gradually compiling a dictionary.

If you want to observe their activities on social media, you can find Devolver Digital on Twitter and Facebook.

In their rather large community (over 280k followers) on Twitter (@devolverdigital), they regularly post about their latest developments.

Devolver Digital Video Games

My Friend Pedro from Devolver Digital.

In the Devolver Digital video game website, we can choose from 84 games (at the time of this writing).

Also, you can choose a game for yourself according to your preference using special genre tags such as:

  • Comedy
  • Racing
  • Action
  • RPG
  • Fighting
  • Adventure
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
  • Shooter
  • Sports
  • Online
  • and many others.

Most of their games from Devolver Digital store are running well on Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation, and Xbox.

List of Devolver Digital games:

  • Loop hero
  • Shadow Warrior 3
  • I Hate Running Backwards
  • Shadow warrior
  • Serious Sam Classics: Revolution
  • Foul Play
  • Serious Sam 2
  • The Serious Sam 3: BFE
  • Serious Sam HD: Gold Edition
  • Serious Sam 4
  • and many others.


Devolver Digital teaches us that when we have passion and experience to create something, we should not give up easily.

If the company would have never attempted to follow their passion, their career would have ended a long time ago.

For new game publishers that want to enter the gaming industry, let the history of Devolver Digital be your source of inspiration.

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