Level up Fast with the GW2 World Boss Portal Device

The GW2 world boss portal device (WBPD) is one of my secret weapons to making GW2 gold, leveling up fast and having fun.

The world boss portal device in GW2 is a gizmo that tells you when a world boss event is about to start.

However, the WBPD is not free, purchase it from the GW2 gem store to use it.

GW2 Gold Farming

GW2 World Boss Portal Device to Level Up Fast

This is a secret I shouldn’t tell you, if you want to make money and get cool loot quickly, get the world boss portal gizmo.

The WBPD will cost you 400 gems; once bought, it appears in your inventory slot and can be shared with other characters.

For example, if you are playing as a GW2 warrior, you can place the WBPD into the bank, and have your Mesmer character use it.

The fastest way to learn about the details of this gizmo, visit the following GW2 wiki page.

Low Level Characters

If you are a low level character, you are at a disadvantage because some GW2 boss battles take place in high-level areas.

It’s best to be in a group if you plan to tackle bosses in high-level areas of the map.

However, there are a few low-level areas where you can kill bosses all day long.

Every time you kill one of these bosses, you get a vast treasure chest full of items and gold.

Players can sell the items in the GW2 auction house or salvage them to build more stuff while crafting.

Also, you will fight mini-bosses that appear on the map near the big boss.

This means you will also get experience whenever you join a fight using the world boss portal device.

Gain Experience with the GW2 World Boss Portal Device

This is going to be dangerous advice for new players but if you’re brave, you can gain lots of (XP).

Our mission is to level up fast so that we can travel to high-level areas to fight bigger, badder bosses.

Double-click on the WBPD and join the next boss challenge.

If the next boss is in a high level area, open your map and see if there’s leader or mentor in the area.

Join the leader’s squad by left-clicking on the leader icon on the map.

Now, you need to run towards the squad or raid without getting killed by high-level monsters.

Once you are near your squad, it’s important to stay together so you won’t get killed.

When the boss appears, don’t get too close, stay far away as possible and use long-range weapons.

Remember, since you are a low level character, you can get killed by mostly anything.

If you remain alive throughout the fight without getting killed by the boss or mini-bosses, you’ll gain lots of experience.

Play like a Pro

Now that you have a high level character or near level 80, the world boss gizmo becomes fun.

Players can choose a boss they want to fight by waiting until the challenge appears.

The world boss device will tell you how much time you have until the next world threat.

Sometimes, I like to travel to fight a boss in an area that has other challenges for me as well.

For example, most of the time, I haven’t completed the world map in that area.

So what I do is go to the boss area and begin doing other activities like hero challenges, heart quests or gathering crafting material.

However, don’t forget to go back to the area where the boss will appear or you will have to wait all over again.

If you use your time wisely in Guild Wars 2, you can level up fast and make lots of gold.

Bring GW2 Boosters

If you want to be an actual threat to GW2 bosses, you need to buy boosters from the gem store.

Boosters are enhancements that help your character become more powerful for a limited time.

For example, an armor booster can help your character become harder to kill by decreasing incoming damage.

The armor and speed booster is great for low-level players that want to take on harder enemies.

With the speed booster, your character can run swiftly through parts of the map without having to fight some monsters.

Event Timers

If you can’t purchase the world boss portal device right now, use the event timers within the game.

To access the event timer, type /wiki et inside the chat window and you will get event details.

You will learn which world boss is going to appear at certain times inside the game.

However, the bad part is that you won’t be able to travel instantly to the location like when you use the portal gizmo.

The event timer informs you about unique events in all Guild Wars 2 expansions like Path of Fire and living world events.

To learn more about event timers and all the content, visit the following GW2 event timer page.

Map Completion

While you’re using the WBPD, you will travel to areas that you haven’t visited yet.

This is your opportunity to explore an area before or after a world boss fight.

Open your Map by pressing the “M” key and check to see which points of interest you haven’t explored yet.

Here’s a quick list to keep in mind:

  • Renowned Hearts
  • Waypoints
  • Points of Interest
  • Hero Challenges
  • Vistas

These places are unique and each will grant you some experience that will help you level up your character fast.

The first thing I do before a boss fight is to scope out the area by opening the map and checking for way points.

The more way points I discover, the faster I can travel to different areas of the map and discover new things.

Note, once you’re done fighting a boss and looted the treasure chest, look around to see if there are hero challenges nearby.

You can use these hero points to add new fighting abilities to your character and experiment with a variety of combinations.

In Conclusion of the GW2 World Boss Portal Device

Life has more meaning when using the Guild Wars 2 world boss portal device.

Keep in mind that you can use the WBPD with any character; easily place it in the bank to share it with all your characters.

Note, before you play GW2, double-click on the portal gizmo to make sure it’s activated and you get the latest news on world events.

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