10 Guild Wars 2: Tips and Tricks


These Guild Wars 2 tips and tricks are helpful to beginners and veterans.

However, this game is a bit different from the original Guild Wars.

This means there are some GW2 tips and tricks you need to know to simplify the gaming experience.

The game is a great open world packed with astounding experience, content, and friendships.

But not everything in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is self-explanatory, especially if this is your first time playing. 

To help you get started, here are some GW2 tips and tricks to help you enjoy the game. 

10 Guild Wars 2 Tips and Tricks

1. Learn Dodge Jumping Technique

Learn Dodge Jumping Technique in GW2

Learning how to dodge attacks and how to counter enemies is essential in Guild Wars 2. 

You should expect to take hits from harder monsters when dodging attacks.

Hence, dodge jumping is a crucial technique you need to learn specially for team events. 

The technique will give you some distance when you are jumping.

It is useful particularly in areas that you cannot stay still and have are effects. 

This gives you an extra distance when you are in a horrible situation and you need additional distance to get out of it. 

Dodge jumping is a combination of a dodge key and your jump key.

You can use V-key to dodge and Space-key to jump. 

Although it may be tricky at first for beginners, you will eventually get used to it.

Practice the technique while you are out of combat to become more effective. 

2. Use Wiki Commands to your Advantage

Even though this is the most obvious trick in Guild Wars 2, many people are not familiar with it. 

Nevertheless, GW2 has a huge Wiki created by players.

It is wise to keep the Wiki page open if you are a new gamer.

Also, you can open the GW2 Wiki from the game itself. 

By typing / then Wiki in the chat and then pressing Enter, the browser will direct you to the GW2 wiki page.

With this trick, you can easily find a command you need by simply typing Wiki, Space, and the subject you want. 

For items that are tricky to type in full, you can link the item in question in chat using the shift-click method. 

If you type Wiki, then Shift, and click the item, it will move you to that item’s wiki page.

This is very effective if you want to know more about a specific item.

Learn more about the GW2 wiki by reading this post: Get Critical Information when Using the GW2 Wiki.

3. Help Downed Players

Help Downed Players

When playing GW2, you need to help downed players as fast as you can.

This is because Guild Wars 2 uses a mechanic known as event scaling or up-scaling. 

This means that when more players are around, the more enemies will come at you.

Even when a gamer is not taking part in the battle, it will scale that event up.

This will make it hard for those taking part. 

Therefore, when you see gamers that need healing, it is vital to help them.

Since they are not dead, failure to offer help will cause more enemies to show up.

And when players die, the game will upscale the event and make it harder for other players to take part.

Moreover, reviving a dead player will take a lot of time. 

If you are dead, ensure you use the nearest waypoint to get back into the battle fast. 

4. Do your Dailies

You need to get into a habit of doing your daily achievements.

It resets daily at 8 PM EST; Besides, you need to finish the dailies to gain benefits. 

You can benefit from your dailies in three ways.

You will receive 2 Gold, get Spirit Shards, and also receive 10 achievement points. 

Depending on the dailies of that day, it should take around 15 to 30 minutes.

Doing the dailies is good for new players.

When you earn 10 achievement points, you can use them to show your prestige. 

We can accumulate achievement points completing milestones, granting wide unlocks.

Also, it will give you access to unique amour and weapon skins.

The GW2 gold you get for completing your dailies is very useful as well.

It is an acceptable amount of gold for any gamer but more helpful for newbies.

Lastly, if you want to make an expansion purchase, Path of Fire is the best.

The mounts you unlock will be very useful.

Mounts will be a game-changer because they will assist you to get around quicker and travel to hard to reach places.    

5. Map Completion

Complete Maps by Exploring

Other Guild Wars 2 tips and tricks include exploring the map to get money and earn exclusive awards.

By completing the map, you can get two pieces of equipment and other amazing rewards such as a transportation charge. 

You can choose to sell the crafting materials gained or keep them. 

Moreover, you can use the transportation charge to transport your armor.

And since the transportation charge is hard to get, you can easily earn them by completing maps. 

To add more gaming experience, you can adjust the map at the top of the screen or bottom to make it more comfortable to play.

This is very useful for new gamers; Just put it where you wish.

Also, you can change its size by dragging the borders. 

6. Join a Guild for Benefits

It is not bad to play Guild Wars 2 solo.

Also, joining a guild does not mean you must be in a group.

But it is nice to join an active guild because you will receive a lot of benefits whether you are new or leveling up a character. 

Members in a guild earn influence by participating in activities and being present.

Hence, if more members take part together, the faster the guild will gain influence to purchase upgrades. 

Also, players can join many guilds without leaving the present guild.

Through representation, all player’s activities award the represented guild. 

Other benefits of joining a guild include taking part in World vs. World to benefit from bonuses, earn influence by participating in events, and many other benefits. 

7. Make Money Faster

Make Money Faster in GW2

Another Guild Wars 2 tip is learning how to make gold faster.

If you are a new gamer, there are many ways to make more gold.

However, making gold depends on activities you decide to take. 

First, you need to understand that gold in GW2 is account-wide, and they share it among all your characters.

If you have multiple characters, you can make a lot of money.

For example, you may have characters with different crafting professions.

Crafting items from each profession can earn you good coin.

Also, you need to understand how the auction house works to make more gold. 

Farming (grinding) is also another great way to earn more.

The good news is that Guild Wars 2 is a fast-paced game.

Hence, a player can farm in different areas.

From completing jumping puzzles to slaying monsters and searching for treasure; Perform a lot of activities over and over to make more gold. 

But you need to understand that farming takes a lot of time and effort.

If you need to make money faster, read the following article: Ways to Make Money in Guild Wars 2.

8. Learn How the Compass Works

The compass is very important in GW2.

It helps with the navigation of player’s surroundings and also shows the target’s location within the area.

Every color or dot shows a different type of target. 

The compass points you towards the nearby objectives such as events, places to discover, and more.

However, this depends on what you are doing.

If you are going towards an event or a place, the compass will point upward.

However, if you are going away from it, it will point downward.

Also, you need to learn the color of the compass when in town, when a player is not in a group, when in the explorable zone, or when in a mission area. 

9. Master your Skills and Traits

Learn to Master your Skills

If you want to be the best version of your race and profession, you need to understand what your skills and traits can do.

It will also help you in the future for crafting. 

Therefore, understand each skill and how you can use it to earn more points, to overcome your enemies, and much more. 

Also, read and study your level up rewards.

This will help you understand how you should equipt your character and also about effective character builds.

By clicking on what shows up in the pop-up, you can read about each stat. 

10. A Beautiful World to Discover

While exploring, make sure you discover all activities you can perform on the map.

For instance, always follow the compass.

It will lead you to events and major places.

Also, ensure you discover new areas on the map to gain experience and unlock hidden areas.

Join world events to tackle harder enemies and get good loot.

World events also help gain experience faster by killing many enemies in one area.

Grab a bunch of your friends and join other groups to complete lots of tasks all around the map.


There are many Guild Wars 2 tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage.

But if you need a bigger GW2 game guide, check out the following post: The Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide.

Overall, the main focus is to find a strategy that works well for your specific character.

Once you master your character, you will notice that playing GW2 is way more fun.

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