Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide (Tips)

Traveling through Tyria is dangerous, this is why we created this Guild Wars 2 beginners guide for newbies.

There is evil lurking around every corner, monsters and dragons are hungry and you look like a big hamburger to them.

If you manage to stay alive, the world of Tyria is a colorful place to visit with hidden treasures waiting for the right adventurers.

Pick up this guide and pack your gear, it’s time to conquer a new world.

Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide for Adventurers


Because of its fame, many gamers are asking what is Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 is a popular MMORPG game developed by ArenaNet.

Whether you are an experienced gamer, the game is one of the best multi-player games you can play.

It comes with action combat, amazing races, exciting landscapes, and a complete universe of stories.

With 2-challenging players and player-modes, this game has become one of the best massively multi-player online role-playing games.

Happily, no subscription required to play the game.

With a reliable internet connection, you can purchase the game and start playing.

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Is Guild Wars 2 Free to Play?

Anyone can play Guild Wars 2 for free.

If you feel you do not want to purchase the game right away, you can play the whole core version of the game for free.

The guild wars 2 f2p account is very exciting and a good option for a new player.

However, the guild wars 2 free trial account has some restrictions on several features.

It is pleasing, appealing, and you can enjoy the game with your friends.

Guild Wars 2 was crafted with beautiful art-like locations for players to discover.

By featuring a story-line open to player actions, many people love playing the game.

Moreover, having a responsive game is not common with other multi-player games.

And because of exciting guild wars 2 cost and lack of subscription fees, the game has attracted over 10 million gamers.

Many gamers play this game with a free trial account.

Though the Guild War 2 free trial account has ensured players do not abuse the game through activities such as spamming, cheating, or botting.

Luckily, with the free account, you can play the entire core version.

What are the features of the free account?

Two character slots, and three bag slots per character.

Playable professions include thief, Elementalist, engineer, guardian, mesmer, necromancer, ranger, and warrior.

In some games you can send messages only to mutual friends unlike in the core of the Guild Wars 2 account where there are no restrictions.

Also, with a free account, the map chat is read-only.

Fortunately, you can upgrade your free account to a Heart of Thorns account or Path of Fire account.

The process is simple and you will have familiarized yourself with the game while playing using the free account.

Upgrading your account or buying the game means unlocking several features and benefits.

You can purchase a digital copy at or purchase a physical copy.

Moreover, you can just upgrade your account online.

If you have a physical or a digital serial code, upgrading your account is very simple.

But if you are stuck, there is an account management page where you can consult on how to redeem or unlock the benefits.

For people who do not have the code, you can get all the expansions and upgrades while you are playing.

Also, you can check guild wars 2 price as you play.

Once you have upgraded your free account, you will need to exit the game, and then log-in to view the extra features and benefits.

What are the Guild Wars 2 Races?

What are the Guild Wars 2 Races?

Guild Wars 2 provides 5 races that include:

  • Asura
  • Charr
  • Norn
  • Human
  • Sylvari

Therefore, when playing Guild Wars 2, you will need to choose professions and races to customize your appearance.

Choosing a race is significant as it has effects on several features; Hence, you need to pick a race wisely.

With Guild Wars 2, the above races are of Tyria species.

And unlike other video games where characters have different weaknesses and strengths, this game does not provide any racial bonuses.

Each race has different physical features; Also, every race has its personal home and capital city.

There are six skills available to every race, and the skills differ by race.

To make choosing the GW2 race easier, below are the five races together with information that will help you make a wonderful choice.

The Guild Wars 2 Asura

One of the most preferred races of Tyria is Asura; They are short but intelligent giants.

According to Asura, you do not need a gigantic body to survive.

As long as you are smart and intellectual, you can conquer your enemies.

Asura is the smartest but the smallest; Also, they are smart monsters.

They are masters of technology and magic of crafts.

Thus, they can create fresh ways to flash.

Since they arrived on the surface, the Asura has grown in mind but not in body size.

Their intelligence has helped them rebuild their civilization.

If you enjoy things like innovation, gadgets, fixing, then Asura will be a superb choice for you.

Moreover, their ears, eyes, and hair are weird; They are funny looking creatures.

Also, if you love wearing goggles, having funny clothing, and love sir Isaac Newton’s work, this is a good race for you.

Because of the Asura smartness, you will jump puzzles and overcome many trials.

Asura is the best bet for innovators; They are small, smart, and their ears perk up when they sense weapons.

Their smartness and confidence are mostly their own enemies; This means the greatest danger of Asura is Asura.

If you are planning to pick the Asura race, it will depend on which college you join.

This is because there are several colleges that include:

*The college of static–this comprises the architects and the builders of the asura.

They create incredible structures.

*The college of dynamics–this comprises gizmo-makers; They have a bond approach to science.

*The college of synergetics–The members believe they are the smartest and the influential thinkers of Asura.

Even though it is important to pick a college, it does not matter which one you pick.

This is because all the Asuras are smart and very intelligent.

For their special skills, you will overcome any handle in the world of technology.

Asura Intel

If you are a new player, avoid choosing the Asura race.

They tend to be a great magic class because of their strong magic knowledge and they can move fast.

Players will need experience timing their jumps and dodges to stay alive.

However, they can be great thieves because of their quickness, but that’s more advance knowledge I can’t reveal yet.

As an experienced player, I’m leaving the Asura class for my later characters.

The Guild Wars 2 Charr


This is a race that was forged in the mercies of the difficulty of war.

This means war defines them.

To them, victory is all that matters; Hence, they will do anything to achieve victory.

Being the aggressive race, they are strong and always ready for war.

They are ruthless, non-entertaining, and restless.

Although they do not look so intelligent, they’re not stupid.

One reason many gamers play Charr is because they are like a group of bloodthirsty wolves.

They have horns and coat patterns, and they are sarcastic.

Since they are large, running and jumping puzzles might be a challenge to them.

Nevertheless, they are skilled, feared, and very useful.

Being a Charr character means you become a high legion member.

Hence, you are registered in the iron legion, a manufacturer of war machines, among other significant features.

And as your character increases, you will gain access to more advanced features and benefits.

Charr Intel

The Charr class are perfect warriors and highly recommend them for new players.

They move faster than the Norn race which means they can be good warriors.

Charr class are also good for support roles like engineers because they are tough.

However, I don’t use them for magical classes because they feel clumsy.

The Guild Wars 2 Norn

Norns are like humans, but they are tall and mighty; But they can turn into a bear or a raven.

The history of Norns is exceptional because it is full of spirits, heroes, and impossible deeds.

They are strong and live each day as it is their last day.

And the arrival of Jormag has changed almost everything for Norn.

This super powerful dragon erupted to the living world from its frozen sleep.

Norns are brave, powerful, and mighty; However, they are not alone in their new home.

Hence, they need to keep fighting for safety and their homes.

Even though most of them have been driven out of their homes by Jormag, their spirit is still intact.

They are always fighting to survive and keep their homes.

And since there are male and female characters, the Norns are just fantastic.

Hence, if you are looking for a fearful character or one that looks gorgeous, Norn is the best choice.

However, they cannot run quick; In most cases, they look like they are moving in slow motion.

This is because of its enormous size and character.

Hence, it might be a challenge for them to jump puzzles.

Once you create a Norn character, you will pick a spirit of the wild to follow.

This means you can have the strength of a bear, run like a wolf, or have the wisdom of like a raven.

Norn Intel

The Norn race are the best starter race in my opinion, based on their sturdiness and hunter-like abilities.

If you’re not sure which race to play, Norn is the best for new players.

Norn excel at close-combat professions like warrior and guardians.

However, they suck at professions that need to move quick because Norn move like turtles.

The Guild Wars 2 Human

In any MMORPG game, humans are the most powerful race.

Therefore, picking a human race in this game means a lot when playing.

In Guild Wars 2, humans have lost their former glory.

Hence, they need to do all they can to bring their glory back, security, and homeland.

Favorably their spirits are alive; Thus the brave humans need to keep fighting.

Humans are proud but loaded; They have lost almost everything, including their gods.

Will they overcome the enemies with their might and intelligence? Surely, they must win.

However, they are boring compared to the other races.

Without horns, funny ears, or weird eyes, they seem to be the most boring race in Guild Wars 2.

Although they are not as strong as other races, such as Norn, they can play any class easily.

They have many interesting backgrounds and stories.

Picking a human character means you need to pick a social class.

They have brought you up in high society, from the middle class, or a poor class.

Also, you need to pick one out of the six gods that include the god of death, Grenth, or Lyssa.

Once your level increases, you attain special skills granted by the gods.

Therefore, you need to keep fighting for you to advance.

Human Intel

Humans are the best all-around race because they can easily adapt to any profession.

New players that want to be daring should pick the human race.

It’s also a great race to experiment many professions to see which one you prefer.

However, the down side is that the human race is the Jack of all Trades but master on none.

The Guild Wars 2 Sylvari

Visiting a City

These plant people are not born, hence they are special.

They are interesting races that can be very useful, particularly in big mobs.

They are fun to play with since they are the youngest in Tyria.

Even though they can take the shape of a human, a closer look shows that their fresh is made of leaves and veins.

Being the youngest does not mean they do not face hurdles.

The encounter challenges from within and without.

Several Sylvari lived under trees while others wander and adventure around; Most are beautiful, young, and calm.

If you are to pick Sylvari a character, it means you will need to choose the time of the day you awake.

Sylvari Intel

Sylvari is an advanced race and new players should avoid them.

They are a magical race similar to Asura but they lean more towards healers.

As a matter fact, I use the Sylvari race for magic professions with healing support.

If you have experience playing, build an Elementalist that focuses on healing your group.

What are the Guild Wars 2 Professions?

Guild Wars 2 professions or Guild Wars 2 classes determine traits, skills, and equipment to use.

There are 8 classes, and each one has a unique theme and style.

  • Engineer
  • Elamentalist
  • Guardian
  • Mesmer
  • Necromancer
  • Thief
  • Warrior
  • Ranger

Happily, these professionals are not restricted by gender or race.

Each one can contribute and support during combat.

However, once you pick a profession for a character, you cannot change it.

Therefore, you need to pick wisely based on your style of play.

Below is a detailed guide that will help you understand Guild Wars 2 professions and ensure you select one based on your play style and personality.

The Guild Wars 2 Engineer

Also known as the masters of havoc, Engineers enjoy working with explosives such as mines, bombs, grenades, and others.

If you love blowing things up, this is an excellent class to consider.

Engineers carry many arsenals wherever they go.

They are strong and have special arms to enhance their power.

Generally, the engineers are cool, very strong, and always ready to fight.

However, if you pick this profession, it is difficult to attack moving objects.

Therefore, if you are playing against a high range class, you might have problems.

But since you are a jack of all trades and you have enough time, you can gather dozens of abilities to win a fight.

But the vital thing is choosing the right weapon to use at the right time.

And with weapon kits, backpack kits, and turrets, the engineers can activate their weapon kits, deploy bombs and mines, and disperse healing mist to help allies.

The Guild Wars 2 Elementalist

Elementalist is the class of fire, wind, earth, electricity, and other elemental forces.

However, they do not have the physical toughness needed for tough battles.

It is an entertaining class that is fast-paced.

You can wrap your enemies in an electrical web or burn them in a ditch of fire.

Furthermore, you can use your elements to heal yourself or your allies.

Most people love picking this profession because it comes with the most entertaining skills.

Unlike engineers who are slow, Elementalists are fast.

But you need to know that losing health is easier as an Elementalist.

Another advantage of Elementalists is that they can easily adapt to any threat by harnessing the power of their elements.

Their weapons can change to suit the element.

With fire, water, air, and earth, the Elementalists can cause damages to multiple enemies by raining molten rocks from the sky.

Also, they can run like wind or rejuvenate their allies with water.

The Guild Wars 2 Guardian

The Guild Wars 2 Guardian

Just like a proper guardian, the work of the guardians is to protect and support their allies.

Hence, they are equipped and smart.

Also, they are selfless and always ready to support the associates whenever they are at war.

Therefore, if you are looking for a class with great healing powers, you can protect your friends, and provide excellent defenses with shields.

The best pick is the guardian; However, guardians cannot be left alone.

If you leave your guardians, they can be picked.

Therefore, they must be in a group because they become weak when left alone.

Being an excellent supportive fighter, guardians have the virtue of justice, courage, and resolve.

Moreover, they have special skills and spiritual might.

Hence, they can burn enemies, block an incoming attack, or use their spirit weapons.

The Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

Mesmers are preferred by many people because they are very entertaining.

They are magical fighters who have spells and many illusions.

But they are not the hardest class.

This means they are powerful and entertaining, but not for causing mayhem.

They can create duplications of themselves when attacking their enemies.

And they have illusions that will persist as long as the enemy is alive to see them.

As a Mesmer, you can easily evade an attack with teleportation, and offer damage buffs of fury or might.

They use clones which are illusions that look like their caster, phantasms which are transparent images of the caster, and use shatters to confuse the enemies.

Also, they have spells such as Mantras and Glamour.

The Guild Wars 2 Necromancer

Necromancers are friends of death; They are dangerous as they feed on a life force.

They weaken the enemy by sucking the blood or stealing life.

Nevertheless, they can cheat death on themselves.

They are hard to kill because they draw the life force from their enemies.

If you want to keep taking the life force from your enemies, this is an excellent class to consider. 

With their special power, they can terrify their enemies and comfort their allies.

They are not easily killed because of their special skills.

They can perform rituals to create wells of dark power; This will torture their enemies.

Also, they can summon undead minions like blood friends to help steal health and be able to defend themselves and attack the opponents.

The Guild Wars 2 Thief

Just like the name suggests, a thief is a crook even in Guild Wars 2.

And one of the best reasons for being a thief is stealing from your opponents.

Being a thief means you have powers and the ability to move away from your enemies quick.

Hence, you are invisible, and you have a special skill of moving quick.

It also means you need to keep moving around, cause invisible assaults, and evade attacks.

Thieves move through shadows and can easily vanish through the thin air.

Also, they are familiar with acrobatic fighting styles, making it hard to fight them.

However, they rely on the initiative to power their attacks.

They have stealing skills to seize weapons and they can gather feathers from moa birds.

Also, they have dual skills that help them combine weapons they have stolen from their foes.

They can enter stealth mode; This means they can become invisible when attacking or stealing weapons.

Besides, they can use shadow step skill to cause a surprise attack and use the skill to return to their previous position.

The Guild Wars 2 Warrior

A Victory Fight

If you are looking for an easier profession to master, Warrior is the best.

And as the name suggests, Warriors have speed, they are strong, and are always ready for war.

They can sacrifice their health to deal with their enemies.

Luckily, they have special fighting skills; they have the strength needed in a battle, but they can die easily when attacked.

The more they stay in a fight, the dangerous they become.

And since they have a wide range of skills, they can easily conquer a battle.

Some of their battle skills include stances and banners.

Stances help to enhance the warrior’s combat abilities or help them ignore attacks that can knock them down.

Also, they can summon banners to improve their allies’ attacks or to increase their defenses.

Warriors gain adrenaline with any positive attack; And they can use the adrenaline to unleash an attack.

Fortunately, the more adrenaline they have, the more powerful they become.

The Guild Wars 2 Ranger

Do you love pets? A ranger can carry a pet around.

Whether you want to have a bird or a good royal pet at your command, the profession gives you the power.

Rangers can adapt to any situation and have many healing abilities.

This means they are one of the easiest professions.

Rangers are easy to use and master, have pets that help stun the enemies, and have distance weapons such as bows.

Some pets you can have include dogs, birds, undersea monsters, wild animals, and many others.

Happily, every pet has unique skills.

Therefore, you need to pick a reliable pet that will fight your enemies as you explore Tyria.

Some special skills that rangers have include traps and spirits.

They can use traps on the battlefield to freeze or poison the enemies.

Also, they can summon nature spirits to be on their side.

How is the Guild Wars 2 Gameplay?

Guild Wars 2 has an abandoned thicket and marvellous adventure for you and your allies to explore.

It is a game with a beautiful art style, an enormous world, and amazing twists on typical mechanics.

Also, the storyline is alluring.

Below is a guide that will help you understand Guild Wars 2 gameplay.


In Guild Wars 2, combat is fast-paced, flexible, and lively.

And in every profession, there are impressive weapons and powers.

So as you explore the land, you will unlock a wide range of skills, massive weapons, and traits.

And the more your character grows, the more powerful you become.

This attracts more skills and explores wider territories.

For instance, you can call firestorms from above, manipulate time, or summon birds of prey.

With Guild Wars 2, you decide how to play your character with great customized specializations.

You can explore Tyria alone or with allies; Happily, every profession excels at combat.

Instanced combat

The instance is a game area created and maintained for a small group of players.

Instanced location includes dungeons, strike missions, raids, and the fractals of the mists among others.

Dungeons–are private adventure regions for a team of 5 gamers.

It allows you to challenge some of the deadliest enemies in their own area.

If you enjoy probing the secrets of Tyria, Dungeons might be perfect for you.

The fractals of the mist–They represent the echo of Tyrian history.

Some are recognizable and recorded while it has lost others.

By playing fractals of the mist, you earn new weapons, gear, and much more.

Raids–This combat area compromises of 10 players where you and your teammates are put to a test.

You will manage your position, dodge, and coordinate situations.

Guild Wars 2 Jumping puzzles

This is a puzzle where a gamer is required to find the correct route to the end.

Some GW2 jumping puzzles include loreclaw expanse, crimson plateau, wall breach, blitz, and many others.

The reward for solving the puzzles resets every day per account.

Therefore, completing a puzzle means every player will get an achievement.

It is a significant challenge that makes the game entertaining and engaging.

Dynamic events


Guild Wars 2 comes alive because of the actions of players.

No matter how you play, you do not know what to expect since there are dynamic events.

The game encourages players to come together, help one another, and conquer.

There are consequences when you play as a team or when you help each other.

However, if you feel you want to fight on your own, you can do it.

There are enough tools and skills to keep you going.

Also, you need to know your actions affect the world around you.

Happily, every area has a unique dynamic event.

Personal story

Although Tyria was shaped by its past, you need to play a role in its future.

You can do this by creating a unique character, uncovering fresh revelations, and answering questions with the moves you make.

Your story starts when you create your first character.

This means your character’s race will determine the city to call home.

Also, your story will guide you through various chapters, adventures, and life.

Several episodes will help explore new zones, get rewards, and progress to the next level.

For example, you will move from your home city to the dead city of Orr.

Also, you will form alliances, get threats, and more information about Tyria.

It is up to you to make a great story.

Competitive Play

Competitive play is not hard, but you will encounter several challenges, especially if you are a new player.

Whether you join matches with small groups or join many gamers in grand battles of world vs. world or player vs. player, the competition is tough.

*Player vs. Player–This is a fight between players.

It is a group of players contesting to eliminate one another, battle over ancient ruins or fight to defeat their lord.

*World vs. World–You can join the world vs. world fight for a heroic experience.

However, it is difficult since there are hundreds of players.

Three enormous armies are fighting for control of castles, raid enemy territories, or clash in an open field of battle.

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What is the Guild Wars 2 Map?

Guild Wars 2 Map is a user interface element that is used to orient players and help to travel using several waypoints.

A map can also be referred to as a zone or explorable zone.

Every zone has different waypoints, vistas, hero challenges, renowned hearts, and points of interest.

Guild Wars 2 interactive map is very essential to all Guild Wars 2 players.

It presents general information, shows events, nearby locations, and recent paths for most characters.

There is also a compass that works like a map.

Players communicate with party members by drawing on the compass or the map.

Learn GW2 Map Icons to Survive

Several map icons are very helpful to all players.

They hide some while are others are not hidden.

Hence, it is essential to learn more about these map icons.

Some icons show party members, non-party allies, fallen allies, and personal stories.

One important icon is Guild Wars 2 Vistas.

These are interactive objects that generate an associated cinematic.

Since they are hard to reach, the map can be useful.

Various types of icons are the basic icons, map completion, NPC services, Guild services, Path of Fire icons, Heart of Thorn icons, and other map icons.

When the map is open, you can display a small menu by clicking on the eye symbol.

This will help you locate locations when some icons overlap each other.

It is also useful when you want to hide some icons and search for a specific icon.

Where are the Guild Wars 2 Zones?

PVP Arena Fight Night

Guild Wars 2 zone is also known as a map; It is a large area that includes several small areas.

In GW2, every zone has its own set of activities and objectives.

Some of GW2 zones include:

  • Caledon Forest–This is a low-level zone found in the Maguuma jungle.
  • Metrica province–GW2 Metrica province is another low-level zone in Maguuma jungle.
  • Plains of Ashford–It is one of the 2 territories of Iron legion.
  • Wayfarer Foothills–It is a zone found in Shiverpeak Mountains.
  • Brisban Wildlands–This is another zone in the Maguuma jungle.
  • Diessa Plateau–Diessa Plateau is a low-level area in Ascalon.
  • Kessex Hills–Guild wars 2 Kessex Hills is a zone in Kryta.
  • Snowden drifts–This is another zone in Shiverpeak Mountains.
  • Gendarran Fields–Gendarran Fields are located in Kryta.
  • Fields of Ruin–We find it in the Ascalon region.

These are just a few of the original release zones to explore in Guild Wars 2.

There are also post-launch zones that are added through expansions and releases.

What are Guild Wars 2 Pets?

Pets are allies of the ranger’s profession.

In Guild Wars 2, there are 18 pet families including birds, bears, canines, and others.

Some are flying pets, while others are underwater pets.

GW2 pets are only available to the ranger who tamed them, and they cannot be shared.

Happily, there are several friendly guild wars 2 juvenile pets to tame.

When choosing a pet, you need to consider guild wars 2 pet locations, family, player chatter, skill, and attributes.

Guild Wars 2 pets have unique skills and attributes.

Nevertheless, a pet level is the same as that of the ranger.

They have 4 skilled based on their species and family.

The 18 guild wars 2 pet families are:

Armored Fish–They are fish with plated heads.

Bear–A mammal found in Tyria.

Bird–A term comprising chicken and non-critter avians.

Bristleback–They have sharp claws and thick hides.

Canine–Another type of mammals that resemble dogs or foxes.

Devourer–Scorpion-like pets.

Drake–They are semi-aquatic reptiles.

Feline–Another mammal found in Tyria.

Iboga–They are plant creatures that look like serpents.

Jacaranda–They are other plant creatures that you can find half-buried in the ground.

Jellyfish–Aquatic animals that resemble an umbrella.

Moa–They are birds found throughout Tyria.

Porcine–Another type of mammal you will find in Tyria.

Rock Gazelle–Crystal desert animals found in the wild or domesticated farms.

Shark–Dangerous aquatic animals in almost all water bodies in Tyria.

Smokescale–A saurians found in Heart of Maguuma.

Spider–A spider found in Tyria.

Wyvern–Flying creatures found in Heart of Maguuma cliffs and canopies.

What is Guild Wars 2 Karma?

This is a currency that players used to buy items from vendors.

Guild wars 2 karma vendors include NPCs, Renown Hearts, and master craftsmen.

You can get karma from hearts, events, a fractal of the mists, karma consumables, and wintersday activities.

There are karma consumables that can be acquired from day-to-day activities.

You can also get them from special events.

We find, even through karma sources, that we can increase them through karma modifiers, players cannot increase karma consumables.

What is Guild Wars 2 Luck?

Luck is a mechanic that increases the chances of finding magical items.

Since players start with no luck, it can be increased by taking Essences of Luck.

We can view the amount of luck we get in the achievements tab.

What are Guild Wars 2 Hero Points?

These are points or currencies that are used to advance characters through traits and training skills.

You can use hero points to unlock several skills.

Leveling up and completing hero challenges are some methods used to gain the points.

There are different levels, and each level has several points to be gained.

The levels include:

Hero Challenge–This is a gigantic task when completed, it rewards the hero with much points.

Maguuma Wastes–This is a deadly area in the north of the Tarnished Coast.

The completion of the level will earn you 11 points.

Heart of Maguuma–It is a region at the west of the Tarnished Coast; Here, you will earn around 400 hero points.

Crystal desert–You earn around 290 hero points.

Apart from the above levels, others include Central Tyria, Krait Obelisk Shard, and world vs. world that offers several hero points.

What are Guild Wars 2 Event Timers?


One of the most essential tools for GW2 is Guild Wars 2 timers.

Since many significant events occur on a set timer, the tool provides the event timer.

From World Bosses to Player vs. Player tournaments and all the events taking place in all the expansions, the timer is very helpful.

One of the primary reasons you need Guild Wars 2 boss timers is to help you keep up with the boss events.

These are events you do not want to miss.

They attract many players, and it is an excellent strategy to earn high-level equipment.

Guild Wars 2 World Boss timer is for all gamers who want to track all the exciting events in the world of Tyria.

What are Guild Wars 2 Guilds?

For you to make new friends or connect to a community, you need guilds.

A guild in GW2 has a list of members and its own channel.

Happily, members can contest to get a guild hall or buy upgrades like shared item vaults, leveling bonuses, and a chance to have a party.

You can create your own guild or join an exciting one.

Guilds enable players to play together, party together and get rewards.

Starting a guild is challenging, especially for new players.

But when you join an established guild, there are several benefits such as socializing with many players, accessing the guildhall, sharing items, and learning from veteran players.

Since there are many guilds, you need to choose a guild to join carefully.

It is not wise to select at random; Look for a guild close to your personal preferences.

The good news is that you can join up to 5 Guilds.

Hence, determine the pros and cons of every guild before joining.

What is Guild Wars 2 WvW?

Guild Wars 2 World versus World also referred to as WvW is a game mode where players from 3 different worlds fight in the Mists.

It is open-world combat available on the five large maps.

In World vs World, gamers can siege items, fight over resources, or compete to win world experience.

Hence, this game mode is an interesting experience for veteran players.

Free to play accounts can access the mode once the character reaches level 60.

However, paid accounts can access the mode at level 31; Asura gates lead to the WvW map.

Happily, every WvW map has Asura gates for players to travel to other maps.

You can also return to your location by selecting Leave the Mist.

The world vs. world has a great rewarding system.

There are passive rewards, loot-based rewards, gear rewards, and event rewards.

Concerning the maps, you need to be familiar with eternal battlegrounds and borderlands.

This is because there are benefits while playing or eternal battleground or borderlands.

What is Guild Wars 2 PVP?

It is a game mode that allows players to take part in competitive games against each other.

Player vs Player is a very exciting game for beginners and veteran players.

It is quick to join and easy to learn Guild Wars 2 PvP.

However, it provides many challenges to new gamers and casual players.

When you play GW2 player vs. player, you earn points, slay enemies, and get amazing rewards.

There are several PvP modes in guild wars 2.

They include Structured PvP, Conquest, Automated tournament, Stronghold, and many others.

What is Guild Wars 2 Crafting?

Crafting is among the most common guild wars 2 jobs.

It is turning crafting materials into consumables or equipment.

They get crafting materials through looting, gathering, salvaging, or purchasing from the vendors.

In Guild Wars 2, different crafting disciplines include Jeweler, Scribe, Leatherworker, Huntsman, Tailor, and Armorsmith among others.

Crafting is done at select stations in all the cities.

However, only two disciplines can be active at a time in every character.

Although, you can add 2 more using crafting licenses.

To learn a specific craft, you will need to contact the relevant master craftsman.

The master craftsman has all the information you need concerning the specific discipline, including basic questions.

Below are the common crafting disciplines.

The Guild Wars 2 Jeweler


This is a discipline that emphasizes on things such as rings, amulets, earrings, and many others.

All these things are very useful to all the professions; A jeweler needs a station to craft the items.

The Guild Wars 2 Armor Smith

A discipline of making heavy armor used by soldiers.

Armor smiths also craft boxes, and runes used by various professions.

It is also a discipline that requires a station.

You can contact an NPC to become an armor smith.

The Guild Wars 2 Artificer

There are various magic weapons used by various professions.

Artificer is a discipline that makes magical weapons that include staves, foci, scepters, tridents, and many others.

All these weapons are very useful to Mesmers, Elementalists, revenants, guardians, necromancers, and daredevils.

The Guild Wars 2 Chef

Another guild wars 2 job is the Chef.

It is a discipline that focuses on dyes and food.

These are things that are very useful to professions; It requires a crafting station. 

The Guild Wars 2 Huntsman

The work of a huntsman is crafting ranged weapons such as longbows, short bows, pistols, rifles, war horns, and many others.

All these items are very useful to various professions, but mainly to warriors and rangers.
They are also good at crafting enhancements and sigils.

The Guild Wars 2 leatherworker

A leatherworker makes medium armor helpful to rangers, thieves, and engineers.

Apart from medium armor, they are good at making packs and runes to be used by any profession.

Guild Wars 2 Scribe–This is guild crafting, which is available from the workshop.

Scribers make valuable items that benefit the guild, but not individuals.

And they put the crafted items into the guild store, not an individual player store.

The Guild Wars 2 Tailor

This is another discipline that crafts light armor for Mesmers, necromancers, and Elementalists.

They also make bags and runes that are very useful to all professions.

The Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmith

Melee weapons are important in GW2.

Happily, weapon smith is a discipline that crafts melee weapons that include daggers, swords, axes, hammer, great swords, spears, maces, and many others.

These are useful weapons to many professions including thieves, rangers, warriors, guardians, and revenants.

They also craft nourishments and sigils used by all the professions.

What kind of Guild Wars 2 weapons are there?

Guild Wars 2 has different weapons; They are equipment that characters use in battle.

Every profession has access to a particular selection of weapons.

Moreover, every profession uses weapons differently.

For instance, a warrior uses an axe to build adrenaline quickly while a ranger uses the axe as a throwing hatchet.

Guild Wars 2 weapons can be gained in various ways that include:

  • As starting equipment
  • Bought from a vendor
  • Bought from the trading post
  • Crafted via various disciplines
  • Rewards after completing sections of a personal story, after completing dungeon mode, or a reward after eliminating a raid boss.

Among the most GW2 sought weapons are Legendary Weapons.

Guild Wars 2 Legendary weapons are high-end weapons that have amazing appearances.

We can create them in the Mystic Forge.

Most legendary weapons need a variety of various materials and items to craft them.

It also depends on the generation of the weapon and the weapon.

First generation legendary weapons

They released the first generation of Legendary Weapons at the launch of Guild Wars 2 and the second generation released during Heart of Thorns updates.

Some first generation weapons include Bolt, Frenzy, Howler, The Dreamer, Sunrise, The Moot, The Predator, The Juggernaut, Howler, and many others.

Second generation legendary weapons 

The second-generation weapons are more refined than the first-generation weapons.

They include Eureka, Hope, Sharur, and many others.

Does Guild Wars 2 have Armor?

Guild Wars 2 completing personal quests
Engaging in a PVE fight

There are different armor classes in Guild Wars 2, and they all respond to professional types.

Armor is gear worn to offer a defense against any direct harm in combat.

It also offers protection against harmful conditions.

To gain armor, it will depend on the armor you need.

For example, Scholars prefer light armor, adventures choose medium armor, and the soldiers pick the heaviest armor.

Some methods to get armor are:

  • Looting
  • Buying from Non-player-characters
  • Crafting
  • Purchasing from other players
  • Being rewarded for finishing specific personal story steps
  • Being rewarded for completing collections
  • Compensated for completing living world episodes

There are several slots of armor to cover the head, chest, shoulders, legs, hands, and feet.

You can also gain a breathing apparatus to help you when underwater.

Various types of Guild Wars 2 armor sets are grouped based on the method of acquirement.

There is Guild Wars 2 ascended armor gained through looting, and crafted armor attained through crafting, and Guild Wars 2 Legendary Armor gained through achievements. 

What is the Guild Wars 2 Mystic Forge?

Guild Wars 2 Mystic Forge is a crafting station that upgrades equipment.

It raises the level of crafting materials to produce legendary weapons.

Mystic Forge has a variety of recipes that can be divided into sub-pages that include Equipment, material promotion, and miscellaneous.

Some locations with Mystic Forge attendants include Crystal desert, Heart of Maguuma, Kryta, and The Mists.

Mystic Forge can mix 4 items of equipment to make one item of equal value or higher quality.

The station is used to promote crafting materials to a higher level.

The ingredients used depends on the targeted tier.

What can you store in the Guild Wars 2 bank?

In Guild Wars 2, you can visit bankers in all towns and cities.

This is the place where you can deposit and retrieve items and coins.

Here you store coins and items, access material storage, and view skins in wardrobe storage.

Guild Wars 2 bank is an account where you store various items.

Also, you can use the items in the bank to exchange characters.

To have an account, you need to speak to a banker or visit a crafting station.

In the material storage, the tab can hold 250 for every item.

However, you can increase the capacity by buying storage expanders.

Some items you can store include:

  • Basic crafting materials–materials for making basic items.
  • Advanced crafting materials–are used to craft sigils, runes, and other items.
  • Jewels–Materials used by jewelers. 
  • Ascended materials–These are materials used to make legendary and ascended weapons.
  • Gemstones–Used by jewelers.
  • Cooking materials–Raw cooking materials.
  • Ingredients–Partially ready cooking materials.
  • Scribing materials–Materials used by scribes.
  • Festive materials–These are materials used during festive events.

Does Guild Wars 2 have an Auction House?

In Guild Wars 2, there is an auction house also known as the trading post where you can buy items or sell unwanted items.

Trading post allows gamers from all worlds to trade with each other.

Some things sold at the auction house include armor, weapons, skins, inventory bags, and crafting materials.

All the trades are autonomous and anonymous.

A player can post an offer to sell or buy without locating a trading partner.

To purchase an item, you can buy instantly based on the volume or just place an order.

Once you place an order, it holds the coins until the transaction is canceled or they find a seller.

To sell items, you can sell instantly or list your items.

By listing an item, you match other sellers to search for a buyer.

They hold the items until they cancel a transaction, or they find a buyer.

What can I buy in the Guild Wars 2 Store?


There are many things you can buy in the Guild Wars 2 Store including convenience items, character updates, costumes, account upgrades, unlock packs, cosmetics, and many others.

The GW2 store or Guild Wars 2 Gem store uses a currency known as Gems.

This means you need the currency (gems) to purchase things at the store.

With Guild Wars 2 gems, you can buy many items.

There are different ways on how to gain gems.

You can purchase them with actual money, use a Guild Wars 2 gem card to redeem points, or trade Guild Wars 2 gold for gems.

The GW2 Store has Many Useful Items

They divide the store into several sections to help you choose unique items.

There is the home section, games section, and many more.

They deliver most of the items purchased via mail.

Before purchasing items in the store, it is essential to learn more about items, how much you need, and whether it is worth using your gems.

You can visit Wiki to get more information before making a purchase.

Additionally, some items are permanently in the Gem store while others are seasonal offers.

Account upgrades and character upgrades are some items permanently sold at the Gem store.

But you will find different art and convenience items being sold on special events.

Below are the top items to buy in GW2 Gem store:


One of the most valuable items you can get at the store is an upgrade.

From account upgrade to character slots, you need an upgrade to move to a different level.

With an upgrade, your gameplay experience will change.

Character upgrades

This will ensure you access new areas, have a new personal story, new attire, and many more.

It also gives you the energy to fight more enemies.

Hence, you cannot go wrong by picking a new character slot.

Character upgrade is vital, especially if you are to explore new territories.

Happily, you can get a bag slot expansion, build template expansion, identity repair kit, name change contract, equipment expansion, and many more.

Account upgrades

It means additional gaming experience.

Since you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, having an account upgrade can help.

You can have bank tab expansion, additional crafting experience, basic leather pack, and many more.

The process is also simple.


There are many toys at the gem store.

And with a few gems, you can get the best game items.

There are miniatures, travel toys, musical instruments, held toys, spawned toys, chairs, and others.


You can gain skin combinations in the gem store.

This will help you overcome your enemies and jump various puzzles.

However, you need to choose wisely.

Happily, there are style combos, utility and upgrade combos, and many others.


Other items you need to purchase are utilities.

This will improve your life in Tyria.

In the gem store, there are supplies such as item booster and Guild Wars 2 XP boost, town services such as bank access express, gathering tools, and many uncategorized items.

These are just a few of the items you can purchase at the GW2 gem store.

Hence, it is important to understand items that are worth your gems.

This will ensure you fight your enemies with ease, jumping puzzles, and win prizes.

These items will also ensure you get the best experience while playing Guild Wars 2.

Whether it is just an account upgrade or having some toys, buying items at the store is always exciting.

It is also vital to know the gold to gem exchange rate.

Keep in mind that the rate is not constant, gold rate keeps changing every day.

Therefore, when the rate is high, that is the best time to exchange.

Read more about making money in GW2 with the following guide: 7 Ways to Make Money in Guild Wars 2.

Does Guild Wars 2 have Expansions?

Does Guild Wars 2 have Expansions?

Guild Wars 2 is a famous online role-playing game with numerous expansions.

Expansions, also known as Expansion Packs, are new upgrades for GW2.

They are additional content and are only available to people who purchase them.

The expansion packs bring in additional features such as elite specializations, new episodes (Living World), mounts, systems for defeating enemies, and accessibility to new areas.

You will also find new zones, masteries, and new raids.

Fortunately, you can purchase the Guild Wars 2 expansions at official stores and sites.

Apart from adding a new gaming experience, Guild Wars 2 addons are popular for changing gameplay.

With new characters, gaming areas, and objects, the player receives a fresh experience.
It is worth getting the expansions.

This is because old content might get repetitive and you need to explore new territories.

GW2 New Expansions Never Disappoint

From the gameplay to new sections and characters, everything is exciting.

Although most Guild Wars 2 DLC is designed by game creators, there are some enhancements developed by third parties.

Happily, these enhancements are legal and do not break any law.

However, you need to be careful where and how you get the content.

The expansions are amazing because they introduce new raids, episodes, remarkable characters, and an interesting storyline.

Even though the sound, art, and code used are from the original game, they bring new enthusiasm to the game.

And since Guild Wars 2 has episodes, every player wants to be part of the next episode.

GW2 Episodes add Depth to Gameplay

The episodes, known as Guild Wars 2 Living World, are unlocked as you play.

You can unlock them for free during the episode release window or click the ‘Buy Now’ button.

GW2 expansions are standalone products; This means you can purchase them separately.

You need not have purchased the previous installments or expansions to enjoy the new expansions.

But even though there are standalone products, it does not mean the gameplay is different.

With or without the previous expansions, you can have a purchase and enjoy the game.

One benefit of purchasing expansions is that you get access to new content.

Every expansion has new zones, and instances to enhance your gaming experience.

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns

The Heart of Thorns is the first expansion for GW2.

Although it was released in October 2015, the pre-purchase was made available in June 2015.

Also, the game was a free-play game from August 2015, but this version has fewer slots and many restrictions.

They introduced the Revenant profession in this expansion.

It comes with a heavy armor class and focuses on the power of the legend.

Some usage legends include the demon, dwarf, dragon, assassin, and many others.

Among the other things introduced in this expansion are the new maps.

New Guild Wars 2 Map Areas

The areas have themed regions, darker forestation, and look more dangerous than before.

Besides, there are underground warrens, foreboding vegetation, and exciting forest.

Also, there is a new world vs. world map that replaced the exciting borderlands.

There are also significant improvements to the guilds, player vs. player, and commanders.

The Heart of Thorns brought new challenges, new specializations, and other outstanding features.

It also changed Player vs. Player content.

Because of these significant changes, the expansion received a grand reception.

GW2 Heart of Thorns brought a fresh experience.

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, it is an expansion you can play with ease.

With a new story and an alternative way to level up your character, the expansion is worth the price.

Because of the recent changes, it might be a good idea for a new gamer to test the base game before getting this expansion.

But for veterans, it is a significant expansion.

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire

The Path of Fire is the second expansion for GW2.

They released it in September 2017.

It is an incredible expansion pack that introduces new things that include elite specialization, mounts, and accessibility to new areas.

There are also new raids, enemies, and other additional features.

This expansion has two episodes, the Living World Season 4 and Guild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga.

They have brought tough challenges and new specializations.

Also, the storyline is emotional, more beautiful, and there are new mounts.

The developer also introduced Guild Wars 2 Heroic edition that has a heroic pack.

The pack has several items for digital gamers and several benefits.

Although you cannot get The Heart of Thorns content or new expansions, the Heroic edition is more improved.

What are the specializations in GW2?

PVP Fight

Guild Wars 2 specializations are also referred to as trait lines.

This is a mechanic that permits gamers to customize their characters.

By choosing a specialization, you can concentrate on several aspects of any profession.

And based on your character level, you can select up to 3 specializations.

Happily, with GW2 specializations, you can switch back and forth when you are out of combat.

However, you need to have different builds ready for a different content.

Below is a quick guide about GW2 specializations and what they offer.

This will help you know where to spend more time and energy.

The Guild Wars 2 Druid

Under the ranger profession, there are several specializations and one of the most common is Druid.

It is an elite specialization that grants you access to staves and the celestial avatar.

Also known as the most powerful healer, you can now befriend new creatures.

However, healing skills can change based on whether they empower the Druid as an avatar.

The Guild Wars 2 Soulbeast

Another elite specialization under the ranger profession is Soulbeast.

Since you can have a pet as a ranger, you can merge your pet to enter a new mechanic known as Beastmode.

Hence, you will take power from wild animals to enhance combat damage and conditions.

Its minor traits offer additional damage, and major traits empower your stances.

The Guild Wars 2 Dragonhunter

You can hunt your targets with the Dragonhunter.

This is an amazing elite specialization for the guardian profession.

It focuses on trap skills and offers extra damage; Hence, you can have access to various traps and longbows.

The Guild Wars 2 Firebrand

Firebrand is another elite specialization for the guardian profession.

It emphasizes on mantra skills and allows you to use several skills before recharging.

The Guild Wars 2 Herald

Do you want improved health, then Herald specialization is a good choice.

This is an elite specialization for the Revenant profession.

It is a powerful specialization offering maximum health, movement spread, and more boons.

The Guild Wars 2 Renegade

This elite specialization comes with several benefits.

If you want to cause more damages to your enemies, you may consider renegade.

It also provides access to short bows, superb fighting skills, and many more.

The Guild Wars 2 Berserker

For higher damage and burning, you need a specialization like a berserker.

It is an elite specialization for the warrior profession.

Mainly, it focuses on adding new berserk mode and adrenaline.

This gives you access to off-torches and a new resource known as Rage.

The major traits include blood reaction and bloody roar.

The Guild Wars 2 Spellbreaker

The other warrior elite specialization is Spellbreaker.

Here, you will access meditation skills, daggers, and a new mechanic known as Full Counter.

You can absorb the next enemy strike.

It is an amazing specialization where skilled gamers can easily block a powerful attack.

The Guild Wars 2 Scrapper

This is a very helpful elite specialization for the engineer profession.

Here you get a new mechanic known as Function Gyro.

The new mechanic provides Gyro skills and AoE wells.

Also, you can offer a lot of utilities to your allies and teammates.

With Function Gyro, the Scrapper provides a lot of value.

It has minor traits that provide temporary barriers and bursts of speed.

The Guild Wars 2 Holosmith

Another engineer elite specialization is Holosmith.

With condition setup and power, this specialization works very well.

It provides a new resource known as Heat linked with a new profession mechanic known as Photon Forge.

Once you activate it, you get access to new skills.

The Guild Wars 2 Daredevil

This is an elite specialization for the thief profession.

It offers access to extra blocks, physical skills, and unlocks staff as melee protection.

Thanks to the major traits, you can get extra value from endurance and dodging.

Happily, it is easy to play as it provides auto-attacks.

The Guild Wars 2 Deadeye

Fighting a Skull spirit

The second and among the favorite elite specialization for thief profession is Deadeye.

It offers a lot of damage and gives new skills.

And by stealing with a new mechanic, known as Deadeye’s Mark, you can easily strengthen single target damage.

For DPS builds, Deadeye specialization is another remarkable option.

The Guild Wars 2 Tempest

Tempest is a very helpful elite specialization for the Elementalist profession.

You can store up your elemental magic, improve Aura share, and grant access to warhorns.

Also, the overload skills provided are powerful and useful.

This is a specialization that is mostly used to support builds.

Besides, overload skill can deliver a lot of damage.

The Guild Wars 2 Weaver

Another Elementalist elite specialization is Weaver.

It provides a lot of options like unlocking swords as the main hand weapons and offer access to stances.

Also, there is improved damage, self-sustain, and grand movement.

It also brings a new mechanic known as a Dual attack.

This helps you to combine 2 weapons at the same time.

Therefore, for multiple damages, Weaver is a good specialization.

The Guild Wars 2 Chronomancer

Chronomancer is a Mesmer elite specialization.

It helps to manipulate time by speed, slow, or crowd control.

Hence, it is a very supportive specialization.

It also grants access to wells, shields, and shatter skills.

It is a specialization that allowed Mesmers to become valuable and cherished.

The Guild Wars 2 Mirage

This is another Mesmer elite specialization that is also very useful.

Mirage helps to unlock several skills and allows access to ambush, deception skills, and axes.

The minor traits offer additional condition damage and speed.

And the major traits provide extra empowerment on your combat.

Hence, it is a fun and very helpful specialization.

The Guild Wars 2 Reaper

Reaper is a Necromancer elite specialization that mainly focuses on shout skills.

The minor traits in this specialization allow you to impose chill and increased damage on your enemies.

And the major traits focus on getting additional value.

The Reaper specialization is a very useful spec for open-world setups.

The Guild Wars 2 Scourge

Scourge is the second elite specialization for the Necromancer profession.

It concentrates on unity and supporting your group.

Also, it gives access to punishment skills and torches.

The minor traits offer additional boons and the major traits synergize empowering the shades.

For strong Necromancer builds, you may need Scourge.

What are Guild Wars 2 Mounts?

Traveling around Tyria was not a simple task before introducing mounts.

But when the mounts we introduced, they brought a great mode of transport.

However, they came with new tricks and challenges.

Getting a mount is a challenge in GW2.

Guild Wars 2 mounts are creatures you can use to improve your travel through the Crystal desert and the world of Tyria.

So, for someone looking for an alternative way to explore Tyria or train your companions, you need to get a mount.

But you need to be at a certain level of play to get the mount. 

GW2 Mounts are Rewarding

Since there is a vast world that needs to be explored and marvellous adventures, traveling by foot might not work.

Therefore, mounts will help you explore every area, overcome many challenges, and empower your enemies.

A mount guarantees a speed boost and gets many useful bonuses. 

Mounts are different and none look the same.

You can ride on these creatures to move around Tyria.

Happily, you can get a flying mount and dragon mount among others.

However, each one has its own requirements on how you can get them.

Therefore, before you get a mount, ensure you know its strengths and weaknesses.

Various types of mounts in Guild Wars 2 include:

Raptor–this is the easiest mount you can get. Once you reach the Crystal Desert, you can get Raptor mount.

Springer–to get the mount, you need to train the Raptor so it can unlock a skill known as Canyon jumping.

Skimmer–after unlocking the Crayon Jumping skill, you get the Skimmer mount.

Jackal–to have this mount, you will need a springer, a skimmer, and travel around the desert.

Other types of mounts are Guild Wars 2 Griffon, and Roller Beetle.

Guild Wars 2 Dragon Mount

Guild Wars 2 Dragon Mount

Among the most powerful mounts in Tyria are the dragons.

They are great and available in many forms.

Also, you will find them in various shapes, sizes, and species.

The species includes drakes, wyverns, hydras, and Skyscales among others.

Skyscale is the common dragon you need to consider.

To get this mount, you need to complete Descent the last story of War eternal episode.

Skyscale is useful and powerful.

They have great wings to lift themselves in the air and to maintain altitude.

Hence, you can reach great heights with a GW2 dragon mount.

The cost of owning Skyscale is not so high.

It is fast and a good one that will ensure you move around with ease.

It is not bad looking, and it might be what you need to traverse Tyria.

Guild Wars 2 flying mounts are among the most surprising mounts.

Since it is tiresome to walk around and there are many enemies, this mount comes in handy.

However, you need to unlock several handles to enjoy the benefits that come with a flying mount.

How to get a mount in GW2?

When looking for the best strategy to approach a battle, there are several things you need to consider.

The best route or way to travel, the enemies to fight first, and the best mount to ride on.

And with a good mount, you can defeat your opponents.

Mounts are very important when playing Guild Wars 2.

They ensure you move around easily and help you avoid a lot of challenges.

So, how do you get a good mount? 

Happily, mounts can be bought from the game store or through quests.

Mounts are available through Guild Wars 2–Path of Fire.

They are beneficial since you can summon them anytime.

So, if you are searching for guild wars 2 how to get a flying mount, you need to know there are several mounts that you can gain throughout the course.

Hence, you need to choose wisely; we gain some through working hard while we may receive some through regular gaming.

Does Guild Wars 2 have Festivals?

In Guild Wars 2, there are several festivals.

A festival is a celebration of an in-game holiday.

Even though most of them are in-game celebrations, they follow real-world festivals.

Festivals bring new life to the game.

With rewards, competitions, and the food, every gamer looks forward to them.

Happily, there are well distributed throughout the year.

There are events New Year holidays, events at the mid-year, and end of the year festivals.

The good news is that Guild Wars 2 festivals have been observed since the release of the first series.

In most cases, it introduces them as a key feature of any release.

During the events, the host invites people to the events.

Whether you are an opponent or an enemy, you cannot miss these events.

Below is a list of the most popular GW2 festivals.

The Guild Wars 2 Lunar New Year

This is the celebration of the New Year in the Canthan Calendar.

It is particularly for Celestial animals who watch over the land of Tyria.

We celebrate the festival during the month of January or February, and it attracts a lot of activities.

The event matches the Chinese New year.

From guests to locals, Lunar New Year is a special event in the land.

Being a special event, you can expect anything on that week.

Opening lucky envelopes and getting seasonal items among others are some items you may receive.

It is a long week’s holiday that features festival fireworks, Canthan cuisines, and special prizes.

Some festival rewards include a sugary blue drink, champagne, bottle rocket bags, and many more.

There is a celestial challenge.

Here, you need to prove your swiftness and combat skills to earn prizes.

There is also the dragon ball and new rewards that help to complete festival achievements.

The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival

The chief attraction is the opening of Moto’s Super Adventure Box.

It is an annual event that happens in March and April.

The Super Adventure Box is a special Dungeon that focuses on old school platforming.

The event started in April 2013 and has been happening every year.

There are great soundtracks and activities to mark the festival.

During the festival, they open the Super Adventure box for gameplay testing.

There are glorious rewards for all supporters.

If you are a fan of jumping puzzles or exploring, then you need to be part of the Super Adventure festival.

The Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

The Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

Dragon festival is an event that has been celebrated for a long time.

It is also a big event that is celebrated every summer; Dragon bash is not a regular bash.

Dragon Bash is a festival for celebrating fighting and victory against the Elder dragons.

We invite travelers and guests to take part in these festivities, quests, and games.

So, you can be part of the activities or just enjoy the wonders of the season.

There are dragon bash masks and other significant items you can get.

They frame the activities and games to remind people how they fought the dragons.

Hence, you can compete for prizes, candies, and significant items.

To enjoy the event, ensure you open your invitation.

Most people get prepared for the events by purchasing festival items.

With a few gems, you can purchase the items and achievements to celebrate the bash.

The Festival of the Four Winds

The Guild Wars 2 Festival of the four winds is another great annual festival.

This summer event features the Bazaar of the Four Winds and Queen’s Jubilee festivals.

There are significant activities, games, and prizes to be won.

You can take part in races, adventures, and many others.

Be prepared for the event by getting the right items at the store or exchanging your gold.

They held the first festival in May 2014, and later in 2018 and 2019.

Happily, the event is available in 2020; There are great soundtracks as well for this festival.

GW2 Halloween Festival

Halloween is another entertaining festival celebrated in Tyria.

Based on the actual world Halloween event, Guild Wars 2 Halloween is another exciting festival.

And just like the real Halloween, you need the right attire for the event.

From items to clothes and food, everything is available during the GW2 Halloween event.

This frightening festival starts in October and runs until November.

For two full weeks you will observe mayhem, mischief, and madness in Tyria.

Trick or Treat

The mayhem is always high at the end.

You can expect anything during the long holidays.

At the event, there are Halloween celebrations, games, and amazing treats.

This means you cannot fully take part without the Halloween accessories and costumes.

Hence, you need to be prepared for this spooky event.

Some Halloween treats you can enjoy include candy apple, candy corn, pumpkin cookie, squash serum, and many others.

Thus, if you dare to experience the madness, join the event.


Wintersday holiday is another amazing event in Tyria.

Tyrians love the event because they fill it with substantial rewards and activities.

According to the Mouvelian Calendar, Winter day is a holiday of celebrating the New Year.

Its holiday begins in December and runs until the first week of January.

Hence, it is a long week full of mayhem and entertainment.

Since it is winter, you need to get the right costumes for the event.

Happily, you can pick great winter attire at the Guild Wars store.

Besides, some rewards include winter’s day gifts, fruitcakes, candy canes, tonic, food, coins, and frosty summoning stone.

Some winter activities included are Winter-Wonderland jumping puzzle,

Snowball mayhem, and Toypocalypse among others.

What are Guild Wars 2 Emotes?


For a player to perform an animation, chat commands known as Emotes are needed.

There are custom emotes, targeting emotes, persistent emotes, and synchronizing emotes.

Chat commands are features and special actions accessed through the chat panel.

They are useful commands but cannot be used underwater.

Since there are many Guild Wars 2 emotes, you need to understand which one you should use.

Fortunately, most Emotes are accessible; Some are unlocked first before accessing them.

You can create custom emotes by following the set rules.

For targeting emotes, you use them to target a specific player or NPC.

You can also show your weapon during an emote.

Where Can I learn more about GW2?

Before you play Guild Wars 2, it is important to learn the tips and tricks about the game.

Happily, there are many great places where you can learn about GW2.

Although you can find reliable information on social media platforms, various forums, and on many websites, GW2 forums and GW2 Wiki are the best places to start.

These two places provide reliable information for beginners and veteran players.

They are well designed, maintained, and up-to-date.

Read the following post to get some good tips on playing GW2: Guild Wars 2 Tips and Tricks.

Guild Wars 2 Forums

If you are a gamer, you can testify that Forums are the best platforms to get help.

Fortunately, GW2 forums are not different; They are full of life and have amazing features.

If you are a new player or a veteran, you need to join the GW2 forums.

Here, you can communicate your game experiences, seek help, and ask questions.

You can also support other gamers, share your creations, and share bugs you encounter while playing.

They divide GW2 Forums into various categories.

Once you sign in using your GW2 account, you will find News and Info, Support Game discussion, Community Corner, and others.

They create forums to inspire discussions, enhance collaboration, and boost communication.

Also, they make it easy for gamers to organize conversations.

Since there are various topics and categories, forums make it easy for anyone to get help.

It is also easier to get help at the forums.

Since many people have joined to receive help within a short time. 

The Guild Wars 2 Wiki

Apart from GW2 forums, GW2 Wiki is another platform where you can find anything you need concerning Guild Wars 2 game.

From game status to gameplay and basics, Wiki has reliable information you might look for.
Just like Wikipedia, GW2 Wiki is very user-friendly.

It is well-designed and provides the support you need instantly.

It has many tools to help you with related changes concerning the game, upcoming events, and special pages.

Some categories you will on GW2 Wiki are:

News & updates–This contains game updates, upcoming changes, and features, server reset release dates, festival time, and others.

The basics–Here you get information on how to run the game, characters, races, professions, specialization, level rewards, accounts, features, maps, and corporation.

Gameplay–Whether you are a beginner, there is enough information about Gameplay on Wiki.

Whether you want to learn about the combat, map completion, dynamic level change, Player vs. Player, World vs. World, heroes challenge, tournaments, raids, dungeons, weapons, and others.

Gear & Equipment–If you are searching for reliable information concerning gear and equipment, Wiki has it all.

There is information about Weapons, Armor, inventory items, upgrades, outfits, wardrobe, materials, gem store, trading post, recipes, food, and other consumables.

History–Do you want to know about the history of Tyria and her people, you need to visit Wiki.

A Wealth of Information

There is also trustworthy information about Expansions, all the episodes, merchandise, soundtracks, and many others.

Happily, you can search for anything while playing.

Searching for anything on the page is easy and results are reliable.

There is also a Wiki community that contains many articles on how to receive help, how to ask questions, community portal, and the FAQ.

You also have a chance of creating a page.

If we do not find certain information on Wiki, and you believe it is essential, you can create a page.

All you need is to log-in to your account and create the page.

They attribute the edits to your username together with the benefits.

Learn more about the GW2 Wiki reading the following post: Learn how to use the GW2 wiki.

Which social media channels can I follow GW2?

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay - Roleplaying

Some social media channels you can follow include Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.

Guild Wars 2 on Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform known for amazing Guild Wars 2 discussions.

Therefore, if you are searching for a great channel to find great Guild Wars 2 stories and discussions, you need to join Reddit.

There are millions of genuine WG2 gamers at the channel.

Users can vote or approve posts and comments.

Hence, if you are a new gamer and you would like to follow or join serious Guild Wars 2 conversations, Reddit might the best social media platform.

Guild Wars 2 on YouTube 

YouTube is a great channel to find new and amazing videos about Guild Wars 2.

By subscribing to the Guild Wars 2 channel, you will find all the current news, tutorials, tips, and tricks about the game.

Also, you can join a community to discuss the game and learn more about the best professions, races, and specializations.

For someone searching for a nice platform to air or get genuine tips about Guild Wars 2, join the official YouTube channel for Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 on Facebook

Are looking for live updates or a nice place to follow Guild Wars 2 conversations and find like-minded gamers, you need to follow and like GW2 Facebook official page.

There are around 1 million people following the page.

Also, if you have a concern, a query, or you want to join the community, the Facebook page has everything you need.

There are great photos, videos, and feedback from genuine friends.

Happily, the page is regularly updated, and thousands of people share and engaged with the Guild Wars 2 community.

You can also message the admin if you have questions concerning the game. 

Guild Wars 2 on Twitter

Another social media channel where you can join the daily conversation is GW2 on Twitter.

This is another platform that is regularly updated, and there are thousands of GW2 fans following the page. 

At this platform, fans, players, and the management share brilliant images, videos, and feedback helpful to veteran and new gamers.

So, if you are looking for beginner’s tips, how to play the world vs. world or player vs. player, follow Guild Wars 2 official twitter handle.

Apart from learning about the game, you can win great prizes.

It is also a great platform to engage your fellow Guild Wars 2 gamers.

Guild Wars 2 on Twitch

If you prefer to watch a tutorial instead of reading blog posts, then you need to follow the GW2 Twitch channel.

Twitch is the number one live streaming social media platform for video games.

It is a platform that allows gamers and new players to interact with the instructor or with each other in real-time.

You can chat and watch with many video game players all over the world.

From let’s play world vs world to let’s play player vs player guides, there is all sort of instructional videos at Twitch.

All you need is to follow and they will alert you whenever there is a new video streaming.

Guild Wars 2 on Instagram

Today, Instagram is the most common social media platform where GW2 fans share videos and photos.

Unlike other social media platforms where you will find text and images, Instagram is for images and videos.

There are great photos and videos concerning the game from gamers all over the world.

Hence, following the official GW2 Instagram account will ensure you get the latest pictures and videos concerning the game.

Where can I find the Official Website for GW2?

By visiting the main search engines such as Google and Bing, you can easily find the official website for GW2.

The official site is

At the site, you will find crucial information about games, releases, media, community, services, and shop.

Any information you may need concerning Guild Wars 2 can be found on the website.

Whether you are searching for news concerning the game or Guild Wars 2 download content, you can find it on the website.

One of the principal reasons most gamers search for the official website for Guild Wars 2 is to join the gaming community.

Happily, there are forums and Guild Wars 2 Wiki pages that are very helpful.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading our Guild Wars 2 beginners guide.

Now you start playing the game with confidence.