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The Grand Theft Auto 5 Game Review - Fast Critique

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The Grand Theft Auto 5 Game Review

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At its epicenter, the Grand Theft Auto 5 game has maintained its consistency of story-packed, action-filled entertainment for gamers. In reviewing the latest version of the Grand Theft Auto 5, it's never looked as engaging as it does now.

Having a total grasp of all main characters while using virtual animations to commit high-profile crimes and get away with it, this changes how Grand Theft Auto 5 plays. It has the larger than life power of making players love life of crime in virtual reality.


The Good

Convincing Characters: Characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 are entirely terrifying especially when they interact with one another. First-person mode: This makes the player question a character's motives and motivation in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Sometimes during play, there is a mental imbalance in the mindset of the player when outrageous violent scenes are displayed on-screen. Violence could be an overwhelming and unquestionable feeling.

Theme city: Los Santos city as portrayed in Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most breath-taking open-world metropolia to have ever been featured in a video game. The theme is used as a digital playground, modeled after the real city of Los Angeles. It feels very life-like.


Life-like Visuals and Game-play

Sharper image resolutions: Considering the video quality of higher-resolution guise, It's even more exciting. The high texture resolutions for the Grand Theft Auto 5 game all came at the right time.

The level of animation detailing as seen either when scaling a fence or somersaulting inside a car is worth experiencing. Impressive digital display technology: Light and lens effect as seen in the on-screen display of tiny droplets of rain that seem realistic.

Gun Play: The cinematic view especially at a sniper position, bloody splatters from gun-piercing wounds on characters and the handwriting of a booking cop have brought up more of an effect than before.

More Options with PC: In Director mode, you have more control over your choice of character, animal or other beings instead of limiting your play to 3 main characters. Also, you can control the weather, time of day, and map location irrespective of cheats.

Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC allows you use a keyboard and mouse during forceful shootouts where precision is needed (very important).


The Bad

The absence of the cover system: Grand Theft Auto 5 isn't unique in this sense because, and there were times when the player wasn't able to peek around a corner correctly and got shot because of the weak cover system.

Over-sensitivity: The twitchy controls in a fast moving car chase is over-sensitive and can make the player quickly cause an accident. Hence, pulling off dangerous driving stunts is not easily possible.

Radical Usage of Satire: The Grand Theft Auto 5 game's strategy of relating its message to the real world in a manner of satire usage exposed the corrupt government agencies like the F.I.B. and portrayed them as being worse than the criminals they're trying to catch.

I think with such conviction; Grand Theft Auto 5 went too far. PC favored: I think the creators of Grand Theft Auto 5 are yet to come to terms that playing this video game on your PC shines brighter than when played on X-BOX ONE or PS4.

There's an added fluidity of playing at 60 frames per second on PC with high-resolution popping up. Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PC allows more options, as you can manually set screen angles of your choice, choose from preset angles-list, and redefine the perspective every time.


My Recommendations

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