Girl Gamer vs Girl who plays Video Games

A girl gamer is more dedicated to playing video games than a girl who plays casually.

Some people treat girls who play video games like rare species.

However, it is important to note that ladies who love engaging themselves with video games are not unique.

According to many studies, over 40 percent of women around the world love gaming.

But what is the difference between a girl gamer and a girl who plays video games?

Girl gamer vs Girl who plays video games

The relationship between girls and gaming has received attention from every corner.

Since the 1990s, they have viewed female gamers as a minority.

But many researchers have shown that there are more female gamers than many people can imagine.

However, female gamers can be classified as girl gamers and girls who play video games.

There are those that are deep into gaming and those that are engaged in the action due to personal situations.

Girl gamers

We can define a girl gamer as a female who loves playing video games.

She is just like a normal male gamer.

We can find her playing any digital game genre and on any platform.

If you are an average gamer, it is possible you have played against or with several gamer girls without knowing.

She is as hardcore as the next gamer and she could be the best in any competitive game.

A girl gamer is a female gamer who repeatedly plays her favorite games, either as a hobby, for a living or for fun.

To many guys, a gamer girl is the best.

She is not expensive with maintenance.

She would be happy to sit at home and play an action video game than going shopping.

Another good thing about a girl gamer is that she never gets mad at you for playing your favorite game for too long.

At the same time, she may even be happy to join you and be part of the activity.

But this does not mean she is ugly or a tomboy.

She is a pretty girl who is a girl gamer.

Girl gamers are likable and are friendly.

They are not in gaming because of pressure or something different.

They are girls in love with video games.

In most cases, girl gamers follow gaming trends and can easily talk about the latest games on the market.

They are not selective and they can engage themselves with almost any video game.

Girls who play video games

Girls who play video games differ from gamer girls.

These girls are ordinary girls who love to play video games for attention.

She loves to take photos of gaming consoles and controllers instead of gaming.

They normally think they are unique and special because they are playing games.

In some cases, they will let everyone know they are girls to be treated uniquely.

Some are into gaming because of peer pressure while others want to get attention from specific men.

If you are playing a Mass Multi-player Online Role Game (MMORPG), and one player shouts she is a girl, chances are that she is not a gamer girl.

They feel everyone should know they are girls.

Some act as if gaming is their hobby when they discover other gamers are interested in them.

But once they discover that no one is giving them any attention, they stop playing.

Girls who play video games do not repeatedly play video games.

Actually, they are not good at any games, do not know tricks or hacks about games.

Gaming is not their hobby, and they cannot even tell the latest games on the market.

Do real women play video games?

Games are good for both men and women.

They can help both men and women improve hand-to-eye coordination, improve creativity and enhance problem-solving skills.

Unhappily, there is a misconception that real girls do not play video games.

But according to recent studies, over 40% of girls aged between 13 and 17 love gaming.

Besides, excluding girls from gaming damages the industry.

It discourages and pushes them away and disappoints anyone who would like to pursue a career in gaming.

But with introducing online games, it is now possible for anyone to be engaged in gaming.

People can now play video games on their smartphones, tablets and other devices.

The effects of women in gaming

They view gaming as a field of men.

However, many women have joined the field as characters, developers, designers, and game programmers.

In addition, most game developers have recognized that around 40 percent of customers are girls.

Hence, to make the market fair, they need to involve women.

Apart from the developers and game designers recognizing women in gaming, females are joining the industry as players.

This means that gaming is no longer a field just for men.

In some cases, they harass women for being game players.

More and more women are becoming dedicated gamers.

Some women have dropped out of gaming because of serious threats from male players.

Happily, people have appreciated female gamers and are changing the culture that gaming is only for men.

The addition of female characters and more women getting involved in gaming has changed the industry in a good way.

Also, girls as young as five years old are getting involved in gaming.

This is a clear sign that the percentage of gamer girls will be high.

Final Thoughts

A girl gamer might play on the weekends, while a gamer girl plays video games every day.

Today, there are many articles, blog posts, and information about female video game players.

Happily, the harassment of female gamers has declined.

In addition, girl gamers can easily introduce themselves as girls without fear of opposition.

It is also important for parents to teach boys how to treat girls when playing video games.

Parents should also provide video-game consoles as toys to both girls and boys.

This will help to erase the notion that gaming is only for men.

And young girls can also reap the benefits of gaming just like boys.

We will also have more gamer girls than having girls who play video games.

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