The Best Free Online Shooting Games for Kids

One of the most loved online games are the shooting games. They are the simplest games but the most challenging ones.

When you play a shooting game, all you need is to get rid of the enemies by shooting at them. You can use a gun or a different type of shooter.

One of the best ways to enjoy shooting games is to be a soldier, a savior or a police.

What are free online shooting games for kids?

Today, there are many free online games. One of the main categories is the free online shooting games for kids.

If your kid is looking for a game that will make him feel like a superstar, you need to find him a shooting game. Happily, most of these games are fun and non-violent.

The games are also fun to play that most adults like to play them as well.

One of the main reasons why online shooting games are popular is because they are multi-level games.

This means that the player is required to finish several levels. And in every level, there are new challenges that can take several hours to complete.

Are free online shooting games for kids safe?

Although most people associate shooting games with blood and killings, shooting games for kids are not as violent as adult shooting games.

A majority of these digital games involve bubble shooting. This means that most of them are safe for all kids.

Free online shooting games for kids is one of the best ways for kids to spend their free time.

There are games that can be completed in a few minutes, and there are complex ones that might take several hours to finish.

Do free online shooting games for kids contain violence?

Every type of online shooting game is different. There are those that contain violence, and those that do not contain violence.

Happily, shooting games for kids do not contain violence. It is also important to note that shooting games are classified into different categories.

We have a gun game, vehicle shooting, air game, tank game, sniper game, hunting game, and many others.

With most online shooting games for kids, the objective is shooting bubbles or different items. There is no blood, dead bodies or casualties.

This means they are mostly safe for kids.

Are free online shooting games for kids educational?

Most online games are educational. There are so many things that people can learn from online games. This means that even online shooting games are educational.

When kids play a shooting game, they are required to think and use strategies on how they can defeat the enemy.

They engage their brains, sharpen their thinking abilities, and learn how to multi-task. In addition, playing shooting games involves a lot of visual motion.

This means kids can improve their vision after playing a few games.

Another reason why online shooting games are said to be educational is that they enhance eye-and-hand coordination. This is a skill that can help kids even in the future.

Top Ten Free Online Shooting Games for Kids

1. Tactical Force 1 – if you are looking for a shooting game where you will eliminate all the bad guys, complete missions and rescue hostages, Tactical Force 1 is the perfect game.

Being a first-person shooter game, the game is a great choice for boys and teenagers. It is easy, fun and challenging as well.

2. Tiny Airships – eliminate all airships that come your way. It is a game where you obtain more weapons as you move along. Every time you destroy an airship, you get credits.

The game is simple because you only need to use the keyboard.

3. Shoot the Aliens – when it comes to aliens, every kid, especially boys love killing extraterrestrials. With this game, you need to help a cowboy kill aliens.

But you need to ensure you do not finish your ammunition, check the time, and ensure the aliens do not kill you.

There are also several objects and explosives, hence you need to be careful.

4. Dinosaurs and Meteors – since there are no dinosaurs here on earth, your main duty is to help the remaining dinosaurs live by eliminating the meteors.

The meteors are falling from the sky in different sizes. Your work is to shoot them to save the dinosaurs.

5. Hungry Ducks – is a shooting game where you need to feed the yellow ducks and kill the red ducks.

The concept of the game is to pick bombs or food and place them in the right place.

Keep in mind you need to feed the yellow ducks and destroy all the red ducks for you to win.

6. Indi Cannon – this online game is a physics shooting game. The player is required to shoot cannons to collect some coins.

The game may look complicated at the beginning, but it becomes simple once you start playing.

7. Samurai Panda – another interesting and entertaining online shooting game is Samurai Panda.

You need to help a very hungry samurai panda jump through some hoops for keys and sushi. The game is simple but very addictive. You will be able to aim and shoot as well.

8. Dummy never fails – another amazing free shooting game for kids is the Dummy Never Fails. It is a simple game that does not involve killing people.

All you need is to ensure the dummy hits the wall as hard as possible.

9. Castle Clout – the game needs you to break the enemy barricades. You upgrade to the next level that consists of different challenges.

However, you earn points when you destroy barricade walls and hit the enemy soldiers.

10. Crack Shot – this video game is a free online shooting game for kids. It is a fun and a very simple shooting game. All you need is to shoot all the targets in the room.

However, you need to check the time and complete the 12 levels available.

You are also required to hit a score of 1100. You use the mouse to shoot the targets and other obstacles on the way. It is one of the most interesting shooting game for kids.

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