Free Online Piano Lessons for Kids (Fun Melodies)

Based on research, most children love to play sports and musical instrument online games. This is because the games are so interactive and appealing.

And apart from being exciting, kids are able to learn and feel encouraged.

If your kids love music and they would like to learn how to play musical instruments, there are several games with lessons they can try online.

From knowing the basics of learning how to play like an instrument to learning music, there are several websites that have the tools required.

One of the most loved musical instruments by kids is the piano. The piano is entertaining and an excellent instrument to learn.

Happily, you can now find free online piano lessons for kids.

What are online piano lessons for kids?

The piano is known as an umbrella musical instrument. Once you learn how to play the piano, you can easily learn to play other instruments.

Happily, you do not need to spend money or force your kids to play the piano.

This is because there are several interesting games online that can inspire them such as online piano lessons for kids.

Online piano lessons are now available for kids who are interested in learning music at a tender age.

If you notice your children love music or you want something to inspire them, the best place to start is introducing them to online piano lessons.

From the younger kid to the oldest, there are many amazing online piano lessons for everyone. The piano games have been designed to entertain and to educate kids.

They are games but contain lessons as well. By searching online, you can get appropriate games that can assist your child in music.

Apart from piano lessons, you can also find online guitar lessons, online music games, and many other learning games.

So, instead of your kid wasting time watching unsafe video games on YouTube, you can let them play online piano lessons.

Online piano games are free and you can play them on a tablet, PC or smartphone. But it is always important to pick the appropriate lessons for your kids.

Since the games have been group based on age, it is easier for the parents to select the best lessons for their kids.

Are online piano lessons for kids educational?

Online piano lessons for kids are educational and safe for all children.

Even though there are some that are more complicated than others, there are those that are fit for most people.

The introduction of several learning games in schools and at home has made these games popular as well.

Apart from being entertaining, they teach a lot about music, musical instruments and how to play the piano.

Kids acquire knowledge and skills that are so important for their growth and development.

They offer a great opportunity for kids to have an interest in musical instruments such as pianos and guitars.

There are many websites where you can select free online piano lessons. Some offer games for small kids while other offer lessons for older children and adults.

The most important thing is to choose the right game to ensure your kids enjoy and feel engaged.

Are online piano lessons entertaining?

Most online piano lessons for kids are very entertaining. Even though they are lessons, they are online games.

Apart from offering lessons to kids, they entertain and keeps them busy.

The developers of these games provide great graphics, colors, and environments to make them children friendly. In addition, the content is 100 percent safe for kids.

Top 10 Free Online Piano Lessons for kids

Before your child starts to play a real piano, it is important for them to try a virtual one. This will make them interested in the real piano and learn the basics as well.

Happily, you can get online piano lessons for free.

The lessons are simple and fun and have been designed to ensure that kids learn how to play the piano the best way. Below are top ten online piano lessons for kids.

1. Magic Piano Tiles – Magic Piano Tiles is an entertaining game that can be used to bring music to your children. It is simple, engaging and musical.

It is a game that falls under online lessons for kids since it can help kids learn piano very fast.

2. Virtual Piano – this is a game that can help kids practice playing the piano.

With this unique musical instrument, you can play as you listen to your favorite songs. It is even possible to change the type of piano and the sound effects.

3. Multiplayer Piano – in this unique piano game for kids, you can share your musical skills with other gamers. It is interactive and a social game as well.

4. Virtual Keyboard – Virtual Keyboard is similar to Virtual Piano, however, this game is more challenging.

Here you need to choose your piano and play the tune you have chosen. You can use the mouse to play the game.

5. Piano Bar – another great game that falls under online piano lessons is the Piano Bar.

6. The Piano – with this game, you need to be a masterpiece. It is simple and you need to use the mouse to click on the piano keys.

7. Animal Piano – for kids who love animals, this is the best game to help them learn how to play the piano. Start by using your music skills to compose a pet song.

8. Perfect Piano – do you think you can hit the piano keys with a puzzle game? Perfect Piano will show you how. The game is simple and very entertaining.

9. Piano Girl Dress-Up – it is an online piano lesson for kids, particularly girls. The game is simple where you need to click several icons to dress-up the girl.

10. Magic Tiles 3 – do you think you can keep up with the beat and still maintain the rhythm as you play the game? If you think you can, try your best by playing Magic Tiles 3.

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