Fix my modem problems! A Troubleshooting Guide for Non-Techies

Please fix my modem problems, I know little about tech stuff.

If you are a newbie in the network technology field, this guide is for you.

I specifically created this troubleshooting guide for fixing modem problems.

If there’s a question that I missed, please let it below in the comments area.

Fix my modem Questions

My modem does not have any lights on, why?

Turn off your computer or power source and wait one minute. Plug the modem back into a power source and connect it to the computer.

If none of the lights go on when connected to a power source, the modem is bad and needs to be replaced.

I started my computer but there is no Internet, why?

Check your cable/DSL modem for power. The modem should be plugged to a power source, not unplugged.

If there is power, verify that the modem lights are on. Modem lights should be steady, not blinking.

Now that you verified the modem lights are on, we will turn off the computer.

After turning off your computer, disconnect your modem by removing all connection devices.

This means nothing should be connected to your modem, not even the power source.

We are resetting the modem removing any static electricity. Make sure your computer is turned off, then reconnect your modem.

Start your computer and look at your modem. It should start blinking meaning that it’s doing the usual protocol tests.

Open Internet Explorer and use the internet. If everything is fine, you should have access to the internet.

Fix my modem Questions Continued

My modem is working, but the router looks dead, why?

Follow the same steps as question number two above. If the lights are not showing, the router is bad and needs to be replaced.

How do I reset my gaming modem and router?

Turn off the computer and unplug all devices. 

They located the reset button on the rear of the modem and router.

We will perform a soft reset without power and with power.

Without power, press the reset button and hold for ten seconds.

Now connect the power source for each device and press the reset button for ten seconds.

Connect all computer wires and turn on the computer.

Go to the internet and check your connection.

Fix my modem Questions Continued

My computer modem and router are hot, why?

Both devices need proper ventilation, if not they may overheat and cause a weak signal.

Move the modem to an open area or to a higher ground.

For example, place your modem on top of a shelf or an open area.

How do I clean my modem, it has lots of dust?

You will need two things, a can of office compressed air and a soft cloth.

Warning: Don’t use soap and water because if it doesn’t fully dry, it can cause a short circuit.

Unplug all devices before performing maintenance. Wipe excess dust with the soft cloth.

Use the can of compressed air to remove dust from inside the modem.

When spraying, don’t hold it in one place for too long.

Spray from left to right and from top to bottom in short bursts.

Grab a clean piece of cloth and wipe off the remaining dust.

Fix my modem Questions Continued

What is the difference between Resetting vs. Rebooting a modem?

Mostly, a modem can be fixed by rebooting it.

Rebooting is disconnecting all wires from devices like the modem and router.

Then, plugging back all wires and starting up the computer.

We should do a reset when rebooting fails.

When resetting a modem or router, all the settings on the device will be reset to manufactures specifications.

To reset a modem or router look for a small hole that says “reset button.”

Sometimes, users will have to press a button to reset the device.

Other gadgets require the user to insert a small paperclip or tool to press the reset button.

If resetting and rebooting fail, call your Internet service provider for help.

How can I check the Speed of my Modem?

Go to Google search engine and type the following information:

“test the speed of my modem,”.

The modem speed test will reveal the user’s download and upload speeds.

Not all modems are alike, some are faster and can support more data than a standard modem.

Your modem speed should not be less than 25Mbps.

This is the minimum broadband speed required by the Federal Communications Commission.

Checking the speed of a modem can reveal a lot of information about it’s network.

Fix my modem Questions Continued

My Internet connection is slow, why?

First, figure out how many people are using devices to connect to the Internet.

The more people using the Internet, the more powerful the modem needs to be to support the load.

If you’re using a standard modem, upgrading your device to a more power modem will improve overall speed.

Sometimes, users will have to add a router to have a faster network.

For example, if there are four people using the Internet, add a router to each side of the house.

My modem keeps blinking red and yellow lights, why?

If you recently booted your modem, it’s normal for a modem to have flashing lights.

Modems perform various tests before connecting to the Internet.

However, if the lights continue blinking after connecting to the Internet, the Internet may be down.

Check another device connected to the network for Internet access.

If there is a connection, the modem has problems and needs to be tested.

Go to step 2 and test your modem; but if there’s no Internet signal, call your ISP.

Fix my modem Questions Continued

My router does not connect to my modem, why?

Check the router cable for loose, cracked, or rusty cable parts.

Try using another router cable or switching it around with the modem cable.

Disconnect the router wire, then detach the modem coaxial cable.

Wait one minute, reinstall the coaxial cable and wait thirty seconds.

Now connect the router cable to the modem; wait a few seconds and connect to the Internet.

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