Fallout 4 Vault 75 Quest Tips


Ghost continues to carve his own destiny in the Main Story Quest: Vault 75. Ghost’s recent venture into Vault 75, hidden beneath Malden Middle School, unveiled new challenges, but his undying spirit was ready to face them all.

Fallout 4 Chronicles: Ghost’s Survival Guide – Part 12

Main Story Quest: Fallout 4 Vault 75 Quest Tips

The Fallout 4 vault 75 location is in Malden Middle School basement. You must enter the school and explore the area. This is one of my favorite locations because it looks like a Mass Effect Sci-Fi area. Anyways, gear up before entering this dangerous place. Bring the following items with you before exploring:

  • Sniper Rifle
  • General Rifle
  • 10mm Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Grenades
  • Stimpaks
  • Food Supplies

To clear vault 75 from enemies you must take your time. If you rush ahead, you will die quickly. Explore carefully by walking and looking around doors. Look at your map and follow the quest objectives. Be careful when throwing grenades, sometimes they bounce back from the wall or doors.

Each time you kill a boss, make sure you loot them. Sometimes they have access cards that will let you advance in the quest. Don’t loot everything you see, you can always come back once you clear the area. Choose a companion that you enjoy and keep him safe. 

Preston Garvey was my companion through the Fallout 4 vault 75 mission and he survived. However, use the command “Stay” so they don’t walk into an ambush in another room. There are enemies hidden behind windows, on top of floors waiting to destroy you. Good luck soldier.

1.Encounters: Within the darkened corridors of Vault 75, Ghost faced multiple threats from the Gunner faction. The deadly assault included basic Gunners, Gunner Conscripts, and even the formidable Gunner Commanders. One of these Commanders proved to be especially challenging, but Ghost’s trusty sniper rifle ensured a decisive victory.

2.Loot & Exploration:

Vault 75 Lab Access Card: The key to delving deeper into the Vault’s secrets.

Glow-Sighted Hardened Hunting Rifle: A valuable addition to Ghost’s arsenal.

Gamma Rounds: Rare and potent ammunition.

Science Bobblehead: An invaluable trinket which improves Ghost’s hacking skills.

Staggering Pipe Revolver Pistol: A special weapon that can disrupt enemy actions with its shots.

3. Legendary Combat: Deep within the office complex of the Vault, Ghost and Preston faced off against a Legendary Gunner. Through teamwork and sheer determination, they emerged triumphant, securing the Vault and its treasures.

Character Development & Skills

Level Up: Ghost reached level 8, displaying his growing prowess in the wasteland. Deciding to enhance his handgun efficiency, he invested a point into **Gunslinger**, reaching its second level.

Perks Analysis:

Gunslinger (Level 2): Increases damage dealt with pistols. Essential for a versatile fighter, allowing Ghost to be deadly even with compact weaponry.

Rifleman: Boosts non-automatic rifle damage, ensuring that Ghost’s shots count when using a rifle.

Armorer: A crucial perk for upgrading armor, offering enhanced protection against threats.

Gun Nut: Allows for advanced weapon modifications, ensuring Ghost’s firearms remain at peak performance.

Science: Enables high-tech modding, crucial for energy weapons and some advanced gear.

Sniper: Improves aim with scoped rifles. Vital for long-range engagements and reconnaissance.

Wasteland Discoveries

Starlight Drive In: Ghost stumbled upon this relic of the pre-war era. Once a bustling drive-in cinema, now a junkyard guarded by Mole Rats. A Laser Pistol, a notable find in the area, extends Ghost’s arsenal versatility.

Lexington Exploration: South-east of Starlight Drive In lies the town of Lexington, a dilapidated urban area swarming with Feral Ghouls, Raiders, and Raider Scum. Here, Ghost discovered the **Super Duper Mart** — a large supermarket now overridden by threats. Another find was the **Lexington Apartments**, hinting at tales of the people who once resided there.

General Atomics Galleria: This commercial gallery, located southeast of Outpost Zimonja, is a testament to the pre-war world’s consumerism. A place of potential riches and lurking dangers.

Crafting & Modifications

Ghost put his crafting skills to the test, resulting in:

Laser Pistol – Improved Laser Pistol: This energy weapon was given a boost, making it more lethal against foes.

Marksman’s Powerful Rifle Upgrades: The addition of a Large Quick Eject Mag increases reload speed, while the Long Ported Barrel stabilizes the weapon and improves accuracy.

Character Progression

With the myriad of experiences in Lexington and his consistent crafting, Ghost reached **Level 9**. I invested another point in **Rifleman**, ensuring that his prowess with rifles remains unmatched in the Commonwealth.

Closing Thoughts:

A blend of combat, exploration, and strategic decision-making marked ghost’s journey. The character progression showcases a preference for versatility in combat and readiness for any situation. As the secrets of the Commonwealth continue to unravel, Ghost is ever-prepared for what lies ahead.

Fallout 4 Chronicles: Ghost’s Survival Guide – Part 13

Ghost’s journey in the Commonwealth takes him to new places of potential refuge, but danger is never far behind. With a mix of skillful crafting and combative prowess, he continues to forge ahead, making allies along the way.

Wasteland Discoveries

1. Sunshine Tidings Co-op: This once peaceful community now lies in ruin, haunted by Feral Ghouls and other creatures.

Enemies Encountered: The Stunted Yao Guai, a ferocious bear-like creature, posed a significant threat. Ghost also faced many Feral Ghouls lurking in the abandoned houses.

Loot Strategy: Approach each dilapidated house with caution — Ghouls and roaches can jump out unexpectedly.

2. Lonely Chapel: A quiet, desolate place that bears remnants of a time gone by. I harvested wild Carrot Flowers, offering a source of sustenance.

3. Rocky Narrows Park: Close to the Corvega Assembly Plant, this park is now tainted with radiation. Encounters with the Stunted Yao Guai are dangerous, so be prepared.

Notable Loot: A Repair Bobblehead, a valuable trinket that extends the longevity of Fusion cores by 10%.

4. Corvega Assembly Plant: A colossal structure that used to stand as a testament to pre-war industrial prowess now serves as a bastion for Raiders.

Combat Intel: Raiders are everywhere, both inside and outside the building. Sentry Robots also guard certain areas.

Tactics: Using the element of surprise, Ghost effectively used the Musket Laser Rifle, disintegrating a Raider in a flash.

Crafting & Enhancements

Ghost continued to improve his protective gear, focusing on sturdier materials:

Pocketed Studded Leather Left Arm – Lightweight Metal Left Arm: A change that adds better protection with reduced weight.

Studded Leather Right Arm – Metal Right Arm: Transitioning from leather to metal offers enhanced resistance against ballistic damage.

Studded Leather Right Leg – Metal Right Leg: More metal means better protection, making Ghost harder to injure.

Main Story Progression

With the discovery of the Corvega Assembly Plant, Ghost could progress in “The First Step” quest. The mission led him deep into Raider territory, testing his combat skills and endurance. 

After navigating through the treacherous terrain of the plant, he ventured to Tenpines Bluff Village. The grateful settlers, upon seeing the quest’s completion, joined the Minutemen ranks, solidifying Ghost’s influence and allies in the region.

Closing Remarks:

Ghost’s ventures continue to be marked by meticulous exploration, a keen sense for crafting, and a drive to build alliances. With each unfamiliar territory discovered, he adds to the collective knowledge of the post-apocalyptic world and gains resources to further his mission in the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Chronicles: Ghost’s Survival Guide – Part 14

Ghost’s relentless exploration and adventures within the Commonwealth continue to leave a mark. Here, we document Ghost’s encounters with trusted companions, crafting enhancements, newly discovered locations, and the ongoing main story progression.

Companions & Relationships

Codsworth the Robot: Through a deep bond and shared experiences, Ghost attained maximum affinity with Codsworth. This led to the acquisition of the *Robot Sympathy* perk, which offers resistance against robot energy weapons.

Preston Garvey: As the face of the Minutemen, Preston’s unwavering dedication to helping settlements in the Commonwealth aligns with Ghost’s objectives. The two now journey together, ensuring a brighter future for the settlers.

Crafting & Upgrades

Metal Armor – Alloyed Metal Armor: A significant upgrade that provides Ghost with enhanced protection against potential threats, ensuring greater survival during fierce battles.

Main Story & Side Quests

Helping Graygarden: Upon Preston Garvey’s advice, Ghost ventured to Graygarden. This robotic agricultural hub had troubles at their Water Treatment Plant. The settlers (robots in this case) needed help, marking the beginning of another quest.

A Chair for Mama Murphy: The Sanctuary’s resident seer, Mama Murphy, sought comfort. In response, Ghost crafted a special chair for her, ensuring she can rest and possibly continue to offer her unique insights.

Cambridge Police Station: After intercepting a distress signal, it led Ghost to the Cambridge Police Station. Here, he met Paladin Danse, a Brotherhood of Steel soldier. An immediate threat of Feral Ghouls was neutralized, and Ghost’s timely help earned him Paladin Danse’s trust, leading to the ‘Call to Arms’ quest.

Exploration & Encounters

Graygarden: Southeast of Rocky Narrows Park, Graygarden is unique due to its robot-run agricultural operations. Ghost harvested *Glowing Fungus* and faced *Rabid Mole Rats* here.

Jalbert Brothers Disposal: A hazardous area with high radiation levels, demanding Rad-X for safe exploration. Ghost found a Compensated Heavy 10mm Pistol in a steamer trunk, a significant loot considering the dangers faced in the form of *Wild Mongrels*, *Bloodbug Hatchlings*, and a *Gunner Conscript*.

Walden Pond: Northeast of Sunshine Tidings Co-op, this seemingly peaceful location turned hostile with *Softshell Mirelurks* around. Ghost also harvested *Bloodleaf* from this area.

Closing Notes:

Ghost’s journey unfolds in tandem with his choices, companions, and the unforeseen challenges of the wasteland. As he continues to assist settlements, forge alliances, and uncover the mysteries of the Commonwealth, his legend grows.

Fallout 4 Chronicles: Ghost’s Survival Guide – Part 15

They filled the vastness of the Commonwealth with opportunities and dangers. Ghost’s journey, in company with Preston Garvey, continues to uncover new locations, challenges, and tools that aid in his survival. This chapter documents his recent exploits.

Exploration & Combat

1. Bedford Station: Northeast of the Starlight Drive-In, Bedford Station stands as a remnant of the pre-war world. Feral Ghouls roam this location, but harvesting Wild Carrot Flowers makes exploration worthwhile. Apart from the ghoulish threats, Bloatflies also posed a nuisance here.

2. Rotten Landfill: Southeast of Bedford Station, this location holds buried treasures of the past. Among the notable finds was a *Pulse Mine* inside a steamer trunk. However, the area was not without its threats. A Radscorpion, an underground menace with its swift and powerful strikes, ambushed Ghost. But with a quick reflex and his trusted Laser Musket Rifle, Ghost brought it down.

3. Malden Middle School: Southeast of General Atomics Galleria, this once educational institute now houses potential loot and dangers.

Crafting & Harvesting

Marksman’s Powerful Pipe Rifle: Modified to include a *Muzzle Brake*. This change helps reduce recoil, allowing for more accurate shots.

Flora Harvested: The vast landscapes of the Commonwealth have their share of flora. Ghost collected *Hubflower*, *Wild Carrot Flower*, and *Bloodleaf*, essential ingredients for crafting and cooking.

Settlement Enhancements: Following a sudden attack on the Sanctuary settlement by Super Mutants, Ghost realized the importance of bolstering defenses. He constructed four sentry posts, ensuring that future threats find it harder to breach the settlement’s defenses.

Companions & Encounters

Preston Garvey: Having him as a companion brings not just firepower but also a sense of purpose. Together, they faced various adversaries like Mole Rats, Wild Mongrels, and even a Super Mutant.

Sanctuary Settlement Under Siege: The peaceful settlement was abruptly disturbed by an invasion of six rifle-wielding Super Mutants. With combined efforts from Ghost, Preston, and the settlers, the threat was neutralized.

Closing Notes:

Ghost’s adaptability, combined with his relentless spirit, ensures that he not only survives but thrives in the post-apocalyptic world. Each discovery, be it a location or a crafting technique, adds another layer to his survival strategy in the wastelands of the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Chronicles: Ghost’s Survival Guide – Part 16


In the vast Commonwealth, the depths of the Vaults promise both untold secrets and lurking dangers. 

Crafting & Enhancements:

Vault Jumpsuit Upgrade: Ghost modified his standard Insulated Vault 111 Jumpsuit to a more resilient *Treated Vault Jumpsuit*, offering better protection against the elements and potential threats.

Character Progression:

Level Advancement: Ghost reached the significant milestone of Level 13. With the experience points accrued:

Upgraded *Gun Nut* to rank 2, enabling advanced weapon mods.

Improved *Armorer* to rank 2, granting access to advanced armor modifications.

Boosted his Intelligence to rank 8.

Invested in the Robotics Expert perk, laying the groundwork for potential interactions with the Commonwealth’s mechanical denizens.

SPECIAL Points Overview:

Strength (S): 3

Perception (P): 8

Endurance (E): 3

Charisma (C): 1

Intelligence (I): 8

Agility (A): 2

Luck (L): 6

Perks Overview: Ghost’s impressive list of perks, accumulated during his adventures, includes Gunslinger, Rifleman, Gun Nut, Armorer, Science, Sniper, and the newly gained Robotics Expert.

Closing Notes:

The challenges that Vault 75 presented have further forged Ghost’s resolve. With the continued help of Preston and the valuable skills Ghost keeps honing, the vast expanse of the Commonwealth seems a little less daunting. As always, Ghost’s journey continues, fraught with peril but rich in rewards.

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