Extraterrestrials in Video Games (We’re not alone)

There are two types of extraterrestrials in video games, good and evil.

Opposite, the good aliens will help humans.

They have high amounts of intelligence that can help us improve our economy.

Similar, in games like the Mass Effect series and X-COM, extraterrestrials help humans improve our technology.

They can create powerful weapons, transportation and gear to protect us from evil extraterrestrials.

While evil aliens will want to enslave or destroy humanity.

Therefore, this is the part most video game players enjoy about science fiction video games.

Prepare for an Alien Invasion

Players must defend humanity from evil extraterrestrials.

There are many creative ways to protect your race; in some games you align yourself with other extraterrestrials.

The same, in some games like the Galactic Civilizations series, you can trade with other races.

Probably the best part about games with extraterrestrials is the fantastic combat.

Throughout the game, you may build a spaceship or weapons to fight aliens.

A battle can take place in a ship or on an enemy planet.

In some games like Space Ranger, you land on a planet and send your robots to war.

Other games like Dead Space you walk around in a creepy extraterrestrial ship.

In conclusion, video games with extraterrestrials have interesting non-human life forms.

What are Extraterrestrials?

Extraterrestrials are beings that do not come from planet earth.

Furthermore, extraterrestrial life can exist in the universe and the solar system.

We believe that these types of beings might range from simple creatures to more complex species.

Because of research and findings like the Drake equation, it talks about the existence of intelligent life beyond earth and into the universe.

Impressively, human beings have created Exobiology, a branch of science related to extraterrestrial beings.

Research continues to find zones that can support such human life that needs water, oxygen, and carbon for other human life forms to exist.

As a result, Mars is on the list, but research has not yet found extraterrestrial life.

Therefore, the mystery of an extraterrestrials life is a continuous process, and as in September 2017 a high number, 3,667 exoplanets in 2, 747 planets had been found.

There is no proof of radio communications with other life forms that human beings can translate.

Because of research, for signals to travel across big planets, messages would have come from distant areas of the universe.

Because of this, extraterrestrial beings are fascinating and more curious to understand.

Most importantly, we will continue to investigate and someday communicate with extraterrestrials.

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