Dyslexia and Online Games: Learning Solutions

When talking about dyslexia and video games, some online games can help improve reading skills.

Doctors, neuroscientists, and psychologists are looking for new techniques to recognize the sources of reading and learning complications such as dyslexia.

They are also creating new strategies to help kids and adults with learning and reading deficiencies.

One of the most effective ways to enhance reading problems such as dyslexia in children is through playing video games.

What is Dyslexia?

We can describe dyslexia as learning or reading disorder.

It affects the ability to speak, read, write or spell words properly.

Children who have this problem are normally smart and very hardworking, just like other children.

However, they have problems connecting what they see and hear.

There are many children who have the symptoms of dyslexia.

Some symptoms include trouble in spelling, slow reading, or mixing of words.

Research also shows that adults may suffer from the disorder too.

They diagnose some individuals when they are young, while others identify the problem when they are old.

Children and Dyslexia

Kids are the most affected because they have normal visions as other kids, but they take longer to read or spell a word.

Even though there are no specific causes of the problem, several studies show that dyslexia is a condition that runs in the family.

A person is more likely to have the condition if his or her parents, brothers, sisters or grandparents have it.

Doctors use several strategies to identify and treat the condition.

However, they believe that early diagnosis can help in treatment and long-term improvements.

Some strategies used include support and guidance, psychological testing, and involvement in various activities such as playing video games.

Dyslexia and Video Games

Today, most reports from the media about video games are negative.

Media channels focus on the bad effects of gaming.

But there are many positive effects of playing games.

One benefit of gaming is helping children with dyslexia.

Based on many studies, playing games can help enhance reading skills.

Since dyslexia is a reading disorder, research shows that training the brain with activities such as video games can help improve the condition.

Dyslexia is not a specific disorder, but there are several types and symptoms of this condition.

For instance, some individuals suffering from dyslexia have visual or audio deficits.

But by regularly engaging themselves in gaming, they can easily improve their conditions.

Video Games Help People with Dyslexia

They have proven action games improve reading abilities and visual attention.

They separated a study conducted in a university into two groups.

One group played eighty minutes of action games, and the other group played a casual game.

After playing games, they tested the reading skills of the children.

Kids who played the action games could read faster, accurately, and did a lot better than before.

The study also revealed that if children can play action games for some hours in a day, they can improve their symptoms.

These kids improved their reading, spelling, and learning skills more than an average kid who does not engage in gaming.

Dyslexia and Action Video Games

The researchers also noted that action games helped to improve visual-attention spans.

Games helped kids to extract crucial information from a specific environment.

The study contradicts the theories that video games are bad for a kid’s brains.

Even though there are several negative effects of gaming, there are also many positive ones.

This is one reason it is important for children to play video games.

Apart from helping with dyslexia, gaming can enhance coordination, improve memory, and enhance problem-solving skills.

Other reasons to play games are to improve social-skills, help kids to learn how to multitask, and it’s a great source of learning.

10 Dyslexia Online Games

If your kid or one of your family members has dyslexia, there are dyslexia online games you can try.

By searching the worldwide web, there are various online games and apps that can help you or your children improve in reading, learning, and spelling.

Apart from being a fun way to read, people with dyslexia can benefit a lot from video games.

Below are some of the best dyslexia online games.

Word Stone–it is an online video game that helps players form many words by arranging letter tiles.

Word Ruffle–a game that provides players with letters. From the letters, they expect the player to find as many words as possible.

Word Whomp–with this game, you will spell as many words as you can with a set of letters.

The game is like Word Ruffle. You get points by unscrambling multiple words.

Hanging with friends–it is a word game and Hangman-style game.

Here, the player will create complicated words to impress or confuse the other player, and then wait for them to send mystery words back.

Digging for answers–it is an interesting game that involves several topics such as technology and astronomy.

They give you a question where you can answer on your own or search for the answer at a time.

Scrabble–scrabble is a famous game popular in many countries.

The online version of the game is also fun, interesting, and you can choose a classic challenge or a more complex one.

Draw something–the game presents you with a word.

Then you need to draw the word for the other players to guess what you have drawn.

Word with friends–the game is very similar to Scrabble.

However, Word with Friends is simpler and a popular Android app.

Chicktionary–with this game, you will spell many words from letters on chickens.

Then try to solve the puzzle as fast as you can.

If you guess most of the words, you move to the next level.

Math Run–it is a number game where you will solve various math problems.

It is also an interesting game because you need to solve quizzes as they scroll from top to bottom.

Bottom Line

It is exciting to see how technology has changed the lives of people with dyslexia.

Something simple as a computer software program can become man’s best friend.

Not only do these video games educate, but they are also fun to play.

However, this is only the beginning.

With the progression of virtual reality gaming, it could be possible to advance treatments for dyslexia.

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