Dragons in Video Games – Friends or Foes


There are many games, especially role-playing games that you will encounter a dragon. Dragons in digital games usually appear during the beginning or middle of a game.

Dragons may try to harm you, or some will aid you throughout your gaming journeys. Most of all, these magical dragons are enormous with long wings and beautiful colors.

In some games like the “King’s Bounty” series, you are given a baby dragon to help you fight off enemies. Furthermore, dragons have magical powers similar to sorcerers that shoot fire and other unique skills.

On games similar to “Skyrim,” players must fight against evil dragons that do not want you on their territory. As a result, you need to be prepared to fight these mighty dragons or merely start running for your life.

What are Dragons?

A dragon is a historical creature and also a legendary who was famous and significance among many ancient societies. Dragons were known as creatures who had the traits of reptiles and serpentine characteristics.

This creature could spit fire from their mouth; they grow enormous to the size of monstrous creatures. There are also dragons in digital games that have unique features and traditions.

The two favorite traditions associated with dragons are the Europeans and the Chinese dragons respectively. The European dragon is derived from the folk tradition which had a relationship with the Western Asian mythologies and the Balkans.

Dragons are depicted creatures who had unique features including six limbs and a set of massive wings that enabled them to fly. On the other hand, the Chinese dragon and the Japanese dragon is said to have four legs and without wings.

The dragons were intelligent and could associate with particular human beings who were able to give them orders and communicate with them. The two cultures had different beliefs concerning the dragons from the divergent evolution.

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