Do Women Play Video Games? (Men want to know)

Video games are good for kids, teenagers, men, and women.

They teach problem-solving skills, enhance hand-to-eye coordination, improve creativity and people make new friends.

However, there are some claims that only boys or men play digital games.

Even gaming blogs and articles concerning games do not include women or girls in their statistics.

Also, the benefits of video games are concentrated mostly on male players.

But it is important to note that there are many female gamers all over the world.

Even though women might not like to play in teams like male gamers, there might be more female players than men.

Do women play video games?

According to recent studies, more than 50 percent of girls between the ages of 13 and 17 are active game players.

But even with such report, there are many people who still believe women do not like gaming.

Some men fear dating women who are video game enthusiasts.

Another study conducted some years back also confirmed that 48 percent of the gaming population are women.

The myth that women do not like gaming makes a lot of girls unwelcome in the industry.

Also, it makes many female gamers feel unsafe and unaccepted in the gaming community.

Some even fear to play online games with men or unknown strangers.

Even when studies clearly show women love playing video games just like men, the treatment is not the same in the industry.

Men are favored and more games contain male characters. However, when it comes to gaming, men and women interact differently.

They both vary in the genres and platforms they choose.

Male and Female: Differences in the gaming world

When it comes to gaming, the way female and male discover digital games, the platforms they use and their favorite genres differ.

However, there are some similarities in their gaming behaviors.

*Platforms and discovery

Although there are many male gamers, there are a huge variety of women who play all types of video games.

However, most women are involved in mobile gaming while men choose console and computers.

This is because men prefer to play online games in groups while women prefer gaming when they are alone.

When it comes to discovering games, women find out more about video games through friends and social networks.

Many of the games played by women are mostly suggested by their friends. But very few men discover games from friends.

Instead, men search for new online games and visit gaming sites for reviews.

The platform used to research games also affects the discovery methods.

Mobile devices used by women help them discover new games faster than gamers who use PC or consoles.

This means that the choice of the platform can shape the way that a player finds a digital game.

Gaming Genres

When it comes to video game genres, there is a tremendous difference.

For men, sports, action, adventure and shooters are their favorite game categories.

But when it comes down to women, adventure and puzzles are there top pick.

One of the main reason why female gamers prefer puzzles is mainly because these games are found on mobile platforms.

Other games that women love to play include simulation, arcade, and strategy.

Core Gamers

Core gamers can be referred as game players who think gaming is an important activity in their lives.

Based on research, 70 percent of men believe gaming is beneficial and should be part of their day-to-day routine.

However, most women think gaming is not an important activity.

Women view gaming as a fun activity that should be performed on free time or when people are resting.

What are the opportunities for women in gaming?

Since more women today love to play video games, the gaming industry is recruiting women to work in game studies and other sectors.

Some years back, the number of female game developers was low compared to male developers.

But today, research shows that the number of women working in game studios and in the industry has risen dramatically.

Ironically, women working in the gaming industry are more successful than their male coworkers.

The game industry is aware that a mixed sex-team of video game designers, developers, and programmers can create a more diversified game.


If you are a woman that loves digital games, there are thousands of jobs looking for you.

From being a scriptwriter to graphic designers, content developers, and coders, you can make good living working in the game industry.

If you provide quality work and deliver on time, gender does not matter.

All you need is to be confident and know the details of your job.

However, it is essential for you to know that a lot of people want to pursue a career in the gaming industry.

This means you need to demonstrate real passion and commitment for video games.


Since there are many opportunities, the first step is getting the required training.

Fortunately, there are many institutions that are offering the required training to people who would like to join the gaming field.

To work in a gaming studio you should enroll in computer science, software development, graphic design and many others.

If you want to start low, most employers hire people with a technical background.

You should also be able to work in a team. With the right training, the next step is to look for an internship.

Work experience

since the gaming industry has become very competitive, anyone looking for a job in the industry needs to gain some experience.

In many large game studios, you may be required to have at least one year of experience in a busy studio.

With training and experience, there are a number of video game studios looking for female developers, designers, testers, programmers, and artists.


While the gaming sector thinks there are very few female gamers, they should be very careful not to underrate them.

Since the gaming field is growing, developers should consider all factors including age and gender when creating new digital games.

Top games and platforms have already preserved the space for men. But based on research, female gamers form a large percentage in the gaming world.

It is also important for game designers, developers and marketers working in the industry to actively engage with female gamers.

Happily, there are many modern video games today that are considered for both men and women.

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