Do Video Games Release Anger and Stress?

Can video games release anger after a bad day at school or work?

Playing video games is fun and entertaining.

But in some situations, gaming can also release frustrations, stress, and anger.

We all feel frustrated or angry for various reasons; Anger problems can take time to solve.

However, there are many ways to calm down when you are angry.

One of the best strategies for anger management is playing video games.

According to recent studies, when people are angered, they seek violent games for emotional help.

However, playing a violent game does not seem to offer such kind of help.

But researchers have proved that gaming is one of the best mechanisms that can help kids, teens, and adults who are stressed or angry.

What causes Anger and Stress?

Stress or anger is a part of our life; Sometimes, stress can help you or your kids perform under pressure.

It can also motivate someone to perform better.

However, if you are constantly angry or stressed, your body and mind will suffer.

If you are stressed or angry most of the time, it can lead to serious health problems.

Some health issues caused by stress are:

  • Sleep problems
  • Weight problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Eczema
  • Memory and thinking problems
  • Digestive problems

Every person has different anger or stress triggers.

But school and work top the list of the main causes of stress.

There are many situations that cause anger.

But anything that puts a lot of pressure on you can make you feel stressed or angry.

Some common causes of anger or stress among children and teenagers are:

  • Being unhappy at school or work
  • Relationship issues
  • Working or studying for long hours
  • Life changes
  • Family issues
  • Negativity
  • Failures
  • Nothing or all attitude

Anger can be external or internal.

Some people, especially kids, stress themselves by worrying about simple things.

Happily, there are anger management strategies that can help you overcome any kind of stress.

What is Anger Management?

We can describe anger management as understanding the signs or symptoms that you are becoming angry and looking for productive mechanisms to calm down.

Since anger is normal, anger management does not help you hold the anger or try to prevent you from feeling angry.

Anger management is learning how to calm down when you are angry.

There are many ways to learn anger management.

Some people learn the skills on their own, others use books and other resources.

Other people seek professional help to manage their anger properly.

Some sign that shows someone needs anger management are:

  • Regularly holding your anger
  • Frequently focusing on negative thinking and Experience
  • Starting fights with friends and family members
  • Constant feeling impatient, irritation, and hostility
  • Frequent arguments
  • Threats against people and property
  • Frightening behavior like driving recklessly or staying indoors after an argument.
  • Avoiding some situations such as going to school due to stress or depression.

Video games release anger

Although most people do not think that digital games can have positive effects, gaming can release stress and anger.

Based on various studies, playing games, even the most violent games is a great strategy to help someone release stress.

If you are a game fan or your kid loves to play games with friends and family members, it could be the best stress breaker.

Video games have a strong social component, especially the most cooperative ones can be great stress relief tools.

All you need is to choose a game that allows a social involvement.

Even though gaming can help to release stress, avoid games that may be stressful.

How can video games help to release anger and stress?

Research has found a link between playing games and anger management.

Instead of walking around blasting people with loud voices, you can play your favorite game.

A study conducted in a university examined gamers and non-gamers.

They separated the gamers into two groups, where some played cooperative games and other competitive games.

After the study, there was a huge difference in stress levels.

Video gamers could release stress after playing.

There was also a difference between the two groups of gamers.

Video games can help you relax

Even though both groups experienced a decrease in stress, gamers who played cooperatively games experienced a greater decrease.

Also, both groups had positive feelings towards others.

This means that video games can offer amazing social experiences and decrease anger and stress.

Gaming can provide a fun and safe environment for developing emotional awareness.

Kids, teens and young adults who are frequently angered by small issues can easily transform when involved in gaming.

Some best video games to play when you’re angry are action games.

They help not only to reduce stress and manage anger but also to sharpen cognitive abilities.

This can help the player think fast, solve problems rapidly, and be able to make timely decisions.

Generally, there is evidence that gaming is not just for fun; Games can be great stress relievers.

What are the best video games for anger management?

1. Cooperative games–these are games that involve several challenges that can be done with other gamers.

Also, the player builds a network of friends.

Cooperative gamers also help one another and enable you to develop social skills.

They also help to release stress and develop positive feelings.

Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) are some of the best cooperative video games.

2. Casual games–these are games someone can pick up and play for a short time.

They have simple challenges, ability to pause and play later and short tasks.

They are very enjoyable and offer quick relief for someone who is angry.

Some best games include Pokemon X, Animal Crossing, and Tomodachi Life.

There are also video games with humor like South Park that can entertain you while you play.

3. Skill building games–other games for anger management include skill building games.

Apart from helping to release stress, they can help the player become organized and solve problems faster.

These games include Brain Age, My Spanish Coach, WeBoggle and many other online games.


Games can help people release anger and stress by giving them a fun and stress free adventure.

While life can take you down stressful roads, gaming can help release those evil little angry monsters.

Generally, any video game that you enjoy playing can be a good one for anger management.

It can help you escape daily stress, break from patterns of bad thoughts and help build positive feelings.

The key is choosing the right video game that you enjoy so it can quickly release your anger.

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