Do Video Games Improve Social Skills?

Video games improve social skills not only on the entertainment level, but are used as communication tools.

However, today there are many false claims saying that gaming can make people anti-social.

Most parents, especially mothers believe that when their children spend a lot of time playing games, they may act violently or aggressively.

But according to numerous findings, gaming is a great way of bringing people together.

Video games can help improve social skills.

How do Video Games Improve Social Skills?

Video Games Improve Social Skills

The common belief is that people who play video games are lazy and anti-social.

But this is not entirely true.

People who play modern games, especially the online games are very social.

Today modern digital games have been designed so that gamers can engage with two or more people.

Gamers can now join their friends, where they can play in cooperative mode or join a group of players.

Playing cooperative video games can help children in many ways.

For instance, kids are able to learn how to work together as a team.

According to studies, most players who normally play video games with friends or family members can work well in real-life teams.

Also, cooperative games help gamers to express themselves to total strangers.

This means that digital games can help to boost self-esteem.

Research also discovered that young people who play games are able to socialize face-to-face with family members and friends.

How Video Games Help Social Skills?

Video Games Help Social Skills

Playing video games can help children and teenagers develop many skills.

The availability of various platforms such as the mobile games can help to improve the gamer’s mood, help to release anxiety, and promote relaxation.

There are many games that have been designed to make people happy.

And based on research, when people are happy, they can easily socialize and make new friends.

Again, coping with failures, disappointments, and defeats in gaming can help players deal and socialize with different kinds of people.

Socialize Online

Online games that include Mass multiplayer role-playing games (MMORPG) are very beneficial when it comes to improving social skills.

For example, playing a game like World of Warcraft (WOW) can help gamers improve their social skills.

In W.O.W. you can join a group of friends to battle against many monsters.

There are also competitive modes to play against other players.

The game also encourages gamers to use social skills and cooperation to play in certain areas of the game.

Gaining social skills in gaming is easier than ever.

Today, almost all digital games are developed to help people connect with each other.

This means that it might not be as fun or entertaining when you play the game alone.

It is way more fun when you play in a group.

What are other Skills Kids can Learn from Gaming?

Video Games Help Concentration Skills

With the release of online games, players are learning to work together to complete missions, defeat enemy bosses and gain experience.

MMORPG games are engaging, entertaining and well-developed to incorporate people of all ages.

Apart from that, there is a wide range of skills gamers can reap from different types of games.

Sharpening your social skills is one of the most recognized skills due to playing with people from all around the world.

There are many others skills you can improve when you play your favorite games.

Helpful Skills you can Learn Include:

1.Problem-solving – to succeed in gaming, you need to enhance your problem-solving skills.

You need to make sure you can solve problems promptly and accurately.

According to researchers, people who play action games are able to hone their problem-solving skills effectively.

2. Decision making – for you to advance in the gaming world, you must decide and react quickly in order to advance to the next level.

The decisions you make can make a difference between virtual-death and virtual-life.

Also, action games can help to improve decision-making skills.

In a recent study, more than 25 percent of people who play fast-paced games reacted to randomly asked questions faster than non-gamers.

The skill to make an instant decision is vital for the gamer to win.

Gaming Improves Communication Skills

3. Communication skills – when a gamer is playing an MMORPG online game, you may find three to twenty-five players cooperating to win against the bad guys.

The activities they need to perform include running, raiding, and identifying the weaknesses and the strengths of the opponents.

To win such kind of battle, the team needs to plan, and come up with strategies that can help them win.

Players in guilds or teams chat on a game channel to plan their strategies.

Some even use voice communication to decide on the best moves.

This means communication is important when playing such games.

This skill can also be helpful in real-life situations.

4.Collaboration – again, when playing online games, the team needs to collaborate, or else they will lose.

They must ensure they use their skills and weapons in unison.

Every single player needs to cooperate to ensure they defeat the enemy.

The team members bring in their skills and ideas and ensure they collaborate well.

5.Concentration – gaming is an activity that engages multiple duties simultaneously.

This means that you need to pay attention and concentrate to advance.

Research shows that people who play video games, especially action games, can act swiftly without errors when faced with a real life situation.

In addition, even after failing for several times, the players are always ready to try again and again until they win.

Final Word

Although there are negative effects of gaming such as addiction, obesity and many others, games can be used to improve social skills.

Gaming is an activity that can also help gamers enhance leadership skills, hand-to-eye coordination, eyesight, boost self-esteem and many other benefits.

Gaming is also a good activity that can help to relieve pain, teach children and students, and also benefits kids suffering from dyslexia.

This means that playing video games is considered a form of entertainment that can be used to help in the growth and development of children.

However, parents need to check and monitor the kind of games their kids are playing.

Health experts recommend that children be allowed to play games a maximum of 2 hours every day.

This game time limit will benefit kids physically and mentally, and also ensures they are not influenced negatively.

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