How to Install Discord Software for Windows PC and Xbox

This guide will show you how to install Discord software for Windows PC and Xbox.

Gamers love to compete and interact with other gamers all over the world.

Though there are many communication tools, most video players love to use Discord.

Discord is a communication tool made to help people, especially gamers communicate via private servers.

It allows them to text and voice chat with one another. Since it is a simple platform, it does not take much space.

In this article, we will discuss what Discord is, Discord Xbox One relationship, how to link your Xbox One with Discord, how to disconnect your Xbox One from Discord, and much more.

Let’s get started with Discord on Xbox

What is Discord Software for Windows PC?

Discord Software for Windows PC for Gamers

Discord is a free communication app that allows friends and gamers to communicate directly through video, voice, or text.

Since it is free to join and download, you can install it on your phone or PC.

Moreover, you can enjoy additional features with Discord Nitro for a fee.

Paying for Discord Nitro premium means enjoying extra features such as larger image uploading among others.

Even though Discord is for gamers, you do not need to be a video game player to use it.

You can use it as a communication tool when you are not playing video games.

Discord allows you to join a server, find gaming Discord servers, create a server, delete a server, add friends on Discord, and use Discord gaming chat.

Luckily, Discord is on Xbox; You can see friends on Xbox using Discord.

Also, you can link your Discord account to your Xbox live account.

How to use Discord on Xbox One?

Is discord on Xbox? This is the most common question asked by Xbox gamers.

The good news is that you can use Discord on your Xbox Console.

It is possible to see what your gaming friends are playing on their Xbox One through Discord.

All you need is to have a free discord account.

With a free Discord account, you need to connect it to your Xbox account.

Happily, creating a Discord account is easy and very straightforward.

All you need is a username, a password, and an email for verification.

How to Install Discord Software for Windows PC

  1. In Google search engine type Discord software and it will take you to the search results.
Discord Software on Google Search

You can click the download link directly or click on the website link to learn more about Discord.

2. Now, once you’re on the Discord software website you have two options, download the application directly to your PC or open a browser and register there.

Discord Software Website - Download for Windows

Choose to download the Discord software app so you can chat while playing video games.

3. If you have a Discord account already, type your information to get started right away.

Register a New Account on Discord

However, if you never used Discord app, begin by clicking on the Register link below.

4. Clicking on the link will open up a page to create a brand new Discord software account.

Create a New Discord Software Account

Enter a valid email address because the registration process requires that you verify your email when creating a new account.

Tip: Your friends will see the username so try to make it short and easy to understand.

5. Now, check your inbox and open the email; Click on the link to verify your email address.

Check your Inbox for Discord Software Email

6. Once you’re done, you will see a website page that will say “Email Verified”.

Continue to Discord by pressing the button, and that’s it.

Discord Email Verified

Sometimes, it will take you straight to the browser, just close it and open the Discord app.

Below are a few steps on how you can link a Discord account to a Xbox Live account.

How to link your Xbox account with Discord

If you have a Xbox account, link to it with Discord.

Here are the simple steps on how to link your Xbox account with Discord.

But keep in mind you need an existing Discord account to get started.

a. Using your Xbox One console

1. The first step is to turn your Xbox On.

Once the console is on, sign in to your Xbox Live account.

2. The next step is to press Xbox Button on your controller, then navigate to the systems until you get to Profile & Systems, and then click on the Settings.

3. You will move to another screen.

On that screen, go to the Accounts tab, and then select Linked Social Accounts.

Press A to open the Linked Accounts Menu.

Linking Discord Software is Easy

Connecting Discord Software is Easy

4. Navigate to the Discord, highlight, and Press A.

Once on the next screen, Press A to start the linking process.

5. Note that you need to have installed the Discord App on your phone, laptop or PC.

If you have not installed it, you can get it from Google Play Store or App Store.

6. The next part will have a 6 character code and instructions to link your Discord account.

Hence, you need to open the Discord app on your computer or smartphone.

7. On the App, click on the settings and the connections and then click the Xbox Live or the Xbox Logo.

Your computer or phone will show a prompt to insert a key in the 6 digit code.

8. Once you have keyed the code, your Xbox Live account and your Discord account will link.

Hence, your friends on Discord will see the games you are playing on Xbox One.

b. Using the Discord App

Apart from using the Xbox One console, you can link the two accounts using the Discord app.

How to Link Discord to Xbox One

1. Start the Discord app on your desktop or smartphone

2. Move to settings and then select the Connections tab.

3. Here, choose Xbox Live and then Sign-in using your credentials.

4. After signing in, allow Discord to access your Xbox One account.

After a short time, both accounts will link.

How to unlink your Xbox account from Discord

In case you want to quit using Discord on your Xbox One, you can unlink it.

It is a simple process since you can do it using the Discord App, Microsoft site, or Xbox One.

First, visit and go to Account settings.

Then sign-in and then find the Discord link and remove it; Then Save the changes.

You can also use Xbox One to unlink from Discord.

Go to the Accounts menu, select Linked Social Accounts, click the remove links button on the same area you linked Discord account.

On Discord App, sign-in to your account, then go to account settings, connection tab, Xbox Live connections, and the clink on the remove link.

Is it worth linking to Discord with your Xbox One account?

Linking to Discord has Benefits

Linking both accounts is worth it for any gamer.

This is because Discord makes communication and interaction between you and your fellow gamers a straightforward process.

For instance, if you have friends on several platforms, they can see what you are playing on Xbox, and join you.

Discord is an impressive and seamless alternative to the Xbox chat.

What can you do with Discord on Xbox?

After linking your Discord account to your Xbox One account, you can see what your gaming friends are playing.

Even though it is not much, it can be helpful, especially if you have a lot of friends playing on Xbox.

You can see what games your friends are playing at the moment and start chatting right away.

However, you cannot chat with your friends on Xbox One.

Also, you cannot add friends or join a new server on Xbox One; You can only do it on Discord.


Last, Xbox users can now link their accounts with Discord, something they could not years back.

Happily, the process is simple and not as complicated as some people suggest.

Once you have linked accounts, your gaming friends on Discord will view what you are playing on Xbox One.

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