Digital vs Physical Games (A Digital World)

Here’s a quick guide on the differences between physical and digital games

Today, every child wants to be engaged in gaming especially during the holiday seasons.

And once you found a game, you must choose between game types.

Although these game types are both popular, they have their own pros and cons.

Because of the benefits that each type brings, some individuals prefer digital games.

While others love engaging themselves with physical games.

So if you are looking for a game to buy, it all depends on what is important to you.

What are physical games?

For many parents, physical games have more benefits than digital games.

Physical games are those games someone can own.

It is a game that you purchase from the gaming stores instead of downloading online.

You purchase them in the stores and enjoy them in the comfort of your home.

With these games, you do not need the internet connection to play them.

However, with physical games you need to visit the store or wait for delivery.

This can take a lot of time and upset the buyer.

Five reasons to purchase physical games

1. You can lend and borrow them–You can lend games to friends and family.

They need not install anything.

In addition, game rental services are still available.

There are many places such as Redbox and GameStop where you can rent a game.

2. Players can sell physical games–once you purchase a digital game, you are stuck with it forever.

But with physical games, you can sell them to various places such as Amazon or eBay.

Although you won’t get all your money back, half of it is better than nothing.

3. Physical games have many discounts–Buyers can find great discounts on physical games.

Also, buying physical games allows you to buy pre-owned games.

4. Show off your collections–Some people love to have boxes of their favorite games.

Buy physical games if you want to have a physical collection of all your favorite games.

Some gamers enjoy buying physical collector’s edition of their favorite games.

These are like miniature trophies that come with excellent video game art.

Parents have passed down classic video game collections to modern generations.

To most people, it is more satisfying to give a collection of games than log-in to a Xbox account.

5. No internet problems–With physical games there’s no need to worry about internet connections.

As a result, gamers spend the entire day installing a single game.

Happily, physical games are installed using a disc and some you need not install anything.

This means you can start playing quickly regardless of the internet connection.

What are digital games?

Nowadays most people prefer digital games because they are easier to access.

Digital games are video games that you download from the internet to your system.

Consoles, smartphones, PCs and other platforms allow players to install digital games.

One of the main advantages of digital games is that you can have them anytime.

You need not to go out physically to buy them.

Also, you free up physical space since you will have all your games on a system.

You need a good internet connection to download the games.

And it is not possible for you to share the game with your friends in a different location.

Reasons to purchase digital games

1. You cannot lose them–physical games might get lost, damaged or stolen.

Also, if you have small kids or pets, they can scratch the discs.

But with digital games, they are all stored safely in an electronic device.

You can also delete them and later re-install them on your gaming system.

2. Digital games are convenient–it is possible to buy and install a digital game without leaving your house.

In addition, many digital games are pre-loaded.

Once you order the game, it will be downloaded and ready to play in seconds.

Users can also purchase digital games via your gaming device.

3. You can enjoy cross buy–most digital games can be played in different platforms.

This is a benefit you hardly see with physical games.

For instance, there is “Xbox Play Anywhere” that can be purchased once.

Then, gamers can play on platforms such as Xbox and a gaming computer.

This is an important feature for gamers who prefer to own one digital game device.

4. Fast access to games–Players get access to new game releases immediately.

It is possible to pre-install digital games and start playing them on release day.

5. Save on year-round special discounts–digital games get special discounts throughout the year.

Apart from saving money on trips and delivery costs, some indie games are cost little.

So, if saving is your number one priority, then digital games might be your best option.

Which is game type is best?

Many people say that going with physical games is the best option.

However, if you have a good internet connection, got with digital games.

But it is a matter of preference.

Even with the good, bad, and the ugly, it all depends on the gamer.

Final Tips

When choosing between physical and digital games, think of physical space.

Players enjoy building a collection of their favorite physical games.

This includes video game cover art, box art, and limited edition games.

Keep in mind that both game types can fit your lifestyle.

Many gamers mix physical and digital games.

Also, if most of your favorite games are physical, then buying physical games is the best choice.

Since there is no wrong way to enjoy games, always consider the pros and cons of each type.

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