Diablo 2 (Quick Gameplay Review)

In this Diablo 2 gameplay guide, we help you navigate the dangerous world of Diablo.

Released in 2000 by Blizzard, this game is the true grand master of hack and slash games.

It’s a hardcore role-playing action game that you play on a computer.

Today, most of the action role-playing games have adopted the same RPG model.

Is the Game Easy to Install and Play?

The game is almost twenty years old and today people continue to play.

Yes, the game is easy to install and works well with Windows 10 for computers.

There are two ways to install Diablo; the original CDs or downloading it from the Blizzard website. 

If you bought the expansion (D2) Lord of Destruction, install it together.

Enter the CD or digital download keys to unlock the game.

To play users will need a keyboard and mouse.

Once installed, click on the multi-player button to download the latest patch.

To get the latest news on Diablo 2, visit their official Blizzard website.

Basics and Story

Diablo 2 Attacked by a Shaman

The game divides the Diablo 2 story into chapters similar to reading a book.

There are five acts in the game that expand evenly throughout the journey.

I recommend buying the expansion Lord of Destruction to access more content.

The following are some benefits you will have with the expansion.

  • Character Specific Items
  • Keep more money in your bank account.
  • Armor has increased sockets for gems.
  • The stash is bigger.
  • Switching weapons with one keystroke.
  • The game has more hot keys to assign spells and items.
  • More armor sets.
  • Hirelings are more flexible and can use weapons.

Tip: I suggest starting a new game with the expansion to gain all new content.

With the new expansion, you have more control over hirelings.

These new hirelings will stay with you throughout your adventures.

Equip hirelings with weapons, helmets and body armor.

Weapons and armor can have socket items that will increase your companion’s stats.

Diablo 2 Skeleton Mage Battle

Players can choose different hirelings throughout all chapters of Diablo 2 gameplay. 

Choose from one of the following companions:

Act 1 – The Rouges – Rouges use a bow and arrow to eliminate their targets.

Diablo Act 2 – The Guardsmen – Guardsmen carry Spears or Javelins to tear through enemies.

Chapter 3 – The Iron Wolves – Iron Wolves are equipped with sword and shield.

Diablo Act 4 – No companions to hire.

Chapter 5 – The Barbarians – Barbarians use a one-handed sword and two-handed sword.


Choose a character with your favorite skills.

The Druid – Half man, half beast, Druids are unpredictable. Some have Elemental powers similar to magic.

However, they can also turn into a werewolf and summon powerful allies.

Diablo 2 Finished a Huge Battle

The Barbarian – Barbarians are tough warriors that have mastered war-cries.

Through their training, they developed extreme combat masteries and skills.

The Paladin – Paladins enable strong auroras that help in defense or offense.

They also specialize in combat by smiting and charging their opponents.

The Assassin – Assassins are like ninjas, they specialize in martial arts.

These fighters have gone under intense training and have mastered shadow disciplines.

Assassins can lay traps in key locations to surprise anyone.

The Sorceress – Sorceror of three distinct magic classes, cold, lighting and fire.

Each skill tree has their own advantage, for example; cold spells slow and damage enemies.

The Amazon – Amazon warriors are deadly with their javelin and spear skills. 

Diablo 2 Under Attack by Undead Army

These fierce fighters can easily fight from a distance by using their bow or crossbows.

Also, Amazons use a little magic to cause chaos to their foes.

The Necromancer – The necro is famous for his summoning skills. Raise skeletons or command a powerful golem to crush enemies.

As a necro, players will poison their victims and use deadly creature bones to cause damage.

We also know necromancers to place curses on their victims by inflicting pain, confusion and terror to their prey.

Graphics and Sound

The bad part about this game is the ugly graphics.

Compared to modern day visuals, Diablo 2 looks like an old man.

There are options to improve your video card settings, but its overall limited.

Only two video resolutions are available, 640×480 and 800×600.

If you have trouble seeing things on your screen, I recommend using the 640×480 settings.

With low video settings, the game looks larger and takes up more space.

I had no issue with game sound. I usually play with headsets and all sounds were clear. 

Monsters and Loot

Diablo 2 Ambushed by Enemy

All the monsters you dreamed or had a nightmare about to appear in the game.

Everything from demons, skeletons, beasts and other terrifying creatures are out to end your life.

Groups of monsters will attack players from all angles. Also, there will be one enemy leader that is tougher than the rest.

Some loot in the game is guarded by big boss leaders or groups of foes.

Players will find different charms that add stat bonuses to their characters.

Ethereal items are translucent and can be weapons or armor.

These items have good bonus stats buy cannot be repaired.

Some shrines throughout the Diablo world have hidden loot.

That’s why it’s vital to check each shrine for special treats.

Creatures in Normal mode for Act 5 reach Level 42. Try cleaning out the area before going further.

Monsters in Nightmare mode for Act 5 reach level 70. Do the same here and kill foes.

In the highest levels, you will find the best items in the game.

Players can ignore picking up cheap items to loot expensive magical gear.

Diablo 2 Gameplay, Difficulty and Multi-player

Diablo 2 Huge Boss Fight

The Diablo 2 Gameplay is simple once you understand the important components.

Skills, experience points, and gear will make the difference between victory or death.

Diablo loves to eat humans alive; that’s why you must prepare for battle.

There’s a hardcore mode available for gamers that are experienced with action RPGs.

Hardcore mode allows players to collect rare items and they receive special titles.

The problem with hardcore mode is that if you die, it’s game over.

On multi-player mode, creatures are much stronger than single player monsters.

Multi-player randomly generates online maps whenever a new player enters the game.

It’s encouraged that you group with fellow players to conquer Diablo.

Oh, and you don’t want to miss the fun when going into a “Cow Level” with your friends.

Tips and Hacks for Diablo 2 Gameplay

Diablo 2 Close Combat

Game ratings for this game are M for mature; parents should supervise their children.

Probably the most important part of Diablo 2 LOD is that you can reset your stats.

Before the patch update, there was no way of changing your skill points.

Akara from Act 1 will do the deed and give you a chance at resetting points.

I recommend beginners start with one of the two tough characters; the barbarian or paladin.

To improve inventory control, use the Horadric Cube to add more inventory slots.

Upgrade your belts to have more item slots. Use belts wisely by adding important potions and freeing up inventory space.

By knowing your belt, you can access health potions faster and recuperate on time.

Health potions are timed, so if you drink them late, they may not help.

Equip your character with enough Mana and Health potions to finish a quest.

Diablo 2 Surrounded by Enemies

Portal scrolls are valuable when completing long dungeons or caves.

Identity scrolls are less important, but one or two can help.

Runes can give players added bonuses if you place them in a specific order.

Before entering a cave or dungeon, look around for shrines.

These special shrines can give your character a quick boost to tackle tough mobs.

At higher levels, if you can’t hit your target, the monster is way tougher than your character.

Try to kill weaker creatures before advancing to a harder level.

Quest Conqueror

In Act 1, you must eliminate a monster boss named Blood Raven.

There are three ways to defeat this tough creature. Choose a weapon that’s imbued with frost.

Freezing your opponent will slow her down enough to hit her a few times.

The second way is to wait and kill weaker creatures until you level up.

Third is to zigzag your way on her without chasing her directly. It’s hard for a bow and arrow to hit if you are constantly moving.

When rescuing Deckard Cain, kill all monsters and get an item called “Wirt’s Leg.”

With the Horadric cube, you will mix Wirt’s leg with other items in a recipe.

Charsi is the town blacksmith; she will give you a quest. Upon completion, she will imbue one of your items.

This is only a onetime shot, so pick something important. I suggest armor that has no enchantments.

At higher levels, pick a mercenary that plays well with your character. For example, a sorceress should have a warrior companion.

Before selling your inventory items, check your mercenary’s gear and upgrade it immediately.

Andariel, the last boss in Act 1 will be a tough battle.

Bring four antidote potions and extra health potions.

The monster will poison you first and then hammers you down.

As soon as you get poisoned, drink one antidote potion hit and run.

Continue hitting and running around the monster to avoid heavy damage.

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