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This child of light gameplay guide will give you an overall picture of how the game plays.

Welcome to a magical journey where a princess must discover many mysteries in this video game Child of Light.

Child of Light is a very charming game with an amazing colorful

world. In this role-playing game, you will fight, do quests, and

make new friends.

Child of Light Gameplay

In the beginning of the game, I was fooled by how childish the game looked.

In Child of Light, a game published by Ubisoft, you play as a princess with a magical sword.

You also have a little friend by the name of “Igniculus” who follows you around.

Igniculus is very helpful and can aid you throughout your adventures.

The princess also has magical abilities that help her during combat.

Her set of abilities are managed by skill trees.


There are three different skill trees, each one specializing in a particular combat branch like a sword-play or magical powers.

As you progress through levels in the game, she gains ability points.

Then you spend ability points on any of the multiple talents available to the character.

Child of Light is a turn-based role-playing game that offers players a set of unique abilities.

She can improve her sword skills to deliver more damage.

Or she can concentrate on defeating here enemies through the use of magic.

The best part of playing this video game is that it’s easy to play.

Is the Child of Light gameplay Easy?

When you first start your adventure, you will travel to different places.

Throughout your travels, there are enemies spread out in the game world.

If you run into an enemy, battle mode begins.

The battle mode places both the princess (your character) and the enemy on a new map.


If you played games like “King’s Bounty: Armored Princess” or “Heroes of Might and Magic”, you know that the combat takes place in a map designed to use your combat skills.

Once you’re in the battle map, you fight in turns.

When it’s your turn to fight, you pick up an action from the menu screen.

The action menu allows you to attack in various ways. You can use magic abilities, potions, and your trusty sword.

The game gives players lots of choices to fight enemies.

Some of your friends you encounter during your journey can aid you in fights.

This makes battles more interesting by combining different fighting abilities.

For example, you may have a companion that has healing abilities.

You can easily change strategies by playing as a heavy damage character.

Then your healer can protect you from dying quickly.

magical yellow wand

Another important game mechanic is the turn-meter at the bottom of the map.

When you press the fight button, it displays who will make the first move.

The meter shows portraits of each character, including the enemies.

The character that reaches to the end of the meter attacks first.

The turn-meter works with speed ability.

So if you spent ability points on the speed skill, your character will have an advantage in the game.

Overall, the game plays similar to other turn-based games.

Just like you can have a group of friends, your enemies will show up in groups too.

The game does a fantastic job mixing up the fight matches with unique monsters and abilities.

Does Child of Light have a Good Story?

Child of Light for the PC has an excellent story that feels like you’re reading straight from a fantasy book.

From the very beginning, the game elegantly tells you a story of a young princess named Aurora.

The story is mostly told in a text word dialogue.

The text is simple to read, and it feels like you’re reading a book.

Does Child of Light have Monsters and Loot?

There’s plenty of monsters to fight like giant spiders and hungry beasts.

Be careful though, these monsters are lurking in every corner.

Sometimes you may avoid your enemies by going another route.

But if you go down the easy path, you may miss out on hidden treasures and gold.

There are many secret locations throughout the game that have treasure chests.

These chests could have gold, gems and other valuables.

diamondback spider

Players use gems they find along in journeys or in hidden treasure chests for the crafting system.

There are different gems in the game that you will discover like diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

The crafting system “Oculi” allows you to create a combination of gems that you can place in your character’s armor and weapon slots.

After finding a gem, you open up the crafting panel from the main menu and add a gem to an empty slot on your character’s equipment.

If you find multiple versions of the same gems, you can create a massive gem that gives you more power than one small gem.

These special gems have properties that enhance your character’s overall abilities.

For example, you can place a gem into your sword for extra damage.

You can share the gems you create in the crafting system with your companions strengthening them.

But you must dare and clever to find these special items.

Child of Light gameplay includes puzzles to solve.

Similar to games like “Tomb Raider, ”, there are spots in the game that require players to think their way to the next level.

My Recommendations


Child of Light for the PC has many goodies to offer as a role-playing game.

But the real reason I like this game is the gameplay.

There are fun tactical battles filled with all kinds of unique enemies.

There’s also exploration with beautiful areas to travel and visit.

The game world looks like a painting from a comic book.

The in-game music is soothing, and it flows with the game’s environments.

Players will solve puzzles and help people through quests.

Most of all, the Child of Light gameplay is simple and gets addicting after a while.

I definitely recommend this game for anyone who likes fairy tale stories filled with magical journeys and many villains.

If you are a parent, this is the perfect story book game for your kids.

Pros Cons My Score
Great Story
Simple Gameplay
Unique Art
Crafting too easy
2D Visuals
Needs more RPG elements

4.6 Out of 5

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